Thursday, May 3, 2012

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Contact Information
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James M Dakin
181 West Bullion Road #12
Elko Nevada 89801

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James M Dakin
c/o FISH
821 Water Street
Elko, Nevada 89801

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  1. Much cheaper than tents or food for the concentration camps.

    Although a cheaper alternative is the faithful, history proven effective of FAMINE - remember the riots in Watts, California? after 3 days with out food and suddenly the whole rioting and kill-whitey population were placid and agreeable and subservient and law abiding and peaceful citizens if only there stomachs were filled.

    Yes - good old fashioned famine has always an will always tame a revolting mob of slaves.

    A block, a neighborhood, a city - cut off the roads and bridges - stop incoming food supplies - 3 or so days and the problem is pretty much over

    And as an additional benefit - all those who did have stored food and other essentials will now be easily identified as 'hoarders" or "survivalists" by slaves eager and anxious to curry favor with the new régime.

    Those hoarding or survivalist individuals can be easily identified and scheduled for future "re-education" after a "fair re-distribution of all supplies to be distributed to whole community for the good of the community".

    The "confiscation" and "Fair Re-Distribution of Resources" will be overseen by the "Committee for Community Fair Practices".

    Members of the committee to be appointed by the local PTB officials.

    Sleep well and keep your head down - we all know what happens when a nail sticks above the other nails - bam, ham. kam. Now you are all nice and even. Big mouth is the father of big trouble.


  2. Glad to finally hear someone nail Lincoln. I really had not thought about it but he was definitely being used by someone behind the curtain.

  3. Dude you are definitely my type of prepper malcontent!

    -Ian Daniels

  4. Tried to email you. Email was returned. Trying to contact you. Email my email:


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