Monday, March 24, 2014

2 of 2 today


Squawking about the imminent danger of a PetroDollar collapse is akin to worrying about an EMP attack or Yellowstone blowing. Yes, it could happen at any second, but since the alarm has been sounded Boys Crying Wolf style for so long, few really pay attention or even give a crap. Which is a shame because it is the one thing that really has a very good chance of happening and it could really screw us over something fierce. I can’t come close to besting two articles, which you really should read:
The ‘crisis’ article put it rather well. Supporting the petro-dollar standard finances the arsenal used to threaten Russia, so of course it is in Russia’s best interest to dismantle it-all countries act in their own best interest. You can’t really articulate things better than that, can you? Wow, what a concept. Foreigners want to better themselves, not necessarily doing what is good for America. And, because nature abhors a vacuum and because we are showing our ass to the world, practically begging someone to wrest the mantel of control away from us, you can be pretty sure it is going to happen.
Even if the President is a puppet, you still get the one you deserve. I would take a Nixon and a Carter with a little Clinton thrown in any day over the current complete idiot we have in office. Perception does matter and when you look like you are ripe for collapse, the carrion eaters will move in. Weakness does not buy friends. We are like an aged prize fighter demanding respect for long past achievements. No one listens or cares expect some hack writers covering the sports beat. Now, before any of you get all stupid on me and tell me to go live in Russia, love it or leave it, don’t misunderstand what I am saying. I don’t approve of what is soon to transpire. I’m merely saying it is more than likely inevitable. All empires crumble. Saying it is so is not unpatriotic ( and the shriller the voices insisting so the more likely the end is indeed nigh as self-delusion is vital in kicking the can down the road ). I’m just trying to give all my homies a heads up.
Again, I’m not insisting this is happening NOW. I am saying it is highly probable this is in our near future ( I’m writing this on Friday, so hopefully nothing happens over the weekend to make me look like more of an idiot ). I’d been rather focused on Saudi Arabia so I’ll admit this is a Out Of Left Field event for me. Just read the above articles and judge for yourself. If you agree with it I’d advise being very wary of an economic event or a severe shortage(s) of commodities and plan accordingly.

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  1. no, no, you are right but:

    The only thing that makes you look like more of an idiot( as you said it ) is;


    can I have a biscuit, pretty please?

    a minion.

    1. Not only do you NOT get a biscuit, I'm claiming any future ones as a penalty.

  2. I'm not going to get all stupid on you. I'm not going to tell you to go live in Russia. I'm not going to tell you to love it or leave it.
    But, lets be honest. You haven't have a well deserved vacation for many years. Some thing that you can enjoyed. A tropical setting or forest.
    You should go, I don't care how but YOU SHOULD GO. And of course don't go away mad, JUST GO AWAY.

    I wont claim any biscuits, I seen how cheap you are!.

    Please go rest. yes go REST IN PEACE.

    Relax all the whining energy that you have. I just wonder how your ex put up with you. I'll bet you still blame her.

    Well, that life..

    Have a wonderful rest. Looooong and peaceful.

    Your Mormon friend.
    Opppps. I know you going to say ."no Mormon is a friend of mine"

    Angel Macarrony

    1. I don't dislike them because they are Mormon, but because they are Yuppie Scum. No wife has ever been able to stand me.

  3. Richard James Clinton ... Now there's a nightmare Mary Shelley didn't see coming.

    1. Why is that name not ringing any bells?

    2. "Even if the President is a puppet, you still get the one you deserve. I would take a Nixon and a Carter with a little Clinton thrown in any day over the current complete idiot "
      Richard James Clinton = Nixon Carter Clinton. Coffee prices too high for you? Also make Quasimodo get back in that damn bell tower.

    3. In your article you were talking about Richard NIXON, James 'Jimmy' CARTER AND Bill CLINTON.

      Idaho Homesteader

    4. Ok, DUH! Sometimes I write things too far in advance and I experiance a disconnect between the material and the comments. I feel silly now.

  4. Putin is crazy. 500 million people in the EU. 140 million people in Russia, add a few million more with Crimea. Putin has to pay the bills just like Obama. No gas, no wheat. When the russians are hungry they will give him the axe.

    I'm not worried about soviet tanks rolling into germany any time soon. The russians barely scraped enough units together to attack Georgia.

    I know you think that the chinese want the west coast of the USA, I think the chinks are interested in Russia more. Putin is bowing to the chinese because he has to. The russian population is decreasing faster than the german population. If russia sucks up to China maybe they will leave russia alone.

    The EU and America are stuck with each other.

    Anyway, I bet all those folks that invested in the tar sands are happy. The last thing they want is cheap oil.

    You still have great hair.


    1. I was under the impression Russia was self-sufficient in food, even without the Ukraine. I could be wrong.

    2. Its on and off, they mostly usually produce just enough food.
      Often enough it is a surplus that they use to bribe those they need to bribe, but not often enough to handle a decent drought (unlike the USA that gets LOTs of very Harsh droughts and still has a little surplus to sell) so their bribes are always backed up by something else if they are bribing the smart.

      The whole Russia thing is a bit of a shadow of a circling swan- it could turn out to be the giant black one that ruins everyone's day, or it could turn out to be just another dirty grey one polluting the pond - it could be bigger or smaller than we think its hard to tell until the whole thing is settled down...

    3. I'm thinking Ukraine proper is next ( after the fuss over Crimea dies down ), just for the food supply.