Thursday, March 27, 2014




Sheltering Underground

To avoid vandalism, to keep your stash out of the weather and safe from fire ( safer, anyway, as I’ve been told by those that remember what trees look like that when a forest fire gets going it can burn down quite a bit into the roots ) you would be advised to burrow underground like the pale blind creature you should be ( having seen Red Dawn-the original thank you very much-so many times it becomes a mental disorder, the average survivalist is wont to emulate a wolverine. This is silly, as wolverines are vicious animals who attack with little provocation. A true survivalist, as apposed to a poser militiaman, has no qualms about hiding out like a frightened little girl, safe from confrontation while the die-off commences around him. Once the population is safely out of the picture, THEN you may emerge and be as violent as your suppressed hostility desires ).


Which is why I really do advise a piece of junk land rather than a National Forest squat if at all possible ( you shouldn’t be in a high population area. But since some of you have little choice-I postponed my move off grid for three years just to have that much more time with an aging and medically challenged parent, which was a wager but one I’m glad I made- and that is where you won’t find much affordable land ). Try to bribe a friend or relative with their own food stash if you can’t buy your own land. $600 in bucketed wheat, a $300 rifle and a couple hundred rounds of ammo is a lot cheaper than spending twenty grand on a lot of land closer to a metro area. When you have your own land, or are using a buddies, you can camouflage your building efforts a heck of a lot better than if you are skulking about on public land where you will encountering park rangers, booby traps planted by marijuana growers, perhaps hunters and if you are really lucky nubile nudists of the opposite gender. Yes, it is true that once a very short distance from roads and trails is traversed that the average marshmallow person our society has so readily produced is unable or unwilling to venture much further into a wilderness area, but then you are still contending with Murphy’s Law which stipulates that somebody is still going to spot your activities. And you can’t haul a whole lot in to the area construction material wise ( much more than compact tools and plastic sheeting ). It is going to be hard enough just getting the food supplies you need into the area ( although a lumpy backpack full of wheat is a bit less conspicuous than a sheet of plywood or a bundle of two by fours ). You are going to need either really dry hard soil or a lot of nearby tree debris for shoring. Obviously, it can be done. It merely is a larger challenge.


Continued next time.

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  1. In the old Dan Beard book - Shelters, Shacks and Shanties - there is a design for what Beard called The American Boy's Hogan. This would make a pretty good cache/supply dump - if you have the right environment(e.g. dry with large embankments) and a way of sneaking the construction materials and supplies in.

    1. Thanks! That is a good resourse-I'd forgotten all about it. Even used to have a copy lo those many moves ago. Actually, that will be the top of the page ad for next week.