Friday, August 2, 2013

PEEno17 & coffee maker




Well, this chapter is going to wrap up the book. This was always meant to be a basics treatise rather than an encyclopedia. If I made it much longer you would fall asleep as I almost have. My other writing covers all this and more in greater detail. I could be covering minor crap like PV electrical systems, more on junk land, etcetera. But all my books are reduced in cost so you can read up on these things and more much cheaper. This work is just an update to take into account the new and improved wonderful world of seemingly permanent shortages which necessitate changing some things. Shopping differently, prioritizing differently. I am wrapping it up with caching, a concept I love. Like other things French ( the trappers used them long ago ) such as mayonnaise, bayonets and open mouth kissing, once you get over the Difference Factor it turns out to be the best idea ever ( abandoning your gear for safe keeping is a hard habit to try, wanting to clutch ever tighter your possessions ). Burying your crap is nothing new. The first silver coin ever minted probably got buried pretty quick, as soon as dirty barbarians started towards the village. Caching is the practice of burying as a re-supply point. And you want to cache as much as possible in as many places as you can, to insure your goods are safe. Because today, with no more motivation than buying a five buck rock of crack, theft is endemic. Imagine what happens when we all get genuinely hungry.


Caching is little more evolved than a stupid ass licking canine stashing his bone. Dig in hidden place, protect your item from moisture and rodents, place in hole, fill hole, don’t forget where hole is. There aren’t too many other details. Don’t be seen. Plastic wrapped in PVC pipe glued shut is best. Dig shallow horizontally for easiest burial and retrieval, straight down for a lot of digging but less chance of detection. For a firearm, either get something like axle grease ( you don’t want it to run at all ) or even just use thick Vaseline on all metal parts. And for Gods sake, clean that crap off before firing unless you want a hand grenade next to your face. To plastic wrap, get one of the vacuum packers at your China Mart. The kind that takes the air out then heat seals the bag closed, supposedly it keeps food fresher a long time. Which is great, because those bags and PVC, nobody knows you are caching. They think you are sealing freezer meat and extending a telephone line out to the mother in law’s cottage. Your Operational Security is complete ( much better than mail ordering Ninja Semi-Auto Carbine Caching Tube, or desiccant packs ). Don’t think the mail order companies let the Feds know about your purchases? All it takes is the threat of “supporting terrorism” and they fold. Assume ANY mail order item, credit, debit or money order, is recorded if not reported. Shop local and use cash WITHOUT your Preferred Customer Card.



In continuing our theme on Cool French Stuff, we shall cover that very clever coffee maker The French Press which uses far less energy to delivery black caffeinated Ambrosia.  But first, a word on the French.  Say what you will to profile your lack of historical understanding, but don’t get all stupid about World War Two and the French.  At the end of the day, we wouldn’t be a country if it wasn’t for their intervention.  Now, you might think that our stealthy ninja colonial forefathers went slinking around in the woods, kind of like you think you are going to do with your AR with cool tactical thermal imagine site and seventy three and a half pounds of other essentials, fighting like the Indigs.  And a lot of them did.  But a lot of the official militias “belonging” to rich twats had to fight in traditional bright colored lines of by the numbers musketry.  And the Revolutionary army was used the same way face to face with the enemy.  When you are a rich cunt that thinks he is better than his social inferiors, and please make no mistake a LOT of our Founders were rich and looked down on the poor as inferior human beings barely better than the three quarters human Blacks were, you wasted their lives in battle because that is all they were good for-cannon fodder ( I understand there was good and evil both- just picking out the genuine from the asshat is hard so much time later ).


