Saturday, March 1, 2014

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Cannibalism 101, part 1

The good people died first.

Those that would not prostitute themselves, died

Those that would not steal, died.

Those that gave food to others, died.

Those that would not eat corpses, died.

Those that refused to kill their fellow man, died.

More than 2,500 people were sentenced for cannibalism after the Soviet famine of 1932–1933. The actual number of cannibals was much higher.

Famine and starvation have been with us always. In your mind how will it be next time? Is it likely, that the government or anybody will come to the rescue? To your rescue?

Have you decided yet which type of cannibalism, you will engage in during the collapse? Not all kinds are equally beneficial. Let's examine some of them.

Ritual cannibalism. Usually (not always) some enemy is used for various reasons. Limiting meals to this would certainly be far too restrictive for "End of the World" times.

Passive. For this, you just wait until someone dies, then...Dinner time! Kind of like the "Donner Party" ( if you forget about the two Indians they killed for food). A big disadvantage of this one, is that you are eating dead people that were weak and sick before dying. We don't eat weak, sick cows that have died. We eat them healthy and freshly killed.

Actively Hunting Humans If you saw the movie " The Road" you will remember the woman and her son getting hunted down by the cannibals. Food shortage??!! What?! There is food everywhere! With this choice, the meat should be more nutritious. However, there will be that little problem that diner doesn't want to be eaten.

The Last Option. Ok, so you are hungry, really hungry. No one has recently died. No human game to be hunted, too wary or in hiding. So... what's a guy to do? Get a shovel and visit the cemetery. In past famines, that's what they did.

Do you really have enough food? How many hundreds of pounds do you have for each person? How many years of food do you have for each person?

Now is a good time for a trip to Sam's club.


  1. They taste best when you eat them alive.

    Lots of proteins.

    Monica Blewbillsky.

  2. Yes there are some nice plump people at Sam's club.

    1. And they are yuppies, so they will freeze like deer in lights as you harvest them

  3. Cannibilism is a last resource of the desperate. And given the diseases and poisons that people (especially starving ones) have, you are as likely to die from the meal as from the lack there-of.
    Wild edibles in the wide open spaces of low human population is a far better, especially combined with huge amount of pre stored basic food.
    Finding other ways to use human bodies to produce food or other esentials other than direct cunsumption.

    1. Feed humans to other animals, then eat animals. Let their systems filter/fight our poisons. Pigs eating long pork- human raised bacon.

    2. And see, I recommend gaining a taste now for Asian food so that the barking stir-fry tastes better. Don't forget to stock up on the soy sauce!

    3. Anybody have stats on the effectiveness of dog verses pig in converting calories to meat?

  4. Remember that the Soviet famine of 1932–1933 was probably a government-made famine.


    1. I had never heard of Soviet peasant cannibals. Cool. Comrade Cannibal.