Friday, April 11, 2014

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If only....& A ?

I want to get your mind into a certain mood or frame of mind.

If only I had bought cases and cases of 223 and 7.62x39 from cheaperthandirt when they were selling them for $74/1000 with free delivery....

If only I had bought 10 SKS's when they were selling for $59 each...

If only I had bought silver at $5 an ounce and gold at $250....

If only I had bought AK clones when they sold for $179....

If only I had bought 8mm rounds when they were going for 6 cents...

If only I had bought cases of 7.62x25 when the price was 4 cents a round.....

If only I had invested in oil when it was $8 a barrel....

If only I had bought 20 fifty pound bags of rice from Sam's club when it was only $20 a bag... Oh! WAIT! I still can buy those!

Don't short yourself on food. You probably won't be in a firefight everyday, but it sure is nice to eat everyday.

Don't wait!

How many have looked back and regretted not stocking up more on ammo when it was plentiful and cheap? Don't let yourself have those regrets concerning food.

A (nother) Question

Thanks everyone for all the opinions on the last question. It was interesting to see how others are thinking. I'm sorry that it was not a contest with a prize. (A good idea for a future post)

OK. Here's the question... What three important things do you think the great majority of survivalist/preppers forget to stock?


  1. Only if I had control of my hormones, I would be single and multimillionaire.

    Well, now I'm just waiting for my summons to be served on my 4th divorce.

    I'll be left penniless and she was a lousy piece of .........

    Phill Herrpantties

  2. 1) Knowledge
    2) Plan B
    3) Friends


  3. What three important things we forget to stock?

    1.- common sense.

    2.- how to books. ( not e-books, but hard paper books)

    3.- junk land in another persons name ( wish there was a way to register land under anony society. [S.A] like in Europe. you own the property but is not subject to be impounded by any means, same things goes at bank accounts Or anything you have under tha name of the corporation.)

    Dummies, go ahead, kick your self in the butt.

    Your minion.

  4. 1) fats/oils
    2) long term lighting solutions
    3) backups to main stash

  5. Not an answer but a comment on the main post- There is probably more than just food that is dirt cheap now (and I agree food and water are the best places to focus on). It is all relative. The $.30 per round 7.62x39 we can buy now may seem like a stupid thing to pass on in a few years, or perhaps it will be cost of solar panels, or some other thing that makes life better when we have to scrape by in a dysfunctional system, out of oil and grinding its gears metal on metal. That is why I love the BTN advice of Lord Bison- buy the essentials when you can as you can. They will be more expensive in years to come.

  6. I think the most ignored prep item is transportation (aka the humble bicycle). I know most people are so focused on having a 4x4, zombie killing, rolling fortress that they forget KISS principle. Even if you're working towards your very own tank on wheels it can't hurt to have a bike for a back-up plan.


    1. Welcome. Jim is the king of keep it simple. When one first stumbles onto prepping/survivalism they usually will be overwhelmed with what they should do. If you follow Jim it will become obvious how to start. Put back the basics and stop worrying (aka not doing anything). Then add things as money becomes available. Learn to prioritize.

  7. Also anyone seen/heard from Russell/Black cat? He hasn't posted on his blog for a few weeks.


  8. 1) Large and small CLOSEABLE water containers.

    2) a GOOD wheelbarrow - lots of Life is carrying bulky, heavy crap from here to there. No flat tire, steel welded yoke frame, strong bucket - worth while investment.

    3) Solar light - somethings just can't wait for daylight to accomplish. Large building interiors even during the day are extremely dark and negotiating stairwells and or debris fields in the dark will only get you hurt.

  9. Water filters, rope of various sizes, and shoes from the thrift store. All could be handy trade items.

  10. 1. Basic tools to make repairs
    2. Nuts, Bolts, Nails, Screws all basic stuff to keep things working or repair them
    3. Spices to improve a bland diet

  11. Antibiotics, Salt and Dry Chlorine

  12. 1. Patience. This will be a long bumpy ride.
    2. Low tech skills. Skills are the most marketable thing in the world.
    3. Advanced medical training. EMT/Paramedic. See #2

    1. #1- check ! , folks who know me personally say that I've infinite patience
      #2- check ! , How is it that everyone does not know these ?
      #3- check !! , a lifeskill set for everyone, why is it not taught in our schools from day one ?

  13. Knifes, salt and sugar for all yer slaughter needs. sorry fer posting again, but trying to help.

  14. 1) large kettles for heating water -- showers, laundry, dishes, scalding chickens, canning, and making large batches of soup. Be careful of the thin walled "Turkey fryer" kettles. They get holes pretty easy. I prefer the 4 - 5 gallon size with a reinforced bottom. I've had good luck with Tremolin (spelling?) Brand that I found at Wal-Mart.

    2) hand garden tools -- digging fork, shovels, wheelbarrow, hoes, etc. Put those minions to work : )

    3) plastic and tarps -- for green houses, roof repairs, makeshift shelters, catching rainwater, wrapping bodies, sealing broken windows, waterproofing underground shelters, lining a water hole, protecting mattresses from young children and sick folk's urine, covering firewood, etc.

    Idaho Homesteader

  15. Idaho, great ideas. But those shouldn't be last minute in my opinion. Thanks, I needs a couple more tarps and have no plastic. Thinking the heavy contractor grade. I think my pot is a the cheap turkey fryer type but also have one of the big porcelin coated ones for canning. Must be about 3 or 4 gallon.

    1. Night shift,

      Not last minute items but the ones many peppers forget to stock pile per the question : )

      I'm assuming folks already have food, water purification, guns and ammo.

      My husband and I have built a solar powered homestead over the last twenty years and kettles, tools and tarps/plastic are the things I've stockpiled deep. They are some of the most useful items but hard to impossible to make yourself.

      Idaho Homesteader

    2. Good prepping Idaho. Yes I hope to get there one day. I'm working on an article for Jim that has already pushing 4000 words so he can spread it over several days. It will give you a better idea on where I stand and my philosophies.

  16. Pencils and other school/office supplies
    all kinds of girlie stuff (makeup, perfume, stockings, hairbows, etc)
    prophylactics and jells