Tuesday, April 1, 2014

2 of 2 today-lanyards


Well, don’t expect a long article today like you saw on Monday. Back to the now new regular of five hundred words. I had taken the computer home and Saturday was atrocious weather-wise. Oh, the battery was charged even with clouds, as is their wont now that I have extra panels. But I was afraid to use the computer and drain them all over again. Sunday was just as bad ( so far, Spring has been worse than winter ) but then it cleared up, and since I had been confined downstairs all day except for thirty minutes clearing snow I was really weary of reading and when it came time to write I was enthused more than usual and quickly churned out double the norm. Now that I’m back at work writing I don’t have the time for that. And, it might be added, it took me two hours sitting around contemplating my navel perking and drinking coffee to even come up with that article. Then, today, I get online and discover to my dismay my monthly Amazon commission is probably not going to top $45. I love you guys, you are very generous. You always have been. I just don’t know how long I’ll continue writing for chump change ( I understand the correlation between pure survival subjects, the length of my writing, the number of days I post and the amount of money I get for my efforts. If I’d kept up the Bison Blog seven days a week, a thousand words a day, PLUS wrote books my income would be the old $200-$400 figure. That was soul draining and I know as the economy devolves people won’t have a choice but to cut back on spending. I just got out ahead of the curve )- so the short blogs are what you get.


Today and tomorrow are going to be subjects suggested by minions- thank you both. I DO listen, it is just sometimes I need the material time to brew up in the old grey matter. Today, the need for lanyards. I always thought that the motorcycle bad boy Harley riders with their wallets on a chain where a bit “over the top”. I understand the need for unique uniforms to flag you from the competing tribes, but I wasn’t really figuring out why they needed that particular accessory. Do the bikes vibrate that much? And who is going to even think about stealing a Hell’s Angels wallet? I did appreciate the militaries use of a lanyard for a sidearm- now that made sense. But the more I contemplate the Apocalypse, the more multiple lanyards are a no brainer. Sure, the compass on a lanyard is a requirement- no compass and for most of us not versed in memorizing the constellations we get lost. But what about other items? Surely we can think about some similar items that are irreplaceable after Industrial civilization bites the big Peak Oil member. Stuff you can’t afford to lose, and given Murphy’s Law, if it ain’t tethered you will lose it. How about that rod you use to spark up a fire? A radio, if you are so inclined to use them? If you had to trigger lock your guns for whatever reason, a neck chain with the key you always wore would be required. You don’t dare wear your eye glasses without a granny chain or an elastic head band to secure them. And I’m sure I’m forgetting a whole lot more. A simple item, relatively cheap, invaluable soon.


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  1. My Leatherman Wave http://tinyurl.com/q4t2g96
    in LF pocket is on lanyard to keyring. I unlock door, put keyring on belt clip and operate my truck with keys in door pocket. If I fumble and drop the keys
    they dangle on lanyard. As Jim pointed out compass, firestarter, knife, sharpener etc must be tethered. Without essentials life may be short but grim. BTW I have 40 feet 50 lb test Spyderwire and fishhooks in my wallet.

    1. Don't think you only need a lanyard for keys when you get old and forgetful ( why I use one ). Helpful in all situations, even zombie attacks

    2. I always carry on a lanyard around my neck with my Doug Ritter CRKT neck knife. I am going to add a small fire starter to the sheath soon. This is the minimal survival kit. Better to add as much as you can comfortably carry. I will likely wrap with fishing line, a few small hooks and sinkers, and maybe wrap the whole unit in shrink wrap/electrical tape?

    3. Oh. I sleep with a zombie every night.

      Her face is all white and she's got some slices of cucumbers in her eyes.

      It's really scary. I have nightmares about it.

      uuuuuggg, sometimes she gives me a kiss goodnight.

      Scary minion.

  2. "And, it might be added, it took me two hours sitting around contemplating my navel perking and drinking coffee to even come up with that article."


    What the hell, Jim... you perk coffee in your navel?

    Good grief, just thinking about the belly button lint getting all mixed up in the coffee grounds and it's enough to make a person queasy.

    Seriously dude - YUCK!

  3. Two is one. One is none.
    Keep another whistle, knife, sharpener, firestarter, fishkit, compass, first aid kit, 2x12 map tube, etc on a tether secured inside your packsack.

  4. I keep several multi-tools with a carabiner and lanyard attachment. When working on fencing, I clip the biner on the fabric to keep it handy (just don't forget it when walking off, done that several times, lol.

    Not really a lanyard, but I keep a short 5" cord thru the handle hole in my favorite folding knives. Just stick into pocket, leaving the knotted end sticking out of pocket - makes it very easy to access knife, just pull knot out, knife follows.

    No lanyards on my firearms, but several revolvers do have the loop on bottom of grip. A pair if lever guns with the saddle ring - I'm no cowboy so no use there, in fact they make a little noise. I should cord them up if not only to silence them. One of my Grandfather's brothers used to use the saddle ring to hang up his rifle near the rear door to take when leaving house.

    Or so I was told - I never saw the man actually do that, he was way older when we met.