Saturday, February 22, 2014

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Pinto beans, lentils, split peas, lima beans and garbanzos are some of the dry foods that should be stocked extensively. Here are some easy ways to fix them in a tasty manner.

The lima bean and the garbanzo are my favorites.

When you make the garbanzo recipe, throw in some cubed ham. It can't be beat.

Pinto bean recipe. Serves at least 6

Measure two cups of beans. Spread out on table and remove rocks and dirt balls. Soak overnight. Boil until soft. Add salt to taste. Fry one jalapeno pepper with one medium onion. Add to beans.

At this time you have bean soup. Ready to eat.

For me, I like it burning hot. I add crackers to thicken it up some. Then, a generous amount of home made salsa to cool it off a little.

For any left overs, mash the beans and the soup becomes a paste. Add cooking oil as needed when re-frying for next meal.

Split Pea or Lentil Soup recipe. Serves 6

Measure two cups of split peas. Rinse. Place in pan and cover with water. Boil until soft. Continue adding water as it boils away. Add home made tomato soup base. Add salt to your taste.

Lima Bean or Garbanzo soup recipe. Serves 6

Rinse two cups of Lima beans or garbanzos and soak overnight. Boil until soft. Add tomato soup base. Add one or two bay leaves. Add salt to taste. Cook a few minutes to mix ingredients.


  1. If you soak the beans with a teaspoon of bicarb, the beans cook so much quicker.

    1. Good tidbit. Hadn't heard that one.

    2. Works especially good on old beans too. Must be one of them cross the pond things, as stuff like this is "On Mothers knee" for us. Also, if you add a bit (by bit I mean tip of a teaspoonful) of bicarb to the cooking water, the beans cook mushy (if you like that sort of thing) like for refried beans.

  2. GAH! Ham and limas! Gag! Choke! Puke! Anyone who ate Nam era C-Rats knows why I say this.-SemperFido

    1. I was eating C-rats in Basic, but luckily never came across that one. I don't think MRE's improved anything other than weight.