Tuesday, November 5, 2013

thief part 2



Survivalists and preppers might be at a disadvantage in the interim period between decline and collapse.  What you are living through right now is a decline.  A collapse is fighting in the streets and a die-off as the population adjusts to the lack of petroleum imports feeding them ( also, a time of jockeying for power to see who controls those food supplies ).  A dark age is after the die-off and when the new lord protects his serfs ( and it continues as long as production is local without trade from afar ).  Sometimes there is going to be issues in this period, such as the thievery problem we started discussing yesterday.  If you steal, you most likely get caught ( lack of training or experience ) and go to jail and are starved in a cell.  So stealing is stupid ( we will lump all crimes into this such as activity on the black market like buying medicine to cure yourself from a disease that was caused by the government mismanagement of the food supply [ the last fifty years of pro-corporate farming ] leading to malnourishment ).  But in our scenario, there is no food coming in.  I’m also assuming that the county government is already stepping in to the feudal role by agreeing to take food from smallholders for taxes to bribe the sheriff’s office ( and of course they are valuing it at low corporate farm rates so their take is substantial ).


This is where the disadvantage comes in.  You have food stocks, and their false security might lead you down a dangerous path.  Whatever level of food you’ve set aside, it ain’t enough.  Too many things are going and will go wrong.  You can’t use up your storage right now.  I’ll assume you have a well-stocked kitchen pantry to eat on for several months without touching your long term storage ( pantry food being daily eating food.  Just beware by this time there are brownouts or blackouts and the deep freeze may no longer be an option ).  This is your timeline.  Once you are sure this isn’t a one time event such as Katrina, you need to assume it is full speed ahead towards the collapse and do what you need to do to protect your long term storage foods from use.  It is time to implement actions to secure outside foodstuffs ( living on the pantry food during ).  If it takes a revolution against the current power structure, so be it ( to be clear, I am not talking about revolting against our current government because they won’t let you have a plastic poodle shooter.  I am talking about revolting AFTER the point in the decline where you are endangered by the lack of trade/transport and you will be starved by design or default ).  You must keep your food storage safe for a real rainy day if there is another supply available, such as when the cops take over the grocery store to prevent riots and take the food themselves.  By now you are not a thief but a freedom fighter restoring your corner of the Republic ( snicker ).


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  1. no lead = no bullets


    Guns Save Lives – by Dan Cannon
    According to the NRA-ILA, the last primary lead smelter in the United States will close down its operation in December.

    This means the US will lose its capability to produce lead ammo completely within its borders from the process of mining to production of commercial cartridges.

    1. Is shotshell pellets made of steel? It might be time to go with a shotgun ( ammo still around a quarter each ).

    2. Shotguns, being smooth bore, can shoot almost anything that can clear the barrel. Rifles cannot fire hard rounds, without jackets, as it wears out the rifling. During the French and Indian war Rodgers' Rangers loaded their modified muskets (smooth bore) with river pebbles and bits of rusty nails ... ouch!

    3. I keep telling myself to get a shottie and its ammo. Keep prograstinating. I'm sure I'll regret it.

  2. Go for it *grin*
    The Tide is out.

  3. How do you (any of us minions) plan to disguise cooking aromas? Someone suggested once that I use a pressure cooker. OK, but you do have to take the lid off and dish it up. I won't have the protections Jim has (underground, sparse population.) Anyone have any ideas?

    1. Would solar oven flat bread have an aroma of any consequence?

    2. Three rules:
      1# In hostile areas - never light a fire.
      2# In semi-hostile areas - only boil water - instant oatmeal/grits(esbit stove)
      3# Home area (safe) - eat what you want. But don't send up signal fire/smoke signs)
      Remember: Absolute safety is an illusion. Doesn't mean you gotta quit trying *grin*

  4. Jim:

    There is no need to be in a war to be hungry. When I was orphan( as a little kid) I had no choice but to steal food from the markets back in Brazil. Now That I'm being well fed I suffer the consequences for it . Maintain your weight and save food.
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    I'm grossly overweight, take a look.


    Please keep a good diet.

    Int'l institute of good diet.

    1. Hmmm. Grossly overweight. More pictures of guy junk? I won't link to it! I already got zinged once.

    2. Brazil? Damn it Jim this man needs vodka and a razor blade, not a doctor!

  5. You can load water-dropped wheelweight
    bullets to 2000 fps. Now is the time to
    store powder, primers, bullet moulds
    and classic lee loader.


    short excerpt
    Subj: Red Dot in Reduced Rifle Loads
    "The Load" is 13 Grains of Red Dot" (In most strong-actioned, military rifles
    of .30 cal. or larger) READ ON FOR SPECIFICS AND WARNINGS!
    (If you missed this article when it originally appeared in Handloader's
    Digest, 10th Edition, here it is again.
    By C.E. (Ed) Harris, Revised 2-16-94