Monday, March 10, 2014

two of two today


The last few days I was titling articles with single words, not wanting to overly tax anyone’s ability to remember something worth hating me for. Well, the free ride is over. I could have titled this one “Griftopia”, which is a really excellent book by Matt Taibbi, but by then a precedent would have been set and from then on I’d be taxing my imagination for single word article descriptions. Griftopia is about the financial meltdown slash housing bubble popping slash Goldman Saks takeover of the industrial western civilization ( minus China, because obviously they are in the East and because they didn’t set themselves for failure like the supposedly intelligent Germans and most other economies. I mean, you expect this kind of thing from Greeks or Italians, all that Mediterranean sun cooking off too many brain cells, and you can see how a few folks up where there ain’t much sun told the bankers to go hump themselves with a splintered board with rusty nails sticking out of it, but I kind of expected the Krauts to be a little more, you know, sinister and able to do the screwing and not be screwed. They got upstaged by Commies! Commies! ) and I’ll tell you what this is the best damn book on the financial collapse and the explanation of derivatives I’ve ever come across ( and I’ve wasted a lot of money trying to read up on the thing- not because it really matters because it is now all over but the fat bitch singing one last time before budget cuts close the opera, but because I love financial crap and just acquiring useless knowledge in general ).


This book gives you a lot of extra tidbits, from Obammy’s health care fraud ( this was written in 2010 ) to a priceless roast on Ayn Rand ( I love her writing, but her philosophies and personal life left a bit to be desired ) to the phrase “Goldman Saks, vampire squid on the face of humanity” ( going by memory here, I might be off slightly ). And once you wrap your mind around the incredible grift and fraud the financial industry and bankers have perpetuated, it is kind of hard to get all worked up about a minimum wage hike. They get EIGHT TRILLION DOLLARS!!!!! And we are supposed to be worried our Big Mac might go up at most five cents. Matt talks about this in his book, the media and government and everyone using false narratives to shift focus away from the real perpetrators. I’m wondering if Obammy making a fuss over raising the minimum wage ( I’m not following it too close-other things to do ) is intentionally diverting attention from some other problem. As he has done time and again during his puppet régime. Instead of parroting the long held line of big corporations ( all of whom are on corporate welfare ) and management ( who is bonused as layoffs continue ) that paying the help more than a buck an hour ( enough for extra gruel calories and shoe leather to get to work and slave away ) will cripple the economy and devastate consumers ( corporations don’t seem too concerned about consumers as they are defrauded with inferior products ), we should be looking at minimum wage as one of the last few protections against exploitation.


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  1. Isn't welfare the real minimum wage?

    1. Welfare pays more, so it can't be the "minimum".