Monday, March 17, 2014

in the business of collapse


On the rare occasion you talk to somebody of like mind on the coming collapse, you inevitably ask, “when?”. Perhaps “why not yet?” ( most survivalist writing seems to follow the ‘5 W’ of police work. Who, what, where, when, why and how ). Like anyone involved in a difficult endeavor, you want validation. You have barely kept the spouse from sabotage, the kids from open rebellion with mocking accompaniment. You probably are better off financially, having no debt and an energy efficient house and what not ( even before kids, with no possessions and few needs, I’ve NEVER been as well off as I am now with zero rent or mortgage. I highly recommend it ) but you must still budget and balance needs and prioritize as you desperately stockpile in a mad rush before the finish line. You still need to know you have not chosen a life of dumb-assness.


Before, I’ve tried to sooth and console you with the trite “preparedness is priceless since you sleep better at night”. Then I threw in the platitude “it’s only money”. Okay, I slightly jest. I really believe both. I sleep soundly at night because I’ve worked hard to minimize future worries ( of course, knowing full well you can’t eliminate most ). And I’d much rather have hard assets than any amount of cash ( I think this is the one common area Rawles and I would fully agree on. Of course, if he really didn’t care too much he would be sending me some [ joking! ] ). I might have two grand in savings, but another bucket of wheat or another box of ammo gives me a much warmer and fuzzier feeling. So, as I’m thinking about some other words of wisdom for everyone to give them a glimmer of hope, to lay a comradely arm across their shoulders and reassure them the course is true and the path just, this is what I came up with.


Think of yourself as an End Times Businessman. Look, there are no guarantees in life. I can’t absolutely positively guarantee you that a violent die-off is going to occur in your lifetime. I myself believe it and try to convey to you why I do. All you can do is act to the best of your ability and education. When someone invests their life savings into a small business, they go through great lengths to research and remove as much chance from the equation as possible. They WANT to make a profit. And ten years ago and before, an investment in a college education was a fairly good bet on your financial future. You weren’t guaranteed anything, but the odds were on your side. You were confident you were doing better by your family with these investments. That is all prepping for the collapse is. You are betting on a probable future. Don’t ask yourself when, or even if. You just have to know the bet is on the future in general, rather than the timing. Don’t get discouraged nothing has happened. Business owners couldn’t time the next up cycle and college graduates couldn’t guess for sure when they would get hired. They just knew they were invested and ready for when it did happen.


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  1. Hello Melvin:

    It's me Rosie O'Kunt. Remember me? we used to have lots of pleasured nights until you know what COLLAPSED.

    After that you had NO ENERGY to continue. Is it still the same?.

    some words of wisdom and a grimmer of hope. TAKE VIAGRA!

    Still in Elko, Nv.

  2. Good one, thanks.

    Can you tell me any place online where the MN 91/30 lack of a gas bleed is discussed?

    You Know Who

    1. I covered this on the Bison Blog, reprinting a paragraph from an 80's ( I think ) magazine, one of those 'compilations of surplus rifles' as far as any of us can tell ( I was mailed a xerox copy by a minion ). I harped on this for awhile, as it doesn't seem to be covered by anyone else.

  3. So I read some math somewhere that showed that the timeline for the american economy should have ended in 1940 something. But, since It's all artificially controlled by central banks then no math or... really anything matters? Right? In other words TECHINCALLY we are long overdue for our financial institute to have a "hard restart" (Best turn of phrase I could use) And if its all artifically controlled why would those who already have power want it to collapse? Wouldn't they do anything to keep themselves in control? On that note could it be necesary for them to crash the economy in order to stay in power?

    PS: I might actually write the white trash irregular's guide to shopping at dollar tree if I get my research paper done first.