Monday, March 24, 2014

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1000 words

File:Saopaulo copan.jpg

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words.

Let's look at this picture for a moment. Feel the immensity of it. Envision the massive number of people in this city. The buildings, filled with people, stretching to infinity.

System dependent people.

People, who will die if something goes wrong.

Their fault, your fault, my fault, nobodies fault, an accident. Ninety nine percent of them are dead.

Death by starvation, by violence, by fire, by exposure, by dehydration, by disease and by malnutrition.


Bodies rotting by the hundreds of thousands, or millions. How far away will the smell carry, if the wind is right?

Wave after wave of people trying to escape their death.

The first wave will be people in their cars.

People filled with fear, no destination. Just away! Out!

Most, driving, without any kind of plan. Cars, trucks and mini vans out of gas scattered alongside the road.

People getting out of their now useless vehicles and walking up to the nearest house. Your house eventually. Begging, pleading, taking.

Second wave, all those that got trapped in their vehicles, when the highways locked up into the final traffic jam.

Groups forming... join or be preyed upon.

Like locusts, stripping the land bare, house by house. Give it up or die.

Third wave, first groups to leave the city entirely on foot.

Fourth wave, second groups to leave. They needed some more misery or fear to convince them.

Fifth wave.........Sixth wave........Seventh wave.............

An unending flood of people.

Desperate, taking people.

Even after that it won't stop. Those that stayed in the city and had control of places like Sam's club, will run out of supplies. They will have the city to scavenge for gasoline, 4WD trucks and weapons. They will come a visiting.

This is only one city. There are hundreds more just like it!

That's not a thousand words, but I think you get the idea.

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  1. Dammit!

    Better get me a semi-auto rifle with lots of thirty round magazines. Don't think I can work a bolt fast enough to stop the hordes on my block.

    But then I'll run out of ammo no matter how much I have because my finger has a mind of its own and just can't seem to stop doing St. Vitus Dance on the trigger, and I've got no fire discipline or a mind capable of controlled thought.

    Okay... I'm doomed.


    1. I don't care how rational/disiplined you are, under the stress of combat your will matter nothing if brain chemicals, the result of stress, conteract them. Please let go of the myth you can control hormones or other brain chemicals. You are just a stinking dirty ape like the rest of us.

  2. I'm not about to argue being a stinking dirty ape. That's pretty much a given and has been demonstrated often enough.

    If you'd been next to me in combat, you'd have a more informed point of reference to make blanket statements.

    Hormones and other brain chemicals going into high gear doesn't automatically shut out training or experience - depending on the degree of both.

    If you have NO self control, you can pretty much write yourself off when things get FUBAR.

    Not everybody fits that mold.

    1. I'm not saying everyone is effected the same. Rather, you can't ASSUME it won't effect you adversely. Err on the side of caution. Sorry, not all survivalists can have combatexperiance.

  3. LOVE IT.
    the question is how far can those waves make it?
    If even 5% of the population is in a single 1 week long 'wave' how much supplies will be left behind to sustain the second wave.
    Distance, time, weather and intervening terrain *human as well as natural- even the most remote will see some of the waves getting through though. Me I have Rawles redoubt between me and most of the really big megalopolis's. that's a great human terrain to whittle down the waves. I am also retreating well off the paved road- makes building the retreat a bit of a bitch but worth it.

    I swear if the PTB don't have a better plan they WILL be using 'clean' WMD's on all the world megalopolis's just to make the herd more controllable in numbers- not to mention getting the marrow of wealth from the bones of our civilization.