Friday, March 7, 2014

one of two today


Buy 7.62x54r

Should you buy 7.62x54r surplus ammo?


Here's why:

1. At +/- twenty cents a round it's NOT going to last forever.

2. If you own a Mosin Nagant, you do not want to end up like
other mil surp weapon owners that had the chance to get
REALLY cheap ammo and passed up the deal or did not
get enough.

An excellent example of this failure, is the 7.62x25 round.
It is used in CZ52 and Tokarev TT-33 pistols. At one time
this ammo could be had for ONLY 3 cents a round. Ammo
is currently unavailable! Owners of the CZ52 and Tokarev
are kicking themselves in the head. The 9x18 is another

3. If you do not already own a Mosin Nagant, chances are
some day you might. Then you will want ammo. Do you
want to have ammo you paid 20 cents each for, or go pay
the going rate, if it is available?

4. Barter.

" In such a collapse, the main currency will be common
caliber ammunition..." Gary North.

Do you really think we are only going to have an economic
crisis like two of the slick survival "experts" are telling their

5. Investment. Some place to store some of your dollars other
than the bank. As the supply runs out, the price will increase.
Additionally Sig now makes a black plastic rifle that uses the
7.62x54r. Vepr also make an AK clone in that caliber.
Finally, let's not forget the Dragonuv/SVD.

6. Converting your 303 Lee Enfield to shoot cheaper and
more powerful ammo. (upgrade the Enfield's performance
to +/- a 30-06.) A good gun smith can do this for you.

Don't wait too long to act. Some sources are already hinting that the supply will soon dry up.


  1. i read somewhere that the russians aren't going to ammo to America anymore


    1. Was this recent? Hadn't heard anything.

    2. I see may things first on TB2K*Breaking-Ammo-Rush-Begins-Again-As-Russia-Halts-Soviet-Ammunition-Exports-to-the-US!



    4. Bless you minions, one and all. Sportsmans Guide is having a flat rate $5 shipping special right now. I just ordered enough ammo to double my stocks. Just in case this is more than rumor. I hope I didn't cut into this months book budget too much.

    5. Jim.....

      You DID NOT read the fine print! $5 shipping does NOT apply to heavy items. Ammo is a heavy item. Bend over!

      You Know Who

    6. I placed two orders. The $5 shipping went through both times. I know I should order more but I'm pushing it finiancially as it is now.

  2. Tis fact, no more Commie ammo, they's holding it all back for their own use.
    For some unknown reason they are thinking that a war is coming....

    1. How long ago did I write about steel case ammo not being available? Back when I published the chapters on the Apoc. Gun Porn. You always hear about it here first. Paranoid is the new Smart.