Thursday, April 3, 2014

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Barter Deals, and A ?

Do you have kids or grandkids?
It's easy to list barter items like food, matches, ammunition, LED lights etc., but what about shoes?
I did a search for "Things to disappear during a...." I clicked on the top six results. Only two had any kind of footwear on the list (work boots).
If you do have kids or grandkids, what would you trade for a pair of kids shoes? For me, they would be worth quite a bit. Yeah, I know, you can take an old tire and make it into sandals. If worse comes to worst, I suppose. Not very appropriate any place where there is snow.
Above you see six pairs of brand new kids shoes. The cost was only one dollar a pair.
Twice a year Wal-marts clears out their inventory of shoes and boots. Every spring and fall. Those shoes, sitting on the shelves, were priced too high or not the right fashion, have to go!
Not all the shoes were one dollar. Some were $3. Some were $5. I like Dr. Scholls tennis shoes. I bought 8 pairs. These will not be for trading.
Target and other stores do the same thing.
If you have the space and money, buy clearance dirt cheap shoes for barter. Get one of those plastic tubs to store them in. Throw in a desiccant package.
Always check out the clearance section. Sometimes they are practically giving things away.
Even if the world doesn't end, how long will China keep making and sending us dirt cheap stuff and made by near slaves?
A Question
This is just a quick short post. I am trying to see what readers opinions are.

The S is on the verge of Hitting TF. (A la the movie series "Revolution". No more electricity for years and years.)

You get to make one last trip to Wal-Mart. You get to fill up one shopping cart to the top. You can select up to three different items. Examples: Meat, milk and cheese or: Soap, toilet paper and underwear.

For those picking ammo, assume the shelves are in the same state they are presently. Half full at best.

What would be the three best items to take and why?


  1. Plus, there's always the good old thrift store as a fallback. You would be amazed at some of the deals that you will find there? Like the brand new $100.00 plus pairs of wool dress slacks that I picked up for $7.00 each. Saw a Pendleton wool shirt for $5.00. That's an $80 plus shirt, but unfortunately it wasn't in my size. You might have to hit several stores, but the deals are amazing.

  2. First Items - 12V Marine Batteries
    Second Items - inverters for the batteries
    Third items - LED light bulbs

  3. First aid kits, water purification pumps, ammo

  4. Three Items - shit, that is bare bones. I guess my picks would be:

    1) BIC lighters - cause fire is important.

    2) Baggies - storage container, ever try transporting grains or powders without a closeable container, especially if airtight is required ?

    3) Socks and lots of them, because the footwear after SHTF is going to be really spotty. I foresee a lot of blisters of ill fitting footwear and if you are stuck in place with F'upd feet, you are in a world of suck.

    Cool contest - looking forward to reading the other comments.

  5. Solar lights

  6. Food, more food, even more food.

    Got plenty of ammo and all. I'd buy some quickly going bad comfort foods. Chips, cheeses, beer, etc,,,


  7. spices,honey, and mustard.Cause you get tired of the same thing everyday.

  8. Salt, sugar and lard.
    Salt for preserving meats (I live too far from oceans and mines). Sugar for wine, booze, brine (with the salt) and flavor enhancer for wheat gruel. Lard to help everything slide down. Multi uses plus barter options.
    When the power goes down there will be lots of meat thawing in freezers ready to be brined and smoked into jerky. Most people don't know how to keep food without power. Could probably trade them some filtered water for their thawing meat. As the gas and charcoal run out many won't be able to cook.
    Lake Erie pirate

  9. Finally (finally!) a person in the "doom-o-sphere" who writes about the need for spare shoes!
    To answer your question though - soap, toilet paper and tetanus vaccine...though I don't know if the latter can be stored.
    Good post!

  10. The thing about tire-sandals, I believe that can only be done with older tires or ones without steel belts. Mainly because the belts are hard to cut and it would suck to slice your foot open in a PC world with spotty sanitation.

  11. probably: 1. long term storage foods like cans/grains/sugar/spices/jerkey because you need to eat and you might not have refrigeration.
    2. underwear/socks/personals because you could probably get outerwear by trade or begging or hand me downs. You could repair your outerwear, but socks and underwear, etc are not comfortable if they have holes/repairs in the wrong place.
    3. house ware type stuff like trash bags, foil, cleaners, soaps, paper plates, plastic forks/knives/spoons. I would choose stuff that would be hard to find substitutions for.
    Would go to a walmart with the gas station and try to fill up some gerry cans and top off the car's tank.
    I know i have not mentioned protection, energy, security, bug out stuff, but I think if you split up your "last shop" and didn't keep it all in one place, you might keep most of what you had if "something" (mutant zombies, confiscation, fire, theft) happened.

    Do I win the prize????

  12. Blankets, shoes and duct tape.

  13. Pharmaceuticals, feminine supplies, diapers

  14. Provided you're all squared away with the basics, think luxuries.
    Chocolate, aftershave/perfume and shampoo/conditioner.

    Once the shit has hit the fan, and it's been a year since your average trophy bitch has seen any of the above let alone got their avaricious little paws on any. Imagine they've been washing their hair with tallow for the past 6 mths and you swan into town with a few sachets of Holiday Inn shampoo/conditioner? You could name your price and woe betide any man who thinks otherwise..

    1. My daughter is a licenced cosmotologist ( no other kind these days I imagine ). This is recession proof-bitches must keep looking good to attract sugar daddies. It's a shame she is getting in debt to do something else less suitable for our future. The collapse will be the same- sell the gals prettifying stuff to assure a profit.