Thursday, November 28, 2013

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A Fictional Tirade

Wal-Mart almost got me killed. Oh, not directly. It wasn’t as if I was walking through their parking lot and suddenly slipped on a half decomposed Subway sandwich, which most likely would have been something like the meatball with marinara sauce both to explain its slippery properties and the higher liquid to solids ratio to explain why it was rotting in the heat faster than scavengers such as armies of ants ( but thankfully not Army Ants which were reported to be pretty aggressive about fetching dinner and not too picky about whether their prey had already perished or not and were just as glad to consume the poor bastard alive as dead, which doesn’t necessarily say that they are vicious little turds but only that their brains are pretty darn small and incapable of differentiating between the two states, but unfortunately not letting us skip any comparisons between insects and man since cannibals should have such a larger brain and be capable of feeling pretty bad about eating their fellow humans. Although in fairness we started out this discussion on the practice of whether ones victim suffers or not and said nothing about what exactly was being eating so please disregard this whole section except the part about being thankful that certain kinds of ants weren’t involved ) or flesh eating birds ( which are much nicer than flesh eating insects like ants because a bird will see you coming and screech at you in an annoying, almost ominous evil manner, but at least fly away from picking at the food whereas the insects pay you no mind whatsoever and just stay right where they are and thousands of them are swarming around the pile and if you are still slightly inebriated from the night before you could almost feel slightly nauseous as the whole mass seems to be pulsating slightly like a cancerous gelatin ) or even in some instances small children, which are pretty foul in their personal hygiene habits such as when they are picking their nose full of dried buggers and dirt and last nights chocolate pudding and tasting whatever they managed to dig out or when they are scratching their ass because they had a wet fart two minutes after they emerged from the tub and instead of asking Mom for a wet wipe or a handful of toilet paper or even, God forbid, get into the tub again they just look around to see if anyone is watching and if not they let the resulting expulsion dry so that the next day their poor little bums are itching, can consume the mess on the ground.

No, rather than almost being killed as a result of one of their customers ( which for the most part consist largely of the lower rungs of the socio-economic ladder even in these hard times when everyone is desperately trying to cut back on their expenses ) which one could hardly blame them for, being mostly comprised of those from the lower socio-economic ranks and thus while perhaps not naturally stupid in some instances were by and large uneducated twits or simply had no manners beat into them in public school where corporal punishment was forbidden or both, not being able to pay extra security personnel to scan a huge bank of monitors for miscreants dumping their half eaten lunches on to the ground at disgust as their taste buds alerted them that while they had just paid seven dollars for a foot long meatball sandwich and it was all good and well to get your monies worth the fact was that the meat was highly processed and then frozen and then left to thaw for far too long and the sauce had a bit of a chemical taste to it as if a Chilean immigrant from the gold processing plant had moved on to picking tomatoes and perhaps with a lifetime of less than stellar sanitary practices had, just as the aforementioned child, been picking his bum while in the vegetable ( and, yes, yes, technically tomatoes are a fruit since they have seeds and thus are not vegetables just as corn is most definitely a grain and not a vegetable at all but while only the most ignorant will insist that a pile of steaming corn slathered with butter and lightly sprinkled with salt is not a grain I think making too big of a stink over the definition of a tomato really doesn’t equate to the same thing ) patch and perhaps you are getting a bit of a mercury tang along with your sandwich and all in all it is far better to just jettison the whole revolting concoction. You simply can’t pay enough people to watch for this sort of thing and still remain the Low Price Leader which they have done admirably. Oh, sure, at first it was American made, then all Chinese made and then they had to lay off a few positions after the Chinese crap started getting a bit on the pricy side after they had turned a million square miles of rice paddies into factories and bought up all the US junk yards for steel scrap and got a global monopoly on selling everything except Hollywood movies and lawyer services which they let us keep after thinking how best to subjugate their enemy from within and the best answer was to just let us corrupt ourselves with anti-Constitutional Republic propaganda from LA and letting the lawyers close down the last of the factories through litigation, and then they jacked up their profits after now making everything under the sun ( except the aforementioned service industries which they didn’t want because even they were embarrassed over that Crouching Tiger movie and, well, who likes lawyers anyway ) but it still wasn’t too bad of a deal considering it was hard to beat their prices even with a monopoly. But what are a few less checkers when you can scan all your made in Chinese goods from their printed in Canada UPC stickers yourself and be on your merry way? Not one of their customers, but the mere fact of their existence and their business practices.

