Tuesday, March 25, 2014

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Catastrophic Events I (fast)

What could possibly happen? Something that will change our world for the worst. Something that will cause massive death and destruction.

Let's see...

Meteor strike. (Hammer fall for Lucifer's Hammer readers)

If a big enough meteor hits the planet it will be a bad day all around. Hitting land would put massive amounts of dust into the air. A water strike would vaporize liquid into the air. Either way, there will be some nasty weather. Side effects would be increased earthquake activity and volcanoes.

Crop failures, famine, starvation, violence, you get the idea.

Check out this. That's just one of the little ones.

Super volcano eruption

The top ten are located in Italy, Mexico, Japan, Columbia, Indonesia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, and two in the U.S.

Some say that if Yellowstone blows, there could be six feet of ash all the way to the Mississippi. I don't care how big of a tractor the farmers have or how many dump trucks FEMA has, the crops are not going in.

Solar CME or EMP weapon attack

Either of these could take down the grid. Then it's hard times. The credit card won't swipe, the beer isn't cold, the light in the fridge is off so you can't see what's left to eat, and that little black box that click, click, clicks in your hand doesn't work.

1998 Auckland, New Zealand. The power went out and it took 4 months to fully restore it. This was with the resources of the entire planet to do it.

If, if a CME or weapon attack took down the grid, when do you think they would get things up and running again? Probably never! Imagine what happens on day three with no running water.

Tidal wave

In the Canary Islands there is a 220 square mile slab of rock that could fall into the ocean with just a little help from the Cumbre Vieja volcano.

Worst case scenario is a tidal wave racing across the ocean at the speed of a jumbo jet. Arriving at our eastern coast, the wave is 160 feet high and smashes inland, destroying everything for several miles.

Expect instant martial law and lengthy banking holidays, food shortages, possible disintegration of the U.S. Different factions taking advantage of the governments focus on the east coast. Waves of refugees.


The Bubonic plague, Spanish flu (more people died from this than all the people who died in World War One), Small pox, Malaria, Cholera, Typhus. Take your pick. Maybe it will be something some guy playing god, in a bioweapon lab, lets loose.

In the beginning we'll have electricity, but not for long.

Power companies are just like every other business. They have to make a profit. They have to cut costs. One way to do that is with minimal employees.

Acme Power figures it can run it's power stations with only 17 people per station.

Some really bad stuff starts going around. People get scared. Maybe the death rate isn't that high. Maybe it just takes months to recover. People start calling in sick, just to play it safe. Or maybe they have to stay home to take care of a sick kid.

Same story for everyone, play it safe, call in. Truck drivers (food and energy), firemen, water utility workers, etc.

Remember a few years ago when there was the Bird Flu scare? We saw the news clips of the people in Asia wearing the masks when they went out. That was just because they thought it might be bad.

Disease will be difficult to protect against. Isolation is the best protection. Timing will be impossible. The question will be: Is it safe? Is it safe now? How about now, is it safe now?

Some of these diseases run in waves. How will anyone know when the last wave has passed?

If I had to bet on one of the above happening, my money would be on disease.

In part two, slower, yet just as devastating events will be examined.


  1. You are totally incorrect.

    The power company that I work for. (can't tell name/location for security reasons) The building is cover by meta. l To go inside two doors must be closed in order for the third one to open and let me in. can not tell much of other measures . Only what is common knowledge. Of course there are many others that I'm not being aware. You eve noticed that power companies buildings are made of metal? ..

  2. James.

    Realize that you're living in the tear 2014 not 1945.

    A lot been change since then. We are not bragging about.


    1. You do realize this was a guest article?

    2. these two need to do a little more reading and thinking

      Ya'll need a hint?

      You Know Who

  3. Here's another for thought.
    Punctuated equilibrium- things evolve or move slowly for many many centuries, then, almost overnight, there is some sort of massive shift, disasterous for most.
    This can apply to almost any supposedly gradual process, evolution is a clear one, but so is magnetic field flips, climate change, tectonic plate movement, and rotational variation in the earths spin. And more likely than not such things are interrelated- imagine a failure of the earths magnetic field causing or linked to sudden changes to the earths rotational angle and massive tectonic plate shifting-of course the earthquakes volcanos and radiation would allow for a whole lot more mutations until things settle down a bit. Game over for the human race you think? maybe not, humans are on EVERY continent and on and under the surface of the oceans and land almost everywhere, we are omnivors and very adaptable. The survivors might have the worst case of societal PTSD ever, but that might be a survival advantage too.

  4. Anon 6:37

    I bet there is some guy in Japan that said the SAME thing.....he worked in a nuclear power plant, couldn't tell us anything for security reasons, just take his word for it, nothing bad could ever happen......................