Tuesday, December 31, 2013

overpopulation wins


We’ve talked about this before.  History is just repeating itself and technology is irrelevant other than for digging us a hole so deep we will see a global near extinction level event this time rather than a regional five century dark ages ( and I’m even putting aside any kind of climate disruptions in that statement ).  Mankind has always degraded his environment in his quest towards winning the war against his fellow primates.  It’s really pretty simple and I should just stop here and collect my tribute and take a nap before work.  But because I almost feel bad about short changing my favorite loyal minions the last month or so in quality as I strove mightily at ( paying ) work to avoid going postal on all the scum sucking anal whores who tried to literally kill me in the holiday spirit, I feel I owe you something a little better.  So let’s take the oriental and Nile agricultural societies as an example of why overpopulation wins.


The Nile, with its self-replenishing nutrients from upland, and the rice paddy agricultural system with its intensively worked organic systems, were two places that sustained agricultural for thousands of years without the elsewhere perpetual ecological boom and bust.  They did eventually succumb to outside forces.  The Nile to communist central planners and the orient to colonization after a temporary technological lead by the west ( technology does matter short term- not so much long term ).  But the point is not their modern status but their historical track record.  They allowed overpopulation, and this both allowed them to become time and again victorious empires and to minimize conquests and defeat.   In most other places, overpopulation allowed temporary empires but eventually they overdrew their resource base and crashed.  There are of course other factors, such as the initial resource base itself, cultural factors, native diseases, and suitability to certain crops and animals.  And I’m not saying too many people always is a good thing.  Look at Africa.  But when other advantages are combined with extra farmers and extra soldiers- and the numbers to replace both as needed- you have a successful empire.


If you look at China and Egypt, for most of their history they have bounced back after any weather catastrophe or crash.  That is because the systems usually couldn’t be degraded enough.  But they also knew how to hump like rabbits and could feed those offspring, more importantly.  I barely know Egyptian history, but the Chinese had two advantages.  They could, at least in the far more populous south, grow not one but two crops a year, and their population was for all intents and purposes vegetarian.  This was all the military advantage they needed for continual empire ( with their own booms and busts, but always a recovery as long as the agricultural system prevailed ).  Today, obviously, population plays no advantageous part in empire.  Oil has replaced people, for now.  But oils time is almost past and history will quickly revert. 

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  1. Jimmy:

    It's me. What is it, 30 years , no, no, It's been more than 30 years since we left high school . It's a matter of fact, just before you went into the Army and I took that photograph of you with at the time legal in Kalifornication state. In this photo it's you or your Identical twin, just before you grew a mustache with that great shinning hair of yours. here it is. You weapon lover!


    Its like going back decades ago when you were freshly out of H.S. remember??

    Well I became a family man, What did you do. after H.S.

    How after you went to the army with all those boys in uniform and your favorite desires for weapons and survival?

    Remember me. One of your best buddies at high school.

  2. I wouldnt define those empires as 'over population' just MAX population. As soon as they hit over population they would go lay to rest the barbarians at their borders or secure their trade routes or conquer the next empire over (in the case of egypt see history of the hebrew and babelon people, in the case of China see tibet, mongolia, and korea history.)
    If you look at the USA - that is sort of what we are doing but the globe as our area of influence and the overpopulation isnt an issue of hunger (yet) but of superflous population (aka the poor , young, and impressionable). Rural areas always produce more kids than are needed as farmers, and the urban poor produce more than needed to be factory workers- and that is where most soldiers come from. Only officers (by and large) come from upper middle class or higher populations.
    Of course currently we have a low tolerance for casualties in our country (isnt war about killing the other guy, and do we really expect him not to try and kill our guys in return?!?) The political leanings of the tolerance for casualtities is why I expect the 'conservatives' or 'fascists' (no matter what pary name they are working under) to end up running the end game of the US empire. Think WW2 propaganda becoming the norm, buying us an extra decade or so of global dominance if the populace buys in.


    1. I think our global dominance is as fragile as Saudi acceptance of the dollar, and has nothing to do with domestic issues.

    2. I believe that to be right James

  3. Mr. Dakin.

    I went to that link. It is nothing dirty about it.

    You just look young handling an "ak" (I think). You look good without an oily mustache.


  4. Yo master Jim,
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    1. Basically, you have to buy one ( non-free ) book so I don't lose money. Check is fine.

  5. Lord Bison of the Great Basin and King of Coiffure;

    Today is a travel day, hence the late post, but no matter, yes "Arab Socialism" and Chinese Socialism definitely threw sand into the gears of traditional sustainability for those two cultures, however since they still breed like bunnies (despite the best efforts of "Arab-Feminists" and Chinese Central Planing to deter such essential activity), therefore these two past empires (and China like the Phoenix, is still very much arising from the ashes of the Cold War anew with traditional hate and vigor for all non Chinese.) are still going to be intact when the last drop of imported petroleum product reaches the last domestic refinery that hasn't been blown apart by either a Israeli or Japanese/South Korean airstrike, ready to be unleashed upon the remainder of the world (old horse-drawn chariots and slave galleys anyone?).

    Needless to mention the painful fact that the Chinese don’t throw anything away, they according to a couple of friends that recently immigrated to North America (they were PLA Reservists in the 80’s), clearly stated to me that at the arsenals, those jokers still had Huyang Type 88’s and Chaing Ki-Chek Type Short rifles (covered in cosmoline naturally) just in case of the dreaded Russian Colossus wanting to invade them over habitable real estate after a full-scale Global Thermonuclear Exchange. But then again, those guys really wanted to be apart of the now discredited American Dream, and were attempting to impress an antique firearms enthusiast like myself. Happy New Year to all the White Trash Irregulars!

    Keep keeping it real James!

    1. I know the Chinese will have issues after pollution and paving over farmland in the racer to urbanization, just like us. But, they still have traditional farming, unlike us. Same environmental degradation, but keeping the culture alive. I don't think they can recover as easy as in the past, but their chances are far better than ours, cohesive society-wise.