Thursday, December 12, 2013

food waste


Back when tree huggers were just getting started- and I’m not saying it was a bad idea back then, what with heavy duty smog and clouds of pesticides and factories discharging pure toxins into our water supply- a favorite activity was to calculate the amount of wheat spoiled rich white dudes were eating in the form of livestock, and how if we could all just eat soy paste the starving kids with flies in their eyes in some desert wasteland of Africa could have enough food to eat.  Which sort of missed the whole point.  Eating beef is not bad.  Back in the day, huge tracts of semi-desert were loaded up with cows, who ate worthless plants, and we ate the animals which utilized a waste product in the form of non-agricultural land.  When we introduced “efficiencies” into the system, it all went to hell.  It was more efficient and profitable to feed cows people food which had been raised on a glut of petroleum.  Back then, we had so much oil coming out of our ass, it was cheaper to raise corn with tractors and artificial fertilizers and truck it across a couple of states and give it to cows in feedlots than it was to let a cow eat off a few hundred acres of semi-desert.  That became common practice and now we don’t have the cheap abundant oil to continue that.  Multiple that across all aspects of the food industry.


It was/is California law that fruit not meeting certain dimensions could not be sold.  It was waste, not meeting aesthetic standards that benefited certain moneyed interests.  Lawyers and their parasitical ways encourage throwing food away rather than trying to keep it from going to waste- to this day even with federal laws protecting the grocer.  Sell by dates are often arbitrary, yet the majority of shoppers ( usually Yuppie Scum who also use the hand sanitizer on the shopping cart handle ) swear by them and perfectly good food goes to the trash.  So, with these and many other examples of food waste which doesn’t even include consumer household practices, you would think that come crunch time, if we just did the sensible thing and reformed practices, we would free up a good percentage of food to avert want for awhile longer.  Which, again, misses a fundamental point.  You don’t take from those in power without a fight.  And taking money from those in power is akin to castrating them.  You can’t change a damn thing as far that goes, not without a revolution.  And revolution just brings in its own set of asswhores ( new boss, same as the old boss ).  In a contracting economy, people clutch tighter to their shrinking wealth, they don’t voluntarily give away more.  It doesn’t matter if people are hungry.  What matters is that those in power retain their control and their wealth.  Anyone remember France a few hundred years ago?  How about Rwanda not so long ago?  Forcing the poor to stay hungry is ALWAYS preferable to sharing the wealth.  Coming to America soonest.


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  1. Hi. Jim.
    Today is 5 years and 2 months that I got my pink slip . Haven't been able to find a good job. Benefits run out long ago. A year and a half ago got me a minimum wage job for 3 weeks, then a supervisor ask my supervisor to hire his son in law, my supervisor lay me off and I challenge the kid that replace me. It end up into a fist fight, police came took me and the kid. The kid got bail out I remain because had no one to get me out. The owner of the company investigated the incident and fired that kid and the two supervisors. the reason was NEPOTISM. I got released not even charged for any offence. I went and asked for that job back and the owner refused to rehire me citing my temper.

    No matter what keep your job, even if it pays low.

    I'm trying to learn from Bernie Madoof. He went to jail. To a camp that is like a golf course with excellent food, medical and other services.

    Man, did I screw up for being an outstanding citizen.


    1. Bernie got caught. Try to learn from the assassination team of Patton, MLK, JFK

    2. Do what James Dakin does.
      Open up a blog and laugh all the way to the bank.
      Write bullshit. No value in it.


    3. Thank you for wasting enough time here so you can warn everyone off. A special place in heavan for that, you selfless hero.

  2. I'm almost too bashful to admit that I'm one of those people who uses sanitizer on the shopping cart handles. I think it a good idea with the increasing number of those who, after leaving the public toilet stall plugged and fecal-splattered, simply pull up their sweat pants and pass by the wash sink on the way out of the bathroom. They are the same people who last touched the serving spoons at the chinese buffet before you arrived.

    You weren't quite correct on the feeding-grain-to-cattle bit. It wasn't only about 'efficiency'. It also has to do with quality and tenderness of the meat. Cattle fed only grass/hay will be tough. Feeding some grain will 'marble' the meat with fat and make it supremely better. The public simply won't tolerate a tough steak anymore. But of course we over-do it with the amount of grain. Moderation in all things, the Bible says.

