Wednesday, March 26, 2014

2 of 2 today-dry bleach


I suppose that most businesses are just like the military, each branch or division or group competing for funds, jealous of others, vying for recognition and love. Here we have the Food Bank, graced by yours truly and hence best by default, the Thrift Store which raises money, the office staff and a hideous foul group called Sam’s House ( Good Samaritan House, officially ). Sam’s somehow attracts a certain group that for the most part, with the occasional decent chap the exception, are lazy whiney bitches. They expect the world, at their command, and for it to be delivered with good grace. Their mission is to house people or families that have a job prospect ( or, can talk their way in BS’ing about it ) and are waiting two weeks for the first paycheck. Our mission at the Food Bank/Soup Kitchen, it seems, is to throw an ungodly amount of calories into their maw ( I swear to all the gods, more food goes into the workers fat cheeks than the guests ). I could go on in this vein the entire word count, for example giving the true account of the “summer of butter” in which an unnatural amount of butter was being demanded even when no guests were staying there ( it was later rumored two of the workers were gay, so one can surmise that since everything tastes better with butter they were using it for several activities ), but to my point. We were strategizing over how to get them to stop wasting so much bleach and the sub-Hefe pointed out Wally has dry bleach tablets. I priced them, $3.38 a bottle- which only makes two gallons!!!! She wanted them because she could make diluted gallons, but being the super duper deluxe swell guy I am, I pointed out to her the five cent a gallon dry bleach powder available as “pool shock”.


Originally found at Rawles’ site, I went back there but couldn’t find the original article. I had to do a lot of searching for the same information elsewhere, so I figured perhaps my minions might have the same problem and need a refresher course. Now, I don’t necessarily like this for water purification, but it is a back-up and the regular bleach is going to be handy for a lot of other things like disinfecting your clothe baby diapers you use as toilet paper. I shopped at


And had no issues with them. You want 65% Calcium Hypochlorite. Currently selling for under five bucks a pound, or $24 for a six pound box. You use one eighth of an ounce of powder to create a gallon of bleach ( making 128 gallons per pound ). You then only need eight drops of bleach to treat a gallon of water. You can’t store the open powder near metal as it will rust, and you can’t mix petroleum products with the powder ( not sure what will happen, explosion? Poison gas? ). And you treat it as a very concentrated toxin- but hey, you fill up a vehicle with a very dangerous explosive fuel every week, so you should be able to handle it with common sense. Stock up while shipping is still reasonable.


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  1. Oh He of the great hair. Leader of the white trash regulars. Future king of the frozen desert. Do NOT mix it with brake fluid. We learned that at Camp Lejeune. Itcatches fire

    1. My son regaled me with tales of barracks bleach parties. You crazy ass Jarheads. The question is, who thought to have brake fluid added?

    2. How quickly does it catch fire? Is it like a match or Nagasaki? Inquiring minds.

  2. Leader of the white trash regulars??

    Aren't you Mexican??

    You look a lot greaser than they are.

  3. Chlorine is very reactive to many other substances. One must be carefull what you mix with it. One thing added might give you a very potent gas that will flat assed kill you or on the other extreme , explosive reaction is possible.
    Stick to water purification whith your pool shock ...
    I've a few pounds laying around, enough to treat more water than i'll ever need. Plus all the many other disinfecting uses etc.
    Best thing is it is fairly stable and can be stored long term properly !


    re conspiracy pyramid .....your health......... eggs ...........

  5. From SB:
    Bob G. mentioned an excellent video by "Okie Prepper" on using calcium hypochlorite for water purification 9:12

    There were also some threads about "Storing Hypochlorite Bleach Powder" but I only saw one of the posts in an online search. You may need the $ SB archive for the whole story.

    See also

    Amateur chemists scare me. Especially the ones whose idea of a toolkit is a hammer and a bigger hammer (old joke).

  6. So maximize the available chlorine .... on ebay, here's a nice link to a 73% chlorine shock (HTH makes a turbo shock ... basically, strive for the maximum of cool words in your ixquick search: super turbo shock calcium hypochlorite):

    The higher the chlorine, the less other fillers you'll be eating .... cases of 12 and 24 are rampant.

    Storage: Glass storage jars (with class sealing lids with no elastomers is preferred). Steal will get chewed up. I imagine, that putting it in any glass jar with a glass lid, and then sealing the whole thing in a garbage bag that is heat sealled wil maintain it for the longest time.

    A little bit of moisture might make the powder into a brick, but you won't lose all the chlorine. If it is really pure calcium hypochlorite, and it gets a little bit of water, worse case, you have extra calcium and need to use a tad bit more to make bleach. Not the worst thing in the world.

    C in KS