Tuesday, March 18, 2014

we are all asshats


I’ve been reading a few more of Taibbi’s books and it is simply amazing his chronicles of asshats in power. The shenanigans of Congress, the insane cost overruns from military contractors ( example: one, as in a single, private merc earning $150k a year actually costs the taxpayer something like $600k after all the contractors and sub-contractors get through juicing the system ), the entire economy nothing but a giant draw down of a hundred years of wealth to a few pockets of the uber-wealthy. For the hundreds or thousands that had to walk away from their Gulf Coast homes, an equal number of corporations got tax deferred status as modern day carpetbaggers. For every kid fighting the VA for a better fitting prosthetic, Halliburton brings home more cost-plus contracts. I mean, can we not see the forest through the trees? We’ve been in collapse so long that we think it is normal, and waste time wondering when an “actual” collapse is going to happen. You can’t double the deficit during each President’s term in office, all to enrich the bankers and corporations and anyone with pull, and expect your economy to survive intact.

Nor can you feed all those parasites and not expect blowback as the future is sold as quickly as possible. Forget waiting for a European Union collapse or the PetroDollar to tank, the economic collapse is around fifteen years old and getting stronger. The only unanswered question is, how much longer can it go on.


It was intellectually fashionable forty years ago to talk of the breakup of the family leading to cultural problems. And nobody is any closer to solving that issue. Because no one really wants to admit why the family broke up, why it is now every feral animal for himself, a Hobbsian jungle where it is nothing to cheat your own grandmother for drug money and where you’d gladly call the Five-O to report any neighbors infraction of un-Constitutional rules. Yes, the government gladly turns us against each other in order to divide and conquer. But that wouldn’t have been possible in a functioning system. The problems weren’t created by the government, or rather those using the government to suck the last wealth from the terminal patient, the problem was merely taken advantage of by them. No, the fundamental problem is the shrinking pie. The reason that Corporate America And The Bankers Inc. have been shamelessly openly fleecing this country since the late 90’s is simply because they have to.


When our resources began to contract, when foreigners no longer could be held down to be robbed, the powers that be started in on the indigenous population. Who in turn looked further down the food chain to try to steal some of what they were losing. We all treat each other so poorly, not because we want MORE profit but simply because it is a matter of survival. A shrinking base has everybody at each others throats and the future be damned. I submit we are much closer to the bottom of the cliff than we would like to admit. The entire system up and down the chain has been viciously fighting to lose less than everyone else for a generation now. The edifice looks wealthy and calm but events prove otherwise.


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  1. To: Russell1200

    Dear sir

    Thank you for your comment.

    re: 1. You don't make your case very well. Your answering anecdotal arguments (Ethiopia) with even more isolated anecdotal arguments (Donner party).

    2. How exactly did the Spanish Flu shut down WW1? Silly me, I thought it was the 100 Days offensive with lots of American reinforcements pouring in.

    A1. I answered specific examples.

    A2. You might know bunches about WW1. I suggest you study the history of the Spanish Flu extensively.

    Again, thanks for the comment.

    guest author

    1. Without meaning to be rude Russell, I've read something similar to what the guest author asserts - that the final German offensive was some audacious, clever thing, that failed, in part, through lack of numbers because of the flu.

  2. As this comment threads seems addressed to Russell/Black cat... I still enjoy reading your blog, and I'd comment but I like being Anonymous.

    Gil... ;o)