Sunday, March 9, 2014

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To Trade or not Trade Ammo

OK. Things have gone to hell.

The stores are closed.

Sometimes there is electricity and sometimes there isn't.

You can still find some people (suckers) that will sell you something they have for paper dollars. No one is taking checks.

Violence is escalating.

Too many people have seen "The Walking Dead" or "Revolution". They are just now figuring out that what they will be going through, won't be all nice and pretty for everyone, like it was on TV.

Your personal situation isn't all that bad. You have a decent supply of food, energy (wood, propane, kerosene, etc.), weapons and ammo.

Plenty of people are finding themselves in desperate need of things. Things that you have.

Trading most things are generally considered OK by most prepper/survivalists. Except weapons and ammo. There are some, whose view is to never trade those two. The belief is that at some future time those weapons and ammo could be used against you.

Having that opinion is a mistake.

Here are a few scenarios.

You, your wife, or kids get sick or hurt (life threatening). You find a doctor or other qualified person that can do what you need. He also has the very limited supplies and equipment that will be absolutely required.

He is one of the lucky few that managed to get his family out of the city before the military cordoned it off. Three days before fleeing, the neighbors house was attacked by a roving gang. They heard the screams of the women being raped and tortured for hours.

The guy is a total stranger and refuses to help you in your time of need unless he gets a weapon and ammo from you.


You are three miles from a water source. That's not a problem for you since you have a generator to run the pump for the well. (It's a deep well) The generator suffers a serious breakdown. A new generator or parts and service to repair will cost you a weapon and ammo.


You are living out in the country. A few of your neighbors are not sitting too well in the area of self defense. (sitting ducks) You don't know them that good. Haven't ever heard anything bad about them. Neither do you know (100%) if they can be trusted. At a community meeting to discuss the dangerous chaotic situation and possible solutions, someone proposes that those with extra weapons and ammo, trade or loan to those who don't. They reason that if more community members are armed, the community will be able to respond to threats better.

Those are only three scenarios off the top of my head.

Those that say "Never, ever trade weapons or ammo!" have a very limited imagination.

Everyone's situation will be different.


  1. No, You are the one that is wrong.... you NEVER trade those items, EVER..... If the person refuses to help you with the life threatening problem you have, USE the weapons and ammo to force them to... then when they are done helping you, give them something else of value....

    1. I think the whole point was you can't Never Say Never because you have no idea of circumstances. Taking by force might not be the best option, for whatever reason

    2. Well Mr. Steele............
      It seems you have VERY strong feelings about this.
      I think a LITTLE in depth thought is in order IF you are up to it?????

      So... you are going to trust this guy, at the point of a gun, to operate on your daughter. Naturally with that gun poked in his belly, he is going to WANT to do his very best to save her???? After wards he is going to feel all GRATEFUL to you when you throw him a bone????

      How is your relationship with this guy going to be if you EVER need his help again????????????????????????

      How do you THINK your relationships are going to be with your surrounding neighbors when they learn you are using your guns to take what you want?????????????

      What kind of relationship COULD you have had if you had done a PEACEFUL exchange?????????????

      You Know Who
      the MEAN Minion

  2. I know this is a radicle thought, but it is also possible that your area may not turn into a complete battle zone, and other items (medical as you noted in particular) might be more useful.

  3. Do you know all your neighbors? Meet them. The problem with escalating with violence is that then you are known as "that guy" and others will start to treat you the same way. No one will deal with you, and they are more apt to apply violence quicker with you (i.e., no trust, they know your past). Selco had a large article on it recently (mabye the last 3-4 months).
    C in KS