Saturday, February 15, 2014

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Hello Everyone

I've been reading Jim's articles for years. He doesn't have the slickest website with all kinds of advertisers and sponsors. He hasn't drifted into the PC mindset that we see more and more that the Johnny Come Lately's have. You know who I mean, those people missed the dot com bubble and the housing bubble. Now they sense that with some slick hucksterism they are going to make lots and lots of money. Hell, even some of first ones on the scene are the biggest hucksters.

I come to J.D.'s site because I can count on him saying what he thinks. He also let's his readers have their say. (even when they disagree).

OK, enough bootlicking.

I'll be submitting several articles to Jim for publication. Some of them are going to be reviewing basic things. Things that some of us have known for 10, 20, or 30 years. (anyone want to claim 40?)

Some of the articles will have specialized information or useful products that you are unaware of. Hopefully Jim will link to these items, everyone will buy them, and he makes a few bucks.

There will even be a few fiction articles. Hopefully they will not be too awful. (Take it easy on me "You Know Who" OK?)

Reviewing helps refresh our memories and sometimes we see something with a new angle.

Home Made Tomato Soup Base (concentrated)

OK, you've just harvested a bumper crop of tomatoes. Now what?

Use this recipe to preserve the extra. Freeze it and enjoy the garden all year.

First, wash and cut tomatoes. Put them in a blender until full, add 1/2 medium onion and four cloves of garlic. Blend.

Heat four table spoons of cooking oil in a pan, add contents of blender. Cook and condense until 1/3 remains. Stir occasionally.

Place in one cup containers and freeze.

Recipes will follow for using this tomato base.


  1. The above works!
    As a child, our family (being somewhat poor) would "glean" fields. To the uninitiated, that means that after the commercial farms had completed their harvest, they would open up their fields for about a week to anyone that wanted the "leftovers". After the week, they would plow under anything still above ground.
    All the poor hillbillies would drive a pickup truck up to the farms, and literally fill the bed up with the "seconds" of whatever the farms had produced that year. One year it would be Corn, one year it would be Okra, or string beans, etc..
    Anyway, whatever it was, we would stockpile.
    A rule I learned about stockpiling: WHATEVER YOU STOCKPILE, YOU ARE STUCK WITH! Hint: eating the same thing over and over WILL keep you alive, BUT it gets OLD... Hint: the Spice must FLOW!
    The next several days, we were "Preserving". Meaning Canning, Freezing, etc.
    This is one of the ways that we made it through the Winters, when i was a child.

    That was all over 25 years ago, i couldn't tell you if "Gleaning" is even still a thing, but it was where i learned that "Planning for 'Rainy Days'" means more than just buying a box of cartridges...


    1. Well, if that box is 223, you must be golden and all set and ready for super ninja action

  2. I have to agree with you but, other bloggers specially one that I seen one of his training sessions, have a totally different opinion . One of his seminars, he mentions that Jim's blog is worth $ 5,620,818.00 and he shows the source of information ===of course is hard to denied it because I visited that site and confirmed that he was accurate, but that is not one item that is not place in his newsletter and never mentions on his blog.
    Still Mr. Dakin like a gentleman never says nothing bad about him. And further still on this sessions he describes Jim about being a Keyboard/armchair commando. Doing so much with so little but still living in that trailer. Comparing his abilities to fire in quick succession 10 rounds of his cheap little rifle, cheaper than the .303 and ammo bountiful vs. the ammo and expensive supply of the .303. He's done so well and Jim still stuck in that trailer and bike. In others words he gives too much credit to himself and put down other authors.( I got tired of listening how good he is).
    But I have noticed that Jim does not bad mouth any body, instead he gives an olive branch to the successful.

    He dos not places too many adds, that makes me believe that he is dedicated and honest.

    Still that does not explain the evaluation. Is that evaluation is only one tenth of what is describe of him, still a great amount of money that he is making (over 500k). I consider that a nice amount for survival.

    Go to this fellow newsletter or take a one of his seminars.
    I'm not asking you to believe me, I'm asking you to find out.

    1. I'm a gentleman? Also, I wish my blog was worth 1/100th the stated amount. Must be the same way they evaluate Apple stock ( one thousand years earnings in a perpetual growth economy )

  3. Lil bit of bullion and the recipe is golden. Chopping the ingredients is acceptable if you are not adverse to the manual labor

    1. I imagine "manual labor" just lost you half the readers

  4. Hello Guest,

    I look forward to reading more from you. You've identified the genius of Lord Bison and have even acknowledged some of the tougher members of his audience ('You Know Who' is an especially salty dog - heh). Additionally, you've called out one of the pathetic aspects of our hobby; namely, that there are a boatload of carpetbagging charlatans trying to cash in on the "prepper" craze. *sigh*

    Generally, I don't really cotton to 'recipes' on survivalist sites, but that one above sounds pretty damned good.

    Oh - do you have some initials or some other kind of pseudonym that us White Trash Irregulars playing from home can recognize you by?

    1. Good job, everyone. You didn't antaginize (sp?) the guest writer unduely. I imagine he will write more. Frankly, I'm shocked at your restraint.