Thursday, July 18, 2013

price for not business as usual


At times I look back and reflect on what a dumbass I was, taking thirty years to stop paying rent ( a mortgage is just paying rent but ending up with a money pit at the end ). When I look back at my previous city of residence and think of the fifteen grand I dropped to rent a trailer spot, my teeth itch. Well, to try and stop that mean spiteful voice in my head, and to prepare for this article, I put pencil to paper for the first time. How much did I throw away in thirty years? As it turns out, as much as I chastise myself, not all that much relatively speaking. In the last twenty years my rent was on average about the same as my tax withholding. Only twenty percent. About the same as food and entertainment combined. I lived as cheap as possible the entire time, roommates and travel trailers being the norm. So, yes, while I wasted thirty years ( and, it’s actually only a bit over twenty years since I’ve been paying off my currant land or living for free in the military the other times ), I wasted as little as possible. But the important thing isn’t what a stud I am ( although feel free to take that lesson with you if you’d like ), but the total dollar amount in annual income I’ve wasted. And why you should care.


I’ve wasted almost a hundred grand over the years on “housing”. At my average income, that is six years of wages. If I were you, and made closer to thirty grand after some kind of schooling and career, I’d have wasted almost two hundred thousand dollars. And here is why I bring this up. Most “survivalists”, and I use the term loosely to describe the big pussy’s who live in the suburbs with a case of MRE’s and three semi-auto’s, use the excuse of their home equity to stay in place. They can’t just throw away all that invested money, they say. They can’t start over because of that “investment”. A house is not a home, folks. It is a bankers honey trap ( an old spy term- look it up and figure out who is the whore and who is getting humped ). You are not giving up any equity if you give up your house. You are just bailing on your money pit. Home equity is nothing more than an overpriced stock you bought hoping a bigger sucker comes along with wishful thinking he will make a profit. Whatever you paid on your house, and I’d wager it was below two hundred grand in most places, was just a dumbass bet on your part. You bet on the economy NOT crashing, and you lost. Just think of it as a cost for shelter, not as an investment. Walk away from it, get the hell out of your overpopulated area, if that is what you need to do. Sometimes, a paid for house is the best security in the world, and you don’t budge from it with a stick of dynamite. It all depends on your area and your government. I’m not presenting a one size fits all. I’m saying, don’t use a home “investment” as an excuse for staying in the way of danger. If you only lost 20% of your wages over two or three decades, it is no more than the cost of taxes. Don’t try to hold on to it so tightly.


The same with money. Don’t look at your paycheck as wealth. It is just a Company Store chit to be used to buy the necessities. You thought you could fool the Company, by investing in something rather than consuming, but the Company just stole all your equity. As for the rest, just pre-buy future necessities. That’s what the whole “beans, bullets, band-aids” mantra is. Buying necessities. You aren’t necessarily investing, or beating inflation. This time you are buying before the items disappear forever. I thought I would be on Easy Street last summer when my land was paid, my Pit was built and no more child support was due. I figured I had at last reduced my needs to food and energy. And I had. And I still can if needed. But it sure wasn’t like suddenly having $600 savings ( out of $1100 wages/writing income ) every month. Suddenly, I was almost spending the same, they just went to different places. The wife, having put up with living like an animal for over a decade, watching all my wages being diverted to the ex, and living in primitive shelter, rightfully started demanding a bigger cut to 20%. My transportation bill, you would think being close to zero because I pedal to town, is a whopping 25% ( a large portion is to the wife, getting her into town-where I get my total of 30% of my wages to her- some to my bi-annual trips to visit my parents ). Taxes the usual 20%. Food, over 20%, even with my two meal a day nuke bread. Energy is barely factored, being one or two percent now. My entertainment budget about equals my writing income at 10% ( books for research are also my amusement ).


My point? Even with NO bills, you end up with nearly no savings. Your bills seem to always equate with your wages, even with no debt or no rent or off grid. No matter what you do, you end up cashing in all your chits. So, why be concerned with earning more? Move from the city. In the end, your new wages will balance with your new bills. And, if you earn less, after an adjustment, you won’t notice the difference. By staying in harms way, tenaciously clinging to “home equity” and “decent wages”, you loose everything in the end anyway. But by divorcing yourself from that paradigm, you are soon no worse off and usually better off. You don’t loose an investment, you just start on a newer, cheaper one. A house takes thirty years to buy. Junk land, one hundredth that. A lot less income is suddenly a lot more without a mortgage. You gain in quality of life and in security. Take the “loss”.



  1. Bravo, Lord Bison. Certainly an entry in the Best of Bison.

    1. Thanks- I wasn't sure about its value when I wrote it last weekend. It really seems that the articles I love the minions hate, and visaversa.

