Friday, December 13, 2013

potemkin president


When I first heard the tale of Potemkin Villages, it was local Communist officials trying to impress a Party dignitary traveling by on train in Soviet Russia. They painted the dead trees green to spruce up the place.  After a Wiki search ( I was just making sure I got the name spelled correctly, mostly ) it seems the phrase was from the Crimea visit of Empress Catherine II, so I’d suspect my originally read version was just anti-communist tall tales.  Although that very well could have happened if the guy knew a drinking buddy who ran a paint factory and they made a barter deal- wasted paint for a two minute visit, as a battalion of tanks lost their cammo paint in the next rain.  I used it originally to bemoan our switch to a society where nothing was as important as appearance.  Pretty houses of thin sticks and stucco selling for a half million, cars mostly made of plastic, women mostly made of the same, etc.  And now we have a Potemkin President.  No substance, just a fa├žade to fool everybody.  I’ve always hated the vile prick.  Not because he is Black.  My best friend through junior high was a mongrel mix of Black and Filipino and a few other odds and ends ( and this cat was cool.  Introduced me to The Sex Pistols among other things ).  Two of my four wives were Latino.  I could give a crap about race ( I’ll use race against you if I hate you, but it is just because it’s an insult ). 


Nor do I care the bitch is a Democrat.  A Republican was the one who did the most damage to the last shreds of the Constitution.  And if you recall a little tyrant by the name of Lincoln?  First Republican president.  I despise both political parties- Commie or fascist, you have freedom of choice!  Nor do I particularly care he is an obvious puppet of forces behind the throne.  Shrub was so moronic it was an insult to a box of rocks, no one could have believed he came up with any hard policy solutions.  But the difference between the two was you could believe that in the end, as stupid as he was, and needing all the help possible from advisors, Bush at least made the final decisions.  They might have been heavily influenced ( Cheney, you beautiful bastard, let’s go shoot us some more lawyers some time.  Beers are on me, as are the shotshells ), but the buck stopped there.  King Skittles, embarrassing himself by bowing to foreigners, moving an inauguration date to fall on MLK’s holiday, sleeping through embassy fires, pretending to have killed Bin Laden, showing a fake birth certificate, comparing himself to an actual freedom fighter when all he ever did was skate through law school on the Race Card.  The man is empty inside, a hollow chocolate shell.  Americans can be some of the world’s most insufferable pricks, but I can’t think of anything more embarrassing we’ve ever done than the Potemkin Prez.


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    I'll buy a ticket for you to go to Russia. ONE WAY ONLY.


  2. The whole continent is America, Nor just the United States.

    Go back to Russia, They teach Geography over there.

    You are used to the cold anyways.

    At least they can assure you a job.


    1. So... is your name Brandy or is it just the way you start your day?

  3. Hey Mr. Know It All.

    You can get a job in the Polit Bureau.

    Since you hate The U.S. of A. so much you'll fit right in.

    Is like saying:


    HAVE A NICE TRIP. a.h.

  4. Ah, the bleeting chorus of imperialist apologists.

    1. Lord Bison of the Great Basin and King of Coiffure;

      WTF: with the little trolls that soil the hall of the Great Basin King? These clowns are exactly, who I'm scouring my hatchet for. Political Dissent is to be encouraged at all levels. Especially now, in regards to the laughing stock, our chief executive made of our crumbling republic at the memorial of the great communist agitator earlier this week. Its a absolute shame that once great repository of natural resources has allowed itself to become yet another basket case of a continent full of basket cases. Then again after the plagues and the great die off to begin in earnest, perhaps the Zud Afrika Republik will arise like the mythical Phoenix from the ashes of multiculturalism and regain its place as the source of natural resources, which will be highly sought after even after the demise of a majority of the human population of the planet.
      Keep keeping it real, James!

    2. Does Africa share our problem of ore density? So low you need huge machines?

    3. Lord Bison of the Great Basin and King of Coiffure;

      From everything I've recently read, the boys at De Beers are still using pneumatic drills to extract diamonds (of all grades) from the Kimberlite, approximately a quarter-mile under the surface. The same goes for the gold and chromium extraction processes. I'm not a geologist so I don't know about Cobalt extraction but rest assured, when cheap labor is available (and who wouldn't sweat their keysters off a quarter-mile underground for R35 a day) after the die-off? Yes cheap labor will still be available especially when you control food production.
      Keep keeping it real James!


  5. Brandy and a.h, are the same. Time-stamped.

    Been listening to a web-blog "From Alpha to Omega." Bit marxist, I think. But he has a range of various guests who explain "stuff", eco, soial, etc.

    I get the felling that the FED can keep spinning plates for quite some time. No economical collapse happening next if we did hit peak oil, we are still on the crest and have a few years, maybe decades before MAJOR shortages occur.

    Short term, I'm more worried about tha Jap reactor continuing to pump out radioactive water into the Pacific. And into the air.


    1. remember my article on zero imports by 2015? I'm not saying it will happen for sure 100%, but it sure could.