    When are you going to offer Team Bison and the White Trash Irregulars t-shirts? I live in Minnesota, so mine would have to be long-sleeve thermal.

    1. I love the first part. You are correct and funny! I was just trying to paint a picture of those people frightened of germs to the point Howard Hughes looked mentally stable. Second part, right. The last stop at the lot "sweatened" the meat. But now it is mostly all last stop. I can't customize Team Bison shirts for regions, otherwise I'd have to offer a Wife Beater for Yankeeland.

    2. Wife beater????

      Put me on the list

    3. Anon 902, very well written albeit kinda gross description. I'm impressed. Jim, I think I was first to request the wife beater shirts for us southern minions. I got the trailer! Hows the thumb drive books going? Got another silver round waiting on you.

      Love the hair.

    4. Somehow, though, I associate Southern attire with more like say a ball cap than a wife beater. I'll offer the thumb drive AFTER x-mas. My love to the postal workers.

    5. Pasture raised beef can be sweet and tender and marbled, usally has more flavor and is much better for you. I kill my own beef and would challenge any one to find a better steak than what I regularly eat. If you really need to feed grain to livestock pigs or chickens are much more eficaint converters of grain to meet than beef.

      I would like to take just a little credit for inspiring this post Mr Dakin as I wrote a coment a few weeks ago on a similar idear. from your loyal Aussie minion

    6. You get all the credit. I made a note when I posted/replied to your comment. When you are a poor minion ( and I think most of you are ), an article idea I use is counted as your annual due. Take note, others.

    7. YAAAA WOOHOO AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE HOI HOI HOI!!!!......I truly feel honoured that a little old country boy such as I situtated on the arse end of the world was able to in such a small way inspire lord bison to evan greater heights of itelectual greatness. <<<<<<{{{(((SMILE)))}}}>>>>>>

      Keep the faith

  3. A study in England (the across-the-pond-soviet-marxist-blow-up-their-own-peolpe-terrorist state) show that about 50% of their food production was wasted (including grocers throwing it out, farmers leaving less pretty fruit/veges in the field to rot, etc.). They have advertising campaigns now trying to get people to each ugly fruit.

    1. Like our ad campaigns trying to teach people to like ugly health care plans.

  4. There was a TED talk making the rounds awhile ago regarding grazing animals and how they restore desert wastelands their dung and foot traffic. It was interesting and your thoughts on it would make a good part2 to this.

    1. Of course I have an opinion, but not sure I have enough facts to make an article. But thanks- still need help with article ideas.

  5. Here's an interesting wheat article:

    You Know Who

  6. I just checked out creekmore.
    I see he hasn't changed one bit. Someone leaves a comment that they like the article and then he comments on that comment "Excellent comment!"

    You are a miserable writer Jim, but at least you are REAL. Thanks!

    You Know Who

    1. I think that is the nicest thing you've ever said. Peace!

    2. Also, to be fair, the boy has a gabazillion readers. Even full time you can't answer all. I have 700, about. A dozen comments is a busy day.

    3. I love me some actual Creekmore, but it seems like his "wolfpack" are a bunch of soft lads (there are likely some exceptions, but in general, I see way too many touchdown dances going on over there).

      A lot of high-fiving and playing grab-ass in the comments of a blog reminds me more of parakeets rather than actual wolves.

      At least a lot of us over here are willing to come clean as white trash irregulars. It would have been easy, albeit disingenuous, to try to identify ourselves as a "Pride of Lions" or "Pod of Whales" or something silly like that.

      I study the teachings of a lunatic that rides his bike through snowdrifts in Elko, Nevada. Does anybody actually believe that I'm going to go out and pose on the internet, calling myself "Raptor_1911_Stud" or something like that?

      My goal is to make do with less so that I wont be as miserable as others come the collapse. All these other "prepper" blogs keep trying to sell bee-keeping seminars. Like THAT is going to keep me out of the friggin' stewpot?

    4. What's a grouping of bison called?

    5. A "shame"?

      Nah - I'm almost positive it is a "herd".

    6. or "gang" but I think herd is what most would use

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  8. Whole page of survival food sources
    you may order by mail if you choose
    not to buy locally

    1. thanks. perhaps the answer to no local feed store?