Under the conventional Army, we pert-near lost our asses and the French had to bail us out.  If we had fought guerilla, that wouldn’t have been necessary.  But the Founders believed a real nation needed a real army and a real army fought like the Europeans, not like some savage bare assed Indians.  Besides which, a guerrilla war would have taken so long the rich and powerful would not have retained their positions, nor increased their power or wealth.  When you call the French losers or pussies because they wouldn’t lose a few more million men to the Nazi’s, you ignore that they allowed us to be there in the first place to return the favor and bail them out.  And then you go worship some skeevie wigged dandy that threw poor men into the meat grinder to advance his fortune.  So, can we get back to appreciating the inventions of the French?  The French Press coffee maker is what I started using to make coffee off grid ( after other disastrous tries at other equipment ).  I stopped when after one nasty spell of weather everything froze and the plastic in the maker snapped ( both units, the primary and back-up ).  I didn’t replace them, being $15 each, but instead went with my brilliant invention Thermos Coffee ( the vacuum thermos draws out the oil from the grounds rather well.  Then you just pour through a filter into your cup ).  Well, now that we have burrowed into the ground down in The Bison Pit Of Doom, freezing is no longer an issue.  So I’ve gone back to the French Press part time.


This summer was a bit brutal.  Not record breaking but close.  Many days over 100 and quite a few in the upper 90’s.  For Sub Artic Elko, this is hot indeed.  Using the campfire perk introduced way too much heat into the hovel which stayed all day and I’m going to bed at night at over 80 degrees.  So as soon as I found a $4 French Press at the Thrift Store I snatched it up.  Didn’t look it had even been used.  Did I need one?  No, I could have stayed with the thermos’.  But the press is easy to clean compared.  And it sure makes a tasty cuppa.  First hint of cold weather of course, back to perking.  But the press is nice to have ( it is a quality unit, all metal rather than plastic ) and if it ever comes to the point I’m short on fuel and can’t perk it will be even nicer.  A back-up method for the required survival coffee drinking.




  1. The coffee advice was some good info but your grasp of history while perpetuating a modern day Multi-Cult myth didn't help that's for sure.

    It was the 3/5th's rule not 3/4rs. Assuming that is what you were referring to, and had nothing to do with anyone thinking anything about whether slaves were fully human and effected Whites as well as Blacks who were still indentured. It was nothing more than political maneuvering for power in the number of Representatives each state would have. The Southern States wanted to count slaves and indentured servants the Northern ones did not, so they compromised.

    Being of French/Irish extract I certainly have no love for the British but French help wasn't given until after the American's could prove they could win. The French got their asses handed to them more times by the English than us colonials ever did, before, during and after the Revolution. The French sped the war along but it would have been won with or without them eventually even without one lucky sea battle and some help in a siege line.

    1. I'm Scots/German and also see little reason to love the Limey's. Yes, I was refering to the census data calculations. The Rev. War was not a popular uprising. Only about a third wanted revolution. A third Tory and a third didn't give a crap. Some who did fight, such as a lot of the Scots/Irish probably just wanted to kill somebody, anybody, but a bonus was they got to kill fellow Scots or Isish in redcoats. Just as those colonial redcoats were just earning a living with killing a bonus. Anyway, I don't agree we would have won by conventional fighting. Lack of popular support precluded guerilla support although it might have eventually wore dowbn the Brits financially. And lack of north south roads hindered our army while being advantagous to the Brit navy. I think you are downplaying French naval impact ( yes, the French always seemed to be blundering about both on land and sea, not quite getting the knack of empire building. But the Brits had similar setbacks. I think just being a neusance to the Brit navy was advantage enough to us ). Our leaders also had tremendus financial issues. Or lack thereof. A lot of differant factors, obviously, and nothing can be said for certain. I just think we take a foregone conclusion for granted now in hindsight.

    2. dakin you got your butt handed to you. good job pp.

      you are becoming a real liberal pita.

      oh please. the scots/irish just wanted to kill people?

      yep, just a bunch of rednecks itchin' for a fight.

      you probably watched some history channel garbage and now you think you're an expert.

    3. Please, please, I implore thee! Crack a book and actually read dead trees. Combative natures are natural in societies that don't try to suppress them. I love the History Channel, when I want to revisit grade school levels of instruction.