  6. What do you expect?
    'America is the greatest!' has been pounded into most peoples heads for their entire lives- sometimes with 'except xyz cause' tacked on.
    America aka the USA that stole the name, is the greatest on a limited number of fronts. Self delusion as a leading one. There are still people out there that refuse to recognize that we are an Empire, or that the Democratic Representation in Governemnt has been hijacked on multiple levels, etc.

    What is wrong with 0buma is only more of the same that we got with the Jr Shrub, and neither are, in truth, in charge - on paper congress is, in practice they are just about 500 puppets for the powers that are really running the show (but if they keep in line it is a cushy position and then some...)
    Our government, at all levels is slipping into a police state, our society and economy are breaking down, our technology is mostly outsourced or obsolete, and yet people expect Pax America to reign for the next hundred years in peaceful prosperity... Sigh.... Why must we 'support the troops?' who is invading, and what are the troops doing about it? Why is democracy such a good thing? If democracy is so good because so many are so smart why are guns such a bad thing for the average joes to have? Why do we have to ignore the failures and mistakes of the forefathers? Cant we at least TRY to learn from them? sigh. the contracdictory answers people give for these and other questions is why we are facing such a dismal near term future.

    The end is definetly coming. Peak cheap oil, Peak cheap Uranium, Peak fertile soils, Peak easy natural gas, Peak clean fresh water, Peak fish, Peak just about everything but the population (national and global) has yet to peak (though the curve of growth acceleration is flattening a little). Which can only spell CRASH.
    Are we like the reindeer on the island, or like the rabbits on the tundra? Will there be survivors or will we all starve in the end?
    For your families:
    Wells, and Rainfall collection, Filters and with earthship style recycling for water, Greenhouse auquaponics for food (taking a couple thousand square feet of floor space)
    Sandbags, guns, remoteness, traps, and fall back positions for security.

    And you will die of the XYZ plague you didnt expect before you can use any of it.

    But the survivors that find your stuff will thank you for it, and toast your memory with the griddle toast they make.

    Me? I know my health will kill me near as certainly as starvation. So I work on getting the healthy diet now that I wont be able to afford after the crash, and try to work up the exercise so my body will be ready to deal with the exercise needed post crash. I also work my mind on scenarios and alternatives. The statistics dont lie. We need a FAST population crash if any are to survive- War or Plague or Sudden Famine are the only ways that the other resources will be left for the remnants to use to survive if they dont already have them.

    But what is in place now is can - kicking, dragging things out as much as possible, boiling tarry sand to get oil, overplanting more fields to get the last of the soil fertility, melting the last glacier for ice cubes for the last martini (i know thats wrong -thats the POINT).

    But maybe it is just this dang cold weather that is making me so pessimistic.

    I still think we have to strive toward the ideal survival scenario and setup for ourselves as individuals and families even if most are doomed to failure some may be able to pull through and utilize what we build. Long term historicly societies have crashed only to have new ones spring up amid the ruins wiser and more flexible and advanced. Maybe our great grandkids can be around to see that. If they get lucky enough.


    1. Most excellant summary. Alas, the historical norm won't work the exact same way. Hunter/gatherers, small nomadic groups, and those that wander back into fertile areas after total die-off and can small scale farm will be around. But another empire ( even on a much smaller scale )? Another nation? No resources for that I think.

  7. Gee the trolls aren't very funny. In the good old days (bison blog) they were amusing. Now they're just boring. Must be cheap chinese import trolls. Commie crap.

    You make me think Lord Bison and I love the nuggets of wisdom. Great hair.


    1. Well, I write better NOW, but I think the topics were better back then. Better material, better trolls?

    2. says who??????????

  8. That last bit the hollow chocolate shell had me cracking up so hard cause
    I'm envisioning like one of those chocolate Easter bunnies but, instead its Obama makes me wanna try my hand at comics. I have an interesting question, why do people get their feathers ruffled about someone changing a piece of paper (or maybe a couple of pages), actively (sometimes indirectly) participate in te oppression of people groups. An Example the situation with "rebels" in the middle east. I'm sorry I lost track it's been a long day, If you can figure out where I might be going with this and can respond that would be very much apprecimacated.

    Stay Warm

    1. Perhaps its just drama? I assuime you mean the idiocy such as the year long "change nothing" nuclear agreement with Iran, or picking and choosing which Iraqi or Syrian group to back.

  9. Damn! Its Potemkin Commenters on Ice. Its cold enough and they're dumb enough.

  10. Wow, Jim! Some trolls stumbled upon your site on a Friday and took a short-lived interest in your blog. Hopefully, the long weekend will have the distracted and moving on to humping a mayonaise jar and spitting in somebody's burger that they are flipping over the weekend.

    What is interesting to me is to see how long the shallowness can hold out. I don't have any particular feelings worse or better about the current White House occupants- they're all the same with different marketing strategies. My impression is that apathy is growing. Maybe at some point they run out of strings to pull to try to get people to care about national elections. I'd love to see what marketing is done when someone is in the White House with less than 20% of the eligible voters even showing up for the vote.