Wal-Mart was wonderful for poor people. They made life a lot easier by basically halving prices for life’s necessities. If we all had to shop at Safeway or Albertsons we would be paying two dollars for a can of beans. Wal-Mart sells the same brand of beans for $1.19. Now, we won’t start a whole conversation on whether the beans were even worth that paltry amount, being nothing but twenty cents worth of legumes and five cents worth of corn syrup ( which is probably retail cost rather than wholesale and God knows how cheap that is since they probably deliver the crap by the train load ) and another two bits of stamped steel for the can, or whatever, the point being that someone is making a heck of a lot of money off of this whole convenience food thing which is kind of a built in market since once you open a can of beans and throw it in the microwave who in their right mind goes back to putting a boiling pot of pintos on a wood stove for twelve hours and then goes to tap a maple tree since most of us would have a bit of a drive to get there ( and in the winter no less ) and whatever else is involved in making a friggin can of baked beans so we just suck it up and pay the $1.19 because it’s a lot easier and, after all, only half the cost of the competition. Instead of worrying about profit margins, just focus on the fact that you are paying half cost. So, Wal-Mart being so efficient except lately where they are laying off cashiers and their shelves seem to be getting a bit bare lately, they can undersell everyone. Even when some Habeeb opens a gas station and makes fabulous wealth because he only employs his relatives who are legally eligible to work for free rather than sucking up huge sums under minimum wage laws and doesn’t actually pay for any of all those wondrously fatty and tasty foods like all pork polish sausage turning on the little rotisserie for twelve hours to get that well cooked but not burnt taste, or those frozen water and corn syrup concoctions with just a squirt of Coco-Cola taste which slid down and freeze your windpipe on a sultry day or the MSG laden corn chips with a quarter inch of cheese taste but has vendors that come in and set them up and give him half the profits, even then Wal-Mart can still sell things much cheaper and survive on less of a mark up.

And so all the competition has slowly but surely been forced out of business and the only jobs left where no longer with Mom And Pop local stores but large corporate giant Big Box chains. Not that you would normally give two rats asses where you worked because let’s face it working sucks pretty much no matter who you are working for. It can be some crusty old bastard that got drafted and put two years in the military scrubbing toilets so he got out and got the GI Bill and went to college free and got a degree and went to work for a government contractor on Union wages and retired and is now running an Ace hardware franchise and bitching all the time about young punk whippersnappers on welfare and you kind of liked it at first, sort of cheering him on, go old crusty guy! Rip them a new one!, but then it got a bit old after awhile and you just wanted to scream at him that he was a fucking hypocrite and to shut the hell up. Or it can be some little faggoty peckerwood blueblood from the right side of the tracks who went to Harvard and then took over daddies business and he can’t actually do anything other than play golf but all the high corporate drones kiss his ass and bury their noses up to his colon and tell him what he wants to hear while the minimum wage idiots on the front line try to actually please the customers despite all the roadblocks thrown up from headquarters. Working for either one is a real ball buster. But about the early to mid nineties a lot of different things started happening to eliminate the small business. Clinton actually stopped getting blown long enough to push NAFTA through, China started really booming and oil got really friggin cheap.

