Monday, May 7, 2012

Top Twenty Survivalist Fiction Books Of All Time

Bison's top twenty survivalist fiction books of all time

#1 Lucifer's Hammer

#2 Dies The Fire

#3 One Second After

#4 Retrieved From The Future

#5 No Blade Of Grass

#6 The Mist

#7 Afterlight

#8 As Wind In Dry Grass

#9 The Road

#10 Survivors

#11 Alas Babylon

#12 Wolf And Iron

#13 Islands In The Sea Of Time

#14 Shut Down

#15 Faraday's Orphans

#16 The Things That Keep Us Here

#17 The Cross Time Engineer Series

#18 The Lost Regiment Series

#19 The Aftermath

#20 Patriots

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  1. For survivalist fiction I would replace The Things that Keep us Here with Jakarta Pandemic. Not because JP is a better book, but because the hero is an actual survivalist.

    I would also find a place on the list for David Crawford's Lights Out. It does actually feature people who are survivalists after all.

    A lot of "survival" fiction has people who make no real prepperations, that essentially surive because they are somewhat lucky with regards to where they are at, and who they know.

  2. Where's the love for "Parable of the Sower"? Betcha a soon to be clad nickel that will be our future. Company towns, gated communities aka middle class, even more partnership between corperations and government from the ongoing everlasting emergencies. Hell, her "God is Change" message almost made me a believer. Almost...but there was no strippers.

    OMG, I was gotta rant about "Dies the Fire". But then the Great Mother/space aliens/IDGAF might break another inmutible(sp) law and SABOTAGE the process of transfering O2 into my lungs.

    Pushing a shopping cart full of your stuff and sleeping in the woods or clanking around in chainmail, whist yonder druid incants for the Great Mother. What will we see first...?

    I'm jonzening for a Lord Jims rant. I'm grumpy.

  3. I'm glad you also liked the Lost Regiment series - they were good!

  4. 628-I have yet to read past the first few pages of "Parable". It could be great, I just don't know it. "Dies" is kick ass, the second time around way more than the first. Once you learn it only takes a couple of pages to skip the tree hugging, Druid affirmation crap you can buy into that universe. As far as Space Bats, it might be silly but it also didn't waste time of pre-collapse but got right into death and destruction. Of course, some books the best part is the pre-collapse cause. I still think it is justly placed in top ten.

  5. I've read many of these. They are great reads, very instructive about the human condition and what it means to be a human. Why do we keep going when all seems lost. I think my favorite is Lucifer's Hammer. I am writing a similar type survival story on my blog, at

  6. If anyone still checks this I would love it if you checked out my book of apocalypse and survival.

    1. You can post this as a comment in the latest article if you want better exposure.


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