  2. Place items in cache tube.
    Attach strap to cache tube.
    Place sealed cache tube inside
    a larger tube.
    Bury the tube vertical.
    To quickly retrieve your cache
    open outer tube, Pull out
    the cache tube, secure it to you
    bicycle and pedal silently away.

    1. good idea. kind of embarrassed i didn't think of it.

    2. Sweet idea vlad.
      One up manship.
      -place small cord (cheapest possible fishing line?) tied to outer tube(not lid)at one end and exterior landmark at other, bury said line. To re-discover cache tube, find landmark, find hiden cord follow to cache tube.
      For better security, have several 'blank cords' not tied to cache tube, attached to same or different landmarks.
      camoflage all cords well. Knots in cord can identify correct one.
      Spotted cords more likely to be thought traps/alarms/trash than links to something usefull.


  3. Speaking of good ideas..........
    In the hollow handle of my 14" Gerber hatchet
    -two 8 inch steel leaders
    -ten each nr 10 and nr 8 treble hooks
    on a paper clip
    -100 feet 65 lb test Spiderwire
    -magfirestarter (sawn in half lengthwise)

  4. Lord Bison I seek your wisdom and advice

    I'm 30 years old and live on the family homestead, 10 acres, purchased by my grandparents. My mother owns the place after she divorced dear old dad. I pay her $400 a month rent and take care of the grounds. This is an superb doomstead, has everything, a swamp, hand dug well, lots of fruit and nut trees, berry bushes, woodlot, and field.

    Problem is she is a miserable nag who I can't stand to be around who makes all kinds of demands for extra money, forces me to replace perfectly good things around the house to 'update' them, doesn't take no for an answer or else it's melt down time.

    Should I suffer through this while bringing the land into food production waiting for collapse or should I move out?

    Afraid to take on a 30 mortgage for a new doomstead and don't want to live in an apartment, I can buy a 100 year old moldy shack close to work on a half acre of land cash. Chances are if I did this my mother would have to eventually sell the family land because she couldn't keep up with it unless I keep rendering tribute and service at the current levels.

    If only some people weren't so miserable to be around. Going to weaken the family position if I leave.

    Any advice?

    1. OK, this one sucks because there is no good answer. But, having said that...You pay AND work the land? One or the other, dude. Your upkeep alone should be rent. You work a job and work the land, and you don't own it. You are a sharecropper at best. I'd move to my own place close to work and tell mom to get stuffed. You'll stay, work the place, pay NO rent as your labor is valuable, and hear no more of her nonesense or you'll let her rot on it alone until she loses it. That is what I'd tell her, AFTER I bought that half acre as leverage. It is harsh, but living like that is worse than being married. If SHE makes the choice, SHE is weakoning the family position. On the other hand, if you are convenced the end is nigh you can always kill her off and use her in a stew as Rawles Charity Food. I'm kidding. Get your own place, moving to it or not.

    2. Hah! :D The humour alone is worth tuning into Dakin for.

    3. James is right Anon 3:14.
      Your mother dearest thinks you are without reasonable options thus can abuse your position. Assuming you are an adult over 18-
      Without warning get the land, and shelter on it, near work. Then start staying there overnight.
      Then, when you know it works, give your notice.
      During the melt down that will ensue, just walk away (or run quickly).
      Dont give up with her though, once she sees you can survive without her (you dont NEED her) she is liable to see you in a new light and become far less a harridan -
      THEN you can renegotiate a new arriangement many months later.
      And make certain it is NEW, a new place to put your stuff, distinctly different pace/arrangement - and be ready to have to pick up and leave again when she back slides.



  6. Dear Mr. Dakin, I've been on your whole wheat nuke bread diet for a week and I just wanted to say THANK YOU. I am now regular. I just had the best bowel movement of my entire life, thanks to you. It was huge, smooth and pain free. No bleeding. What a relief. I took pictures and posted "IT" on Facebook. All of my freinds are amazed. Again, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.

    Mr. Brown

    1. Mr. Brown, you are very welcome. One of many services we provide. Please stay tuned for advice on your love life and career choices.