Clinton, like all other Presidents, was mainly judged by events totally outside his control. Reagan was in office when the Alaskan and North Sea oil came online and saved the First Worlds collective ass from freezing in the dark. It was the last of the mega-fields but we all acted like the Seventies never happened and we went back to partying at the fuel pump. And we all thought Ronnie was a swell guy. Don’t get me wrong, I thought he was a swell guy. But you do have to wonder how popular he would have been had he been elected one term earlier instead of Carter. Anywho, Clinton benefited a wee bit from that and the fact that Bush Sr. laid the groundwork in the middle east to our advantage. Oil War One, yeah, baby! So basically here you had a guy that had the longest line of corpses trailing him of any politician ever, a hag of a wife that had Ballbusting Lesbian written on her forehead in DayGlo lettering and a nickname that really fit. He spends so much time getting his rocks off while sitting at the Oval Office desk they probably had to use an industrial steam cleaner on the sucker every night. And they couldn’t just pay some Nicaraguan fresh off the boat a G-17 salary to wash the stink off, no. Most likely they had to get one of the crack heads that clean the booths at the stripper-behind-the-sliding-door-operated-by-a-coin-machine type places. No one else in their right minds is going to clean up gallon quantities of man juice every friggin night. I mean, come on. It’s bad enough handling your own. And don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about. The point being that not many other Presidents could have gotten away with what he did. The economy makes one little hiccup and suddenly they start changing the next edition on the history books. So no one cared that NAFTA got passed. Well, Ross “I Know, You Know, And The American People Know” Perot might have cared. He said he did, but I have my doubts. He had government contracts going and it seemed unlikely a firm in Mexico was going to take that away from him. Hell, he also said North Korean Ninja Strike Squads were going to assassinate his daughter if he didn’t throw the election so it might be wise to kind of take whatever he says with a grain of salt. I would have believed that Hillary was after him, sure. That is one mean bitch. If I was Bill and I had married the cunt for political advantage I sure as hell would be boffing every fat assed intern I could find that wasn’t a leper or a man in drag. She would have turned Mother Teresa into an alcoholic that worshiped Manson. Scary shit. One gal you do not want to piss off. I’m sure she told Obama that if she didn’t get some kind of high powered position somewhere on the list of succession she would have Bill call up a few of his old drug dealing poker buddies that wouldn’t be opposed to taking a few pot shots on some uppity Black politician. The kind of crackers who were Kluckers and proud of it, didn’t even wear the face mask part of the white hood on parades.

A few tears were spilled, a few disgruntled tin foil hat wearers sold a few copies of “Bill and the Illuminati: Proof the One World Satanic Order Is At Hand”, but all in all as long as the recession didn’t come back and oil stayed cheap, most people could give two craps what Billy did. Boff a few fat chicks, let Mexico have the rest of our factories. Hey, who cares, right? Just keep me employed writing software for the Dot Coms. And keep the gas cheap. Cheap interest for acquisitions, cheap oil to transport cheap goods made by cheap Chinese labor and before you know it, big box stores were everywhere and all the Mom And Pop small businesses were going under. Everyone blamed Wal-Mart. Hell, I’m blaming Wal-Mart. But the difference between me and the twit that watches American Idol is that I’m using Wal-Mart as a generalization to encompass all of the big box, big corporate chain stores whereas they actually think Wal-Mart all by its lonesome transformed the entire American retail landscape. Clinton was along for the ride, his moneyed interests that got him elected told him what important legislation they wanted passed. And Wal-Mart was simply astute enough to see what way the wind was blowing and took advantage of it. Hell, retail was just along for the ride. The big players were financial.

So, small local businesses are going out of business and big corporate stores are moving in. How does that effect me other than the cheap price of baked beans? Jobs were harder to find in small towns. If you wanted a job, non-college degree type, you had to follow the corporate stores. They didn’t operate out of Bum Fuck Idaho. They operated out of big city suburbs. Gas was cheap, right? You could drive out from the sticks to go shopping once a month, get a little use out of that pick-up truck by buying in bulk. It wasn’t like you had to race over rutted sage brushed terrain to rescue a stranded calf caught in barbed wire in a snow drift with the thing, or pick up hay for the herd or haul cow shit out of the barn with it. You had a ranch style two bedroom suburban tract house on an asphalt cul-de-sac. What in the shittin hell did you have a pick up for? Oh, I’m sure the actual cowboys appreciated you sucking up the depreciation on it so they could buy a cheap used truck from you in ten years, but other than them, who thought you were cool for owning it? God forbid you wore the boots, too. And it wasn’t just big fat pasty balding office cubical riders trying to go all John Wayne on us, big fat pasty middle class Yuppie Soccer Moms bought the same thing with an enclosed bed called SUV’s and paid as much as a house cost twenty years ago so the Union guys putting the things together were all happy that GM didn’t go balls up from lack of profit and they keep getting paid seventy bucks an hour after benefits to stand there and look all patriotic by being Blue Collar and not ride a cubical, although the guys in the top floor with a few of the top layer of smog were the happiest that their quarterly multi-million dollar bonuses would last a few more years. And, hell, keep taking out those home equity loans on the suburban ranch house so the guys on the assembly line would think the party would last forever and not take the buy out offer as the company happily slid into bankruptcy even with government loans. You now had a moving land tub to swill your Starbucks double mocha latte in high style and comfort while chatting with your buddies on the cell phone, racking up twenty cent minutes while deciding where to shop for your marble counter tops, you might as well stop off at the Target for a new pair of shoes that matched the marble and then swing by a Bed, Bath & Beyond to buy an authentic Peruvian Indigenous Person reed basket the same shade and it was all peaches and cream while gas stayed at $2 a gallon and a retired couple from Silicon Valley would buy your home for twice your purchasing price of two years ago. You had mobility and shopping and working after an hour commute was nothing.

