Tuesday, January 21, 2014

lazy evolution


There are certain cultures where being a slacking lazy bastard is considered a good thing. As long as you do The One Thing well, the rest of the time you are expected- or at least there is no stigma attached to- do pretty much nothing at all. A modern example is of course the ghetto dweller, where the only thing motivating energy expenditure is gaming the system. Far less jaundiced in the public eye is the Southern California surfer culture. As long as you master riding the waves, the rest of your life can be dedicated to doing as little as possible. There is of course a Zen-like undertone of escaping wage slavery as beneficial to freeing up your inner harmony. It’s a bit hard to master the sport AND hold down a cubical for the required eight hours of corporate servitude and that might have a lot to do with it, or it might just be the only culture which escaped materialism from the 60’s. I’m not sure myself, never having had the desire to stand on a piece of fiberglass nearly naked, achieving atmospheric escape velocity and having only a sense of balance keeping me from being sandpapered on coral or being delivered into the hungry maw of Jaws.


After the Protestants sailed over here and made a good show of genocide to clear the woods into farmland just like Baby Jesus instructed us to, we have been descendents of some pretty uptight, broom up ass, no fun mother humpers. We try to have as little joy alive as possible, possibly in the belief that this suffering will pave the way into Heaven where, presumably, we won’t have any fun at all but at least Lucifer isn’t giving us hot lava enemas and shoving pitchforks up the heated orifice. Now, I’m all for hard work, myself. It’s one of those traits that actually stuck from childhood. I can’t seem to help myself. And, yes, it probably makes me a bit uptight myself. But please bear this in mind. A strong work ethnic is only possible with an energy surplus available. Why did the Protestants work their fingers to the bone when a few hundred years previously the medieval serfs were doing as little as possible ( one of the religious grievances of the new cult were that the Catholic Church had a hell of a lot of religious holiday’s in which the landowners had to feed these slackers for free. And not just gruel but real food. Quite the expense! )? Energy surplus. There was an aspect of reform in all this, where the newly emerging political class was depriving the old elites of their power ( this, not the different dogma’s, was the source of such bloody conflict ), but the underlying source was the ability, through colonialism and decreased population, to have a new surplus. This was, just like the American Revolution, a fight over a new resource base.


In historical terms, except for ascending empires, the norm is energy scarcity and laziness is/was a evolutionary necessity. It is thought to be the source of most evils, now. But now is an energy surplus. Expect the cultural norm to return to the codification of expected laziness. Even now, although it won’t “take” because of our 400 years of surplus, the elites are trying to lower our place on the food chain, pushing vegetarianism to reduce our animal product consumption. This is an artificial construct and won’t last, but one day soon, probably on a grassroots scale, we won’t have much choice and do exactly this.


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  1. Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!

    Was there any thinking (ANY???) involved before you wrote this:

    "A strong work ethnic is only possible with an energy surplus available."????

    A strong work ethic is a "SURVIVAL" trait.

    Damn! And you were doing SO good, Jim.

    Think about it OK? I hope I don't need to break it down, point by point and splain it all to you.

    Changing topics.... Am I the "MEAN MINION"? Say yes! Say yes! Please say yes! It will be suuuch an HONOR.

    You Know Who

    1. Yep, your it. Please sign off Mean Minion or MM from now on.

  2. Jim regarding your propane tank filling procedures, use a pair of needle nose pliers to grab the small tab in the second hole on the tank and slowly gently lift it up. It will release the trapped air in the tank and allow the liquid propane to fill the bottle. This is known as purging the tank. Milo

    1. this is while you are filling? this sounds good, just need details for the Clueless One ( me ).

    2. If you check out that article that I posted before under the "baby propane" post James, that's what the author had done. But he used a bicycle tire stem remover to loosen the valve stem on the propane overfill valve, so that he could fill the bottle to full capacity. He mentioned that the hole in the bicycle stem removal tool was too small, and that he had to drill it out slightly, so that it would fit over the valve stem on the propane tank.

      Hope this helps?


    3. My bad, my bad! I just didn't have time to watch. No time, no time. Online time is never enough.

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  4. Yes this is after you have inverted the larger tank and attached the smaller tank , please be sure to be outside away from any ignition sources. It is best to have the large tank bungeed down so you have both hands free, Then open the valve and gently lift the small tab while it is filling, it will release the trapped air allowing the propane to fill the bottle, it is best to weigh the bottle when empty and add one pound of propane more or less with practice you can fill these quite easily. Milo