Friday, July 5, 2013




Prepping For Economic Collapse

Almost none of us prepare for PODA. Some of us prepare for the die-off, others prepare for economic collapse. Few of us have the means to prepare for all three. If you have been busy for the last twenty years preparing for economic collapse, with a short interlude prepping for the Y2K Die-Off, good on you. You might actually weather the storm ( although, obviously, we have all had the hardship bred out of us and so when the inevitable happens and the collapse is much worse than any of us had dared imagine our definition of “weathering the storm” will be by necessity be ad hoc changed ). If you are just now waking up ( don’t worry, I forgive you. There is so much bullcrap and so many lies being shoveled over you daily it is a miracle any of us can grasp the obvious ) you had better get the lead out because we are already in an economic collapse and the only question is, when will the gentle flow plunge over the cliff into a waterfall ( actually, that is the definition I use for the Die-Off. A slowly increasing but gentle amount of difficulty before a confluence plunges us over into the abyss. Think of that as the Mother Of Waterfalls. Preceded by smaller ones such as the economy failing ). You aren’t smart enough to predict the timing, none of us are, not even I can do that and I’m smarter than your average bear but only because I can see all my dumbass mistakes from the past and am also guilty of woolgathering almost every moment of the day and spend WAYYYY too much time over-analyzing everything of little import and not because I have a huge IQ, and if you can’t time the thing you had better act safe rather than sorry and prep like you’ve never prepped before and by that I mean be prepared yesterday.


Scurrying around buying plastic poodle shooter carbine rounds at 66.6cents each, creating a spreadsheet program to track how many of each entrée you have of MRE meals, armoring up a SUV to be you bug out vehicle, all these things are great. If the economy were never to collapse. Because these activities are insanely expensive ( like, for instance, a local real estate listing a modular home of its own tiny eighth of an acre city lot for two hundred grand. If the mines never stopped producing high profit gold, this insanity would be rewarded. Reality dictates it is just simply insane rather than a prudent investment ) you have no choice but to remain in an urban area selling your soul to a corporate entity. Not only does this put you at risk, living amongst the teeming masses, it also imposes a whole extra level of costs ( residence+ retreat, commute+ bug out vehicle ) that are unnecessary. But worse, it forces you to ignore an economic collapse. Inevitably, you just dig your economic vulnerability and money reliance hole deeper and deeper, a Red Queen gerbil wheel you are tied to with a set of golden handcuffs. Which are the best kind of shackles, for controlling the serfs. They fight each other for the shiniest pair.


When you exclusively prep for the die-off, as great as that is, you set yourself up for failure. Our central banking cartel masters, with their sock puppet government lackeys ( controlled by their need for loans to survive ) and their subservient corporate entities ( controlled by their need for loans to survive ), love to see you prepping for the die-off. You finance two homes, two cars, a ten grand arsenal, a ten grand food storage plan and listen to the preaching of Gear Gods forcing you to finance more and more and more in fear of being unprepared ( when in fact you are being less prepared for the real danger by every purchase ). You are in the bankers clutches. Preparing for the economic collapse, conversely, frees you from the bankers. Do you wonder why the Yuppie Survival Scum Guru’s get book deals, TV shows and all the publicity ( no, it is not a conspiracy, per se. All those corporate deals are from chasing a profit. Yet it is no accident Kurt Saxon self-published and was never interviewed without the “crazy as a craphouse rat” angle. Pumping money at him to go after that corporate profit would never have been authorized )?


With a thirty year mortgage, and a second mortgage to finance a retreat, two 7- year car loans and a wallet full of credit cards needed to mail order freeze dried foods, $500 grinders and three grand thermal imaging devices, you are tied to the suburbs and desperately shining you nose brown trying to make each annual profit sharing. As soon as the oil wells slow down, as soon as half of the genetically modified corn crop is turned into fake gasoline ethanol ( as crappy as GMO crops are, our 333 million population [ legals and soon to be no longer illegals ] can’t eat anything else, so putting half that food to fuel is playing with fire. Probably nuclear fire since that 10% of our gasoline has already been food withdrawn from all the third world countries population resulting in mass global upheaval ) and yet still can’t stop our energy gap, your beloved corporation allowing you to finance all your toys will hand you a pink slip with less thought than you used to wipe your ass that morning. You will lose all but a few of your prep items and be living under a bridge in a cardboard box. You must prepare for the economic collapse BEFORE you prepare for the die-off. They will both happen, not just the one you want. They might be on one anothers heels, but it is a dangerous bet indeed to assume you can outlast the bank. Odds are better the bankers will hold on longer and have time to strip you of all possessions first. They make all the rules and to an extent control a lot of events.



  1. I've been having a heck of a time on the Internet connection the last 24 hours ( lot of storms ). If I don't get all comments today, my apologies.

    1. apology accepted. but don't let it happen to often or you will not have a cookie from me.

      Dr. Shitfinger.
      Trevelin, Argentina.

  2. Good advice. If you don't get out of debt you are going to be a target for sure. Before it all falls apart the banks will seize property, especially real estate. If you rent you will always be a slave to the system or be homeless.

    Most people just continue on making the mortgage payment and figuring that everyone will be in the same boat. Not so at all they will be the homeless serfs working the land in the end.

    1. It ain't easy but sure lets you sleep better at night.

  3. All that credit card debt is meaningless if they don't know where ya are, once you drop off the grid. he he

    1. But it is still a risk, debt being a lot harder to discharge nowadays.

    2. Well, basically isn't this what we are all talking about ? When in fact everyone defaults enmass