So here I was unable to find work anywhere outside the big city. Working for a big corporation that ate up small companies and shit out independent owners. Plenty of one man businesses opened up in the shadow of Wal-Mart’s, the traffic generated by Low Cost Shoppers ( lower middle class and working poor all, God forbid a pretty young professional would soil their reputation by being seen amongst the proletariat in bib overalls and Cat baseball caps, chewing tobacco stained teeth flashing in piggish delight at yet another Roll Back price ) assuring that they would get enough customers to pay the ten grand a month rent by the herd behavior of the driving public. Selling scrap booking materials and imported plastic beads, the customers intent on their leisure time activities between TV watching, not stopping to think of the irony of selling their life blood ( or more accurately, the life blood of the working spouse, hurriedly sweet talking retired couples into adjustable rate loans to make the monthly bonus cut off date so the monthly swimming pool payment could be met ) for a handful of useless trinkets just like a group of easily impressed American Natives selling an island to the Dutch. But these new business owners were mostly the newly displaced corporate white collar workers, gladly giving up their retirement dreams so overseas call centers staffed by second language English speakers could have their jobs, trading in decent wages for a severance package and the thrill of being their own boss while working twice the hours for half the pay. They borrowed the difference to open their own stores, high rent and loan payments disallowing any help to be hired. They generated profits for real estate owners and banks, but no jobs. And when they went bankrupt at the first sign of a down turn, the first loss of customers, the government bean counters kept assuming these kinds of jobs were still being created and put down those phantom businesses as employed persons, reporting a healthy unemployment rate of five percent instead of reporting true numbers already close to Great Depression levels even before the economy really took a true dive, Lehman Brothers and AIG and all the other players in the derivative markets suddenly waking up one morning to find that their liabilities far exceeded their assets in numbers equaling the gross domestic products of second tier Eastern European countries.

All the while the real estate bubble swelled faster than a fat chick in a chocolate factory, give away interest rates deceiving people into paying both family workers life time earnings in a green wood and press board stucco suburban shack, immigration of an illegal nature was encouraged and allowed. Come on up, work in the construction industry building shit shacks for idiots, send your money to Mexico so they send us their oil. Take former Union jobs at half price. Pay into the Social Security system. We don’t care the green card is fake, you won’t collect retirement on your fake number and in the meantime Carl the Codger and Gertrude the Geriatric can suck up their own money paid for by you and they can retire in Florida where your company is filling in swamps and parking mobile homes on the newly paved land. They’ll die as soon as we give them free drugs made in China and you and three other families can move into the newly vacated, suddenly cheap living quarters. No need to build housing projects or create slums, we allow everyone a slice of the American dream. Crowd a few more wage earners into the same house, we’ll make a decent profit financing the credit cards and SUV payments if we can’t get every single person into their own domicile, each buying their own set of appliances. The bubble bursts, no extra unemployment to report, their illegal jobs never existed.

And all the while I can’t make more than a buck over minimum wage because of the downward pressure on wages caused by those workers. Take away the jobs in areas with affordable housing and decrease the wages where jobs are to be had. Thanks for nothing, jerks. Its all been an illusion of wealth, the rich sucking out the seed corn of the country to accumulate as many inflated dollars as possible and leaving the workers with less in real buying power. Work like an indentured servant, but burning more calories and having to buy increasingly expensive food to do so. You used to eat on ten percent of your pay, and eat damn well. Three squares a day rich in meat and daily and produce, now replaced by over processed crap, every prepared food full of corn syrup and fillers, every bite a mystery, every meal a gamble to see if you’ve just swilled down the newest contamination, and all at the new bargain of twenty percent of your pay. Meanwhile the rich can buy up the organically grown food to insulate themselves from the Frankenfood garbage the average worker swills down to survive. But, hey, I’m being fair here and don’t necessarily blame corporate vote riggers for over priced housing or substandard food. That’s partially my choice, unwilling to work at a soul crushing pay grade to afford a better life, choosing to live a life with a little more meaning than punching a time clock at a job that kills me from stress. I’ll work the hours, but not bring home my stress from work. That’s the payoff I get. Work just as hard, but have the ability to not give two cares about it as soon as I vacate the building. That’s why I don’t work at a higher paid job. But the thing I resent is having to do it in a city rather than in a small rural town.

