Thursday, January 9, 2014

waka waka


P.A.B., you beautiful minion, I got your very generous donation.  Many thanks.


Another wonderful minion sent me a solar LED before Christmas.  This alone, with the previous generous minion Bison silver round and the like ( I don’t forget the smaller donations because even five or ten bucks is to me outstanding- nor do I ignore the Amazon commission minions who keep me in books year round ) should have put me in a fine mood but alas this holiday season at work was a real twat.  It wasn’t until afterwards, after I had time to gather my thoughts and relax enough to hear them, that I was able to bask in the glow of your minion giving.  The solar unit has the brand name of Waka Waka, which while bizarre I’m sure has a reason for being.  Perhaps it is Polynesian for “nifty white man stuff”.  It does have a certain rolling off the tongue quality, and I could see myself holding it up to the heavens and barking WAKA WAKA just enough to irritate the wife ( like the time I took my keys lanyard and moved it over a few belt loops and waged my hips successfully and told the wife “look, I’m well hung” and she just rolled her eyes like she was thinking “harkith, what hath this morrow brung?” ).  Call it about four or five inches square of a solar panel with the LED lights on the side of the box that panel tops.  You can turn it on high to low on four settings, the low one being just enough light to see around at night, the second brightest good for reading and the super bright used to guide landing aircraft in with.


Now, I have other solar LED flashlights, one from another upper echelon loyal minion ( as with all tribes, the volume of gifts to the chief dictates your status.  Everyone is loved and favored, some are loved and favored more ).  And they are cheaper than the Waka Waka.  But flashlights don’t have built in stands, nor do they have such a large solar array.  What struck me about this brand was that, conceivably, you could use it as a replacement for the conventional AA/C/D solar battery charger.  Personally, Murphy’s Law being what it is, I’d have TWO conventional chargers, PLUS several solar flashlights, PLUS many other cheaper LED lights such as garden path lights and dollar store units.  But if you don’t have all that many dollars to get all that many LED’s, if times are too tight ( if you have more money outside just buying several Wal-Mart $1 garden lights, but not much more ), you could get the Waka Waka and use that as both a AA charger and a very nice LED light for area illumination or reading.  Now, the WW takes replacement rechargeable batteries, but of course you get to the compartment by screws.  So getting in and out every day might tear up the unit, unlike the conventional charger which has a simple flip up lid to get to the batteries.  Although I’d image you could leave the screws out and have a removable fastener of some type.  You could jerry-rig something.  I’m not advocating this idea as much as presenting it as an option.


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  1. Great flashlights @ Costco 3 for $15.00 I had them for 2 yrs. now 3 aaa batt. and others for $12.00-- 3 'C' batt's. they are just fantastic and heavy duty.

    Say Hi. to Admore.

    Brice Brenton.

    1. I have D and C rechargeables, but have tried to go with most everything in just AA or AAA.

    2. I gave up on the C- and D-sized rechargeables and stuck with rechargeable AAs and holders like these:
      It simplified my battery inventory and was cheaper in the long run.

  2. Jim,

    Glad you liked the Waka Waka (just love the way that name rolls of the tongue). I figured maybe it would be useful for watching yourselves in the mirror when you and the wife are fooling around in the BiPOD.

    When mentioning the light settings, don't forget that by holding down the switch for a couple of seconds or so - it goes to SOS mode. Not that you'd ever want to need to use it in that capacity.

    With the Waka Waka and a carton of decent-quality rechargeable batteries in storage, personal lighting should be good for many years after the grid goes tits up.

    And while I'm here, how about a bit of humor for the day?

    There was a young girl named Ann Heuser,
    declared that no man could surprise her.
    But a fellow named Gibbons,
    untied her Blue Ribbons.
    And now she is sadder,



    1. Hmmm. I didn't think about the lighted mirror part. Then I could see if she was faking it.

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  4. The LED headlamps (any of them) are great. Working on solar farms will put you working outside in the dark from time to time. The LEDs are the first lights that were light enough to be comfortable, bright enough to actually light up the work area in front of you, and lasted long enough to be useful. Very much recommend for a nighttime work environment where someone won't be shooting at you.

  5. Just learned that UVPaqlites has a pretty sweet deal - a trial pack for $20 shipped. You don't like them, return it for 100% refund. Can't get better than that.