  2. Gil- you wonderful bastard! I got your k-book gift. Thanks a million.

    1. The book's beginnings can be slow but it gets better. The info seems to sink in better after reading a bit, thinking about it, then returning to read some more. I'm using the books message in my limited exposure to thosands of dumb-ass tourists and fellow female workers and the book's message is seeems true. But more people work and visit each day then live in Elko county. So I'm sure that's a factor. Ya better be purty if there is only 3 gals in town!

      Hard part is trying to be indifferent to people while being aware of your surroundings.

      I'm starting to realize that we are only somewhat (highly?) evolved animals. I thought the older one gets, the closer to God they become?

      I'm glad the gifting worked. If I see any more high quality, (CHEAP!), books I'll send them your way.


    2. I thought the author did very well. He kept repeating the message, but always as a part of adding new material. The message was well presented and I retained it because of how it was presented. A rare talent.

  3. 50lb Recurve takedown bow made from a 5' length of 1" schedule 40 PVC.

    Simple to build, and perfect for a bugout bag, or to store in your vehicle for emergencies.

    part one

    part two

    The BackYard Bowyer. This is his youtube channel:

    He's one sharp kid!

    He also has a tutorial on a very nice 100lb crossbow that he made, for those that are interested in this option.

  4. You should encourage the Yuppie Survivalist to stay in their over priced hovels. To reach a sustainable level, we need to lose about 80-90% of the population. The more Yuppies in town increases the odds for you and me.

    The few who have woke up on their own need guidance but leave the rest of the cud chewing cows alone on their way to the abattoir.

    Sounds harsh, but most people won't want to go through the hard times that are coming.

    Idaho Homesteader

    1. I really wonder if a loyal minion has ever first been a yuppie survivalist. Or were they inclined towards The One True Path already? Point being, I don't think a yuppie can listen to my brand of "truth". And none read me to begin with. We are safe from them learning.

    2. Oh, I come close. You should see my BA pick up that can tow tons, or the luxury sedan with leather seating and a sunroof. (I dont drive them except to pick up groceries/supplies, or leave town though, the bike get me around until the snow flies. and everyone in the family has a bike except the dog).

      But I quickly saw the golden handcuffs that I was wearing were wrong.
      Sure everyone else was wearing a pair too, but somehow it wasnt right. And as a kid I had gone through times where mac and cheese was the only food in the house for weeks or months, and not much of that.
      So the lack of enough food in the future concerned me.
      I was even more concerned about my fellows unconcern.
      I converted some time ago when I knew I wanted my shelter to never run out of food or need all the work everyone else was putting into theres (either $ or time or both).

      I havent gotten out of the golden handcuffs yet, but I am setting up for the big Bankruptcy (mine and the countries) that is inevitable.
      If I quit paying the families debts and only paid food shelter clothing and energy I would have over one third of our income per month free. Yes, just debts. Mostly student loans and credit cards.
      The truck is paid for, the car almost (and keeps the wife happy) the land is paid for just needs shelter (trailers up here are as much as a mobile home).
      Soon our place in the other state will be sold (or forclosed, either way I win), then I will get the shelter on the land, hopefully to live in next summer, and pay the credit cards down enough that we can use them to pay off some of the student loans.... at least thats the goal.
      I might finally be able to actually have some of the money that all the (rest) of the yuppies pretend to have.
      I doubt it though.
      I bet that the economy will be to collapsed by then for the dollars to be worth much.


  5. Thanks for the links. Sounds interesting to me. What's the highest rating crossbow you'd want to mess with? Is 100lb powerful enough?

  6. Yes Jim; a 100lbs for a crossbow is a little on the light side. Most are a 150lbs, and the heavier poundage is to make up for the shorter power stroke, meaning the shorter prod (Bow) of a crossbow. I've read before that a 150lb crossbow is about equal to a 50lb compound bow? My guess is that 100lbs was all that he could practically produce with this bow within the strength constraints of the PVC? Still, a well placed bolt from a 100lb crossbow oughta hurt something fierce! There are crossbows that go up to over 200lbs, but the standard seems to 150lb, and this will take up to deer sized game without a problem. With a rope cocker, the cocking poundage is reduced by half, so 75lbs of force to cock a 150lb crossbow.

    Here's the introduction link to the 100lb crossbow Jim:

    I believe that there are six parts in total? It's quite impressive what this kid has done here. His crossbow looks as nice as my Excalibur crossbow. And the trigger that he has devised, is designed so that you cannot accidentally dry fire the crossbow.

    I ordered two of his books, and am looking forward to getting them.

    1. I thank you for the info. Obviously crossbows will play quite a role in our future so I'm tentatively approuching the subject in fits and starts.

  7. a video re hemp

  8. Grey- its a plan, it doesn't have to be perfect. At least you know and are trying. At least you ain't a dumbass, which has to count for something in life. Luck on your journey ( sorry, I tried replying to that thread and the computer hung up ).