The city sucks. Not the crime. You have crime in the smallest town. Every unemployed crack head is brewing up a batch of meth in his dilapidated mobile home out there in the once pristine wilderness area, those too lazy for that, or more likely too far gone in killing his brain cells, is turning to petty crime to get his fix. Crime is everywhere. But the city crams so many people together that even if your per capita crime rate is the same or even smaller you are still exposed to a lot more criminals. And the traffic is insane. The population grew far quicker than the road building expanded. You can only build so many lanes, but you can stack people on top of each other. So, sure, even small towns have traffic congestion but the city packs in all the cars as they do the criminals. And does anyone appreciate the fact that you constructively help in reducing vehicle congestion by not driving but instead ride a bicycle? Hell no. The same mocha swilling fat assed Yuppie SUV drivers on their way to buy marble counter tops are too busy talking on their unneeded cell phones they would just as soon run you over as look out for you and yield the right of way. Who the hell needs a cell phone except a brain surgeon waiting for a call that could save a life? Self important assholes thinking they actually have a damn thing to say when in fact that if an asteroid fell from the heavens right on top of them no one outside a few family members would care at all they were gone. And would they even really be missed even by blood relatives? Mom either gets creamed by a space rock or she would have been traded in for a younger model and the kids would have gotten a new step mother anyway. Dad gets sideswiped by a Taliban suicide bomber and ends up as part of the atmosphere as he is vaporized, stop your bellyaching! As soon as he was laid off from his job the wife and kids would have moved on to another relationship anyway. Yeh, a new daddy! Sure hope this one has a better financial package we can inherit than the last one. Kids get wiped out? Plenty of Chinese babies need adopting if the parents are too old to procreate anymore. Harsh? You bet! Serves you right for talking on the cell phone you pompous shit.

But of course, I’m stuck in the city. Need to work. Can’t be a lazy sod and go on welfare, sitting around all day watching soap operas, game shows and Judge Fucking Judy, eating cheese puffs and calling up my crack dealer hoping he’ll give me just one more hit to dull the pain of my lazy ass getting bed sores from living on the couch in front of the TV. Please, bro, I’ll let you hump my dog for a rock of crack. He’s small, can’t put up much of a fight. After awhile things get really desperate, you’ve lost your mind and then your teeth, begging to give the guy a gum job for just one more hit. No, I can’t do that. I’m living in a shit hole in worse shape than the ghetto crack heads, going to work every day so I can have my shower free from chemicals made to manufacture illicit substances. Would you like fries with that, bitch? Okay, things aren’t so bad I have to resort to peddling greasy soy burgers and limp dick fries. You couldn’t even supplement your food budget working there the food sucks so much anymore. Used to be, you got real potatoes fried in real honest to God beef tallow grease, a burger big enough to fill you up and a cola made from real sugar beet sweetener. Now you get soy oil that will fill you with estrogen mimicking properties ( would you like bitch tits with those fries? ), the burger meat is the thickness of a sheet of paper and instead of piled high with lettuce and tomatoes and onions you get a dollop of mayo and ketchup with one pickle in the middle of that putrid puddle, and the cola is made from corn syrup made from Frankenfood grains because the rat puke bastard fucks in the government take a few bribes from Florida sugar growers to jack up imported sugar to protect their artificially high prices. The Senator gets a nice retirement account to go live in a Caribbean island where they use real sugar in their cola and you get to suck down polluted food. No, I didn’t need to work fast food, thank goodness. I got to stand behind a register and ring up old ladies buying cheap dollar store over the counter drugs. Have you seen all the drugs old people buy? It’s a lot. All the crap mostly just dulls the pain of their bodies falling apart, but they need to live to cash in another Social Security check ( paid for by the illegal immigrant construction worker ) and want to dull the pain. That way they can walk across the street to the convenience store to buy a bunch of Lottery scratch tickets without arthritic pain. They can buy a lot of scratch offs, they get so much money. But hey, its on a fixed income, so they bitch about prices. Who’s not on a fixed income? They offer me overtime because the other clerk is hung over, so automatically I’m raking in the bucks, right? They jack up the withholding rate on taxes as soon as overtime kicks in, I’m better off not working extra because I then get less per hour. But fucking Gertrude can’t get Social Security overtime so I’m the scumbag not on a fixed income and have to support her wrinkled ass. Like I’ll ever see a damn dime of that sweet deal. And have you ever watched how friggin slow the aged are? They count out one coin at a time from their little coin purse, their rigid claw pawing for the right denomination, slowly lifting it up to their cataract blurred eye to ascertain its value. Hurry up, already. Moving slower doesn’t make you live longer!

