Wednesday, March 12, 2014

goblins fart


I couldn’t name this article “Yellowstone” because I’m pretty sure I’ve already used that title. I could have gone with “Thar She Blows” but then 99% of the comments would have involved women of loose moral character and fellatio. And Lucifer’s Fart has been overused. So the lesser known but still valid Goblin was used to describe the coming super volcano in Wyoming ( making, as I’ve ascertained before, that state the stupidest choice for a freedom movement possible- as if lack of a sea port wasn’t enough. Just because it worked for Switzerland doesn’t make it valid ). I was e-mailed a link on this subject, which I appreciated. But I can’t say I’m any more worried than I was nine years ago when I was buying junk land and was both appalled at the insane prices in that state and relieved because I didn’t want to be tempted to live on top of an organic bomb exponentially greater than all the global nuclear weapons combined.


The article stated that the author observed a ten inch upheaval, was notified of a helium gas that was belched forth from underground, and had insider information that the Obammy administration had notified the USGS to keep this from the public least a panic was started. Obama has been encouraging Black on White attacks for years, holding American citizens without charges even longer, and we are supposed to believe that the average citizen would panic over potential volcanic indicators that have occurred before without escalation? I’m skeptical. But mainly because of the “super secret insider information”, which is the tired thread woven through every other scare monger doomsayer creed I’ve encountered in all my years. Will Yellowstone blow? Of course. Now? Who knows? Perhaps it is a lone blog writer being informed by harried suppressed kind hearted lowly civil servants. Perhaps he is correct. But when it smells so badly of a “2missDiss” ( mis-information, mis-direction, dis-information ), it usually is. Oh, not always. Just as you can be lied to with lies, you can be lied to with the truth ( after lies become the accepted norm, the truth is then seen as a lie ). They keep lying to us until they slide an inconvenient truth by and we are not bothered. Life is imitating art and our government is one big scene reenactment from “Princess Bride” ( the poisoned cup ).


And of course, there is wish fulfillment at work here. Most idiots attracted to survivalism wouldn’t normally be admitted into a party of Darwinists being universally unsuited for passing on their inferior genes. They want an overnight mega-disaster to happen because that is the only way their flawed strategies can work. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not dogging on the most loyal minion for sending me this link. I don’t have enough time to read or research most news or disinformation. I welcome it all. My only point here is that we must be aware of the quality of our content. Be paranoid, but be cynical of your paranoia.


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