Saturday, February 22, 2014

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A Fool and His Money...

One of the things that bothers me is the number of idiots and con men that have jumped into the survival/prepper arena.

I remember back shortly before Y2K. I went to Gary North's Y2K site. He announced that he had worked with some people that had contacted him. They wanted to give everyone a good deal.

It was a years supply of food. They only wanted 25% more than anyone else was charging. They got very few takers.

As more and more people flock (baaaa baaaaa) into preparations, we should expect the average intelligence level to go waaaaaay down.

A good example of both the con men and the idiots are "Survival Food Tabs"

These "must have" tabs cost about $25 a bottle. You take 12 a day and get a whooping 240 calories from them. According to the Nitro-pack site they are "A Complete Meal In a chewable tablet form." and "Twelve 3.9 gram tabs a day are all you need (a minimal survival ration of 240 calories per day)."
Those are exact quotes from the site.

Looks like we found out where the Nazi death camp nutrition experts are working now.

A whopping 240 calories for a whole day!

Not to be picking on Nitro-pack, lots of places sell these with the same claim.

They would not be offering these "miracle" food tabs if there weren't idiots some where buying them.

They also claim "These high calorie tablets provide 100% of the recommended daily allowance of 15 essential daily vitamins and minerals."

OK, so what are they? A vitamin? A complete survival food? Both?

In what situation would they be of any use? Maybe if you were hunting or hiking and got lost. But in reality, hunters and hikers are smart enough to carry some kind of snack with them in a pack or the hunting vest. Why would they want to spend $25 on these things?

Next they will be telling us about the food tabs slicing, dicing and making Julienne fries abilities.

Don't waste your money on this crap.

Go to Wal-Mart, buy multi-vitamins, a bottle of "Alive! MEN'S 50+." A bottle of fifty for $9. Looking on the back it says 100% (or more) of the RDA for twenty vitamins and minerals.

$25 minus 9 leaves you with $16. They have some really good granola bars. I'm betting they will taste better than the food tabs and have more calories.


  1. "A fool and his money"

    2 question and 2 answers.

    1.- What book do wives like the most?
    A.- their husbans checkbook!

    2.- Why didn't the man report his stolen credit card?
    A.-The thief was spending less than his wife.


    I. P. Yellow

  2. 1 Jar of Jiff low fat peanut butter has about 6000 calories. That's roughly good for about 3 days with 50% of your carbs, 200% of your fat, 100% of your protien and a bunch of vitamins all in a one little jar. Throw in a couple of packs of crackers to spread it on and you're all set.