How the hell did we ever get into this mess? I can see the deindustrialization of the economy. I mean, long term it is stupid but honestly, given the option, who wouldn’t choose fast financial gains over long term plant and equipment nickel and dime profit? And did they even really have a choice? The second World War turned every factory from what had been the world’s premier manufacturing economy ( a bit of a stumble after the fucks in the Federal Reserve Bank flooded the market with excess credit, crashed the economy, deflated gold’s value 40% and made sure a socialist was elected as Supreme Exalted Leader For Life so they could shove their collective fist up to his colon and play him like a puppet ) into war production. And barely allowed that production to slow by immediately going into Cold War mode, fearing too drastic a return to a peacetime economy would throw us into a Depression again ( and, after all, the cum guzzling ass whores at the central bank had already completely taken over the economy so why give up any of that profit? ) but having the unfortunate side effect of putting a lot of civilian products factories at a disadvantage profits wise as even a multitude of Cleavers couldn’t buy enough to compete with government contracts that were for useless weapons systems on a cost plus basis. Oh, we bitch and moan and make snide comments about our current Exalted Supreme Leader For Life ( Or The Life Of The Republic, Which Ever Comes First ) nationalizing the economy. Probably in his genes, being from Africa where Supreme Dictators For Life and Nationalization go hand in hand with Swiss bank accounts. But the economy has nation has been on the road to complete nationalization since the private bankers greased a few palms in Congress and the Very Private Not Government Federal Reserve Bank was born in 1913. This is just the next phase in that whole process. I mean, Hell, take GM over. No one wants that turd. You could never sell enough vehicles to pay for all the medical insurance and pension benefits all those retirees are raking in. Not with the skyrocketing costs of medical insurance, mostly caused by the half interest the feds have in the system ( when half the payments for treatment are by the governments Old Fuck Welfare System that naturally jacks up the price ) and the lawyers suing everyone and his brother ( come on, that medical instrument they accidentally left in your chest cavity was not billed to you, stop your bitchen ) to double or triple malpractice insurance and all the illegal immigrants being allowed in to build the suburban shit shanties going to the emergency rooms to either get that industrial accident taken care of or have their wife pop out a sudden citizen so they can now legally stay to build more gum and glue green pressed board and substandard concrete ( one assumes the bag of concrete mix failed to include instruction in Spanish which by the way seems to me to be a great reason to sue the manufacture as your foundation cracks in two ) McMansion’s that cost a half million dollars but are a really special deal for the bank since they cost one fiftieth of that to build what with illegal immigrants taking over Union positions and working mostly minimum wage plus two bucks thrown in so they can work twice as fast and the materials so substandard that a Mafia Don’s construction firm would have rejected them, all paid for with nothing as the bankers went up to Clinton and reminded him that since he was a Playa and understood about wacking people down Arkansas way he could remember what happened to Kennedy when he dared to even contemplate returning even a small portion of the money creating monopoly from the Fed to the feds. So play ball and go along with the illusion that you are in control and sign a bill lowering the reserve requirements for banking loans so now you could double the amount of money you could loan from the same amount of deposits ( which were all created from thin air anyway ) and creating a mortgage loan cost the bank absolutely nothing.

