Tuesday, April 22, 2014

book review-survivor max


“Survivor Max: Too Smart To Die” by Davi Barker is a young adult zombie novel. Young adult as in, Scholastic Books type books for young readers. Not, as is so often the case, just a few children used as characters in an adult style written book. There is a difference. You have to be able to still put your head around how fascinating new adventures were, how eager you were to learn new things, and from a child’s perspective. I don’t think all YA authors can. Now, there is nothing wrong with advancing as you read, of slowly leaving behind the more innocent, graduating towards reality. You grow intellectually. Yet, how nice the first stories were, before we had to learn about the big, bad world out there. I vividly remember the armfuls of Scholastic books I was able to bring home, never a dull story, never the sense of being cheated by repeats. We were pretty far down the lower middle class ladder financially, but Mom always made room in the budget for books. It was the one thing that wasn’t penny pinched. And reading this book was just like going back almost forty years.


Not that you want your six year old new reader to sit down with this one-one’s parents brains being spread all over the pavement after they turn into zombies isn’t going to sit well at bedtime. It doesn’t whitewash everything. No, what I mean was, as a very young adult, forth and fifth grade, this was the kind of stories I was enjoying. Remember “The Rats Of NYMPH”( I think I got the spelling right)? It was intelligent rats starting their own society, if I recall correctly. It wasn’t really much more than fantasy, but it was a believable alternate world my little brain soaked up in awed wonder. I think this zombie series could be the same, as it seems to speak to the early reader. And even as a cynical jaded adult, this was a read that held my interest ( not that I go out of my way to read YA, even post-apocalypse ). I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it for you adults, but certainly you wouldn’t mind reading it after your child got done with it. Another job well done, Prepper Press.

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  1. RATS OF NIMH - I think it was. Interesting book - been years since I read it. Favorite Scholastic books (wife is junior high reading teacher - YES - they still teach them to read,lol) was HATCHET and BRIAN'S WINTER, both written by Gary Paulson.

    Thanks for the review.

  2. Rats of NIMH - National Institute of Mental Health

    1. A fellow multiple times reader? Or did you have a copy?