Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Frugal Survivalist Book

The Frugal Survivalist
Preparations For Under $500
Learn how easy and cheap it is to prepare for any emergency. For the novice as well as the experianced preper. All new writing, but most subjects already covered in Bison newsletter. 75 full size ( 8.5x11 ) pages, 100 pages after spacing, 46k words.

Table Of Contents

1. Introduction
Why Prepare? page 5
Insurance Policy p.7
Traditional Preps Are Expensive p.9

2. A Reason To Stay Up At Night p.11
Peak Oil p.14
Global Warming p.19
Natural Disaster p.21
Nuclear War p.23
Dictatorship p.25
Economic Depression/Hyperinflation p.27

3. No Reason To Get Fancy p.29
The Basic Necessities p.31
Food p.33
Water p.35
Protection p.37
Shelter p.39

4. Food
Wheat p.40
Whole Kernel Wheat p.42
Grain Grinder p.43
Storage Containers p.45
Plastic Buckets p.47
Vacuum Packed p.48
Plastic Totes p.49
Two Liter Bottles p.50
Treating Your Wheat p.51
Freezing p.52
Diatamacous Earth p.53
Dry Ice p.54
Gas Treatment p.55
Grain And Beans p.57
“White” Foods p.58
Cooking p.59
Solar p.60
Non-Electric Slow Cooker p.62
Wood p.64

5. Water p.65
Solar Purifier p.67
Filter Purifier p.68
Chemical Purifier p.69
Containers p.70
$1 Canteen p.71

6. Protection p.72
Firearms p.74
Surplus p.76
Enfield p.77
Mauser p.79
Mosin-Nagant p.80
New p.81
Rimfire p.82
Shotgun p.83
SKS p.84
Bayonets p.85
Knives p.86
Non-Firearm Defense p.87

7. Shelter p.88
Vehicle p.89
Tent p.90
Local Material p.91
RV p.92

8. Lighting p.93

9. Bugging Out Or Staying Put p.95

10. Finances p.96
Spending Less p.97
Getting The Extra p.98
Total Cost p.100


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