So, against the power of the bankers, what could factory owners really do but close down the factories and ship them over to China and go play the eternal golf game? You don’t create a lot of new loans by allowing a factory to increase production by ten percent with an expansion loan. But you sure as hell do by closing down an industrial economy and creating a new one based on services and consumption and especially lots and lots of debt. The Seventies did a lot of things, and one was dramatically underscoring the advantages to getting past your eyeballs in debt so that you could pay for everything you needed in life with inflated dollars. Oh, it was no gift from the bankers. Inflation jacked up all prices and only your house which was already overpriced even back then was somewhat offset. You still had to come up with the extra money for utilities and a car and food. Getting more in debt helped maintain the middle class lifestyle but the bankers were the winners, not the consumer that got a small decrease on the increase of the price of a home. The bank made two hundred grand profit instead of two hundred fifty, but they could care less as it was Monopoly money created from thin air and paid back by real after tax wages. And the bankers got those taxes too, by loaning the feds so much Monopoly money. The banks saw two choices after the war. Increase consumption by upgrading old factories and giving the workers wage increases, or slowly shutting all but military production down and allowing more consumption to take place by goods becoming cheaper since Asia produced them. We think China was eating our lunch ( after Japan ) but in reality we got all of Asia to overproduce and force down wages through competition and then we bought all their goods so much cheaper. The banks made more money with consumer loans than they did with financing factories. And in the long run after the consumer had been tapped out completely the factories overseas began to fail and thus the Asian economies. We owe you a trillion bucks on Treasuries, China? Sure, what do we care. We are parked on top of the middle east oil reserves thanks to those loans. Your economy is in big trouble as our consumers go broke, perhaps not enough to tank it but enough to put you out of the running for a bit. Less cash to buy military hardware with. We just created over five trillion to prop up the banks, you can have your one trillion back anytime you want. Won’t buy diddly jack shit, but feel free to cash in any time it is convenient for you.

And what’s a good way to prop up the economy for a time, long enough for the bankers to hoard gold on their Caribbean islands before cannibals roaming the dusty streets fight each other for the last drumstick ? More welfare for everybody. Old folks on Medicare, CEO’s on government contracts, privatizing public utilities, section eight housing, food stamps, civil servants, privatized prison guards ( half the salary but with all the taxes! ), private sector jobs needing government permission for their monopolized existence, jobs created by grants or loans, and hundreds of others.

And that’s all I got to say about that.


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  3. Just when I thought it wouldn't get any worse......

    James, my boy, do you ever read the stuff you write?

    You said that Lucifer's Hammer was one of the best End of World books.
    WHY don't you try to use that as a quality example to emulate???????

    I know your writing is gratis, but if you write crap NO ONE is going to want to pay for more. Write good stuff, get people wanting more and they will pay for it.

    Is all this just a big joke for you?

    Do you really have something against writing good stuff and getting paid for it?

    You Know Who

    1. Why, of course it is a big joke. I chuckled over getting one over on you all, in THE SIX FRIGGIN HOURS IT TOOK ME TO WRITE THAT PIECE! Okay, zen like state of calmness now. Did I not warn you ahead of time? Be gone, insufferable cur.

  4. Lord Bison of the Great Basin and King of Coiffure;

    Thank You for the summation of everything wrong with the Political/Economic climate in North America today (not just the United States but Canada too). I've gotten yet another item to be thankful for this year. Your writing is divinely inspired so much that I'm truly surprised that there are not legions and legions of dedicated minions on your blog, pining for the wisdom that emanates from your borrowed keyboard.

    However I must sincerely protest that all consumer items manufactured in the People's Republic of China are in my humble opinion aren't exactly junk, but in the case of Zhong Zhou Machine Works and their excellent PW-87 Lever-Action 12-gauge shotgun are excellent examples of the Winchester Model 1887 Lever- Action, which are certainly most robust than their antique counterparts. I was able to obtain one the other day, private sale and have used it at the range where I was impressed with its rate of fire and the ease of reloading it. Plus it is just over federal minimum length so its handy in a cqb situation. Additionally six months ago I purchased a Zhong Zhou side by side coach gun in 12-gauge for a relative of mine, who said that the comparable product imported by Stoger is a overpriced piece of crap. The Zhong Zhou coach gun which is also top notch in regards to just over federal minimum and a sweet barrel rib which sets up the globe sight ever so nicely. So I think that PROC manufactured small arms are definitely well made and are designed for the White Trash Irregular in mind.

    Thank You for adding the caveat about what happens to the elitist swine who jump ship for the Mild Climes of the Caribbean when it all goes South. Yes Long-Pig will taste like Beef-Wellington to the island savages, once the imported food stops coming in. Keep keeping it real James!

    1. Damn Clinton China gun ban-we'll never know affordable guns again.

    2. Lord Bison of the Great Basin and King of Coiffure;

      Zhong Zhou Machine Works products are new production and imported by the Drunk Monkeys at CAI in Georgia, Vermont. The only thing that former president Clinton did was ban the cool Norinco Semi-Automatic Avtomat Kalashnikova's like the Legend Series Type-56 and Type 84. Non-self loading new production PROC Firearms are available for reasonable prices here in North America.
      Keep keeping it real James!

    3. Thanks-I had no idea. Good info, and ya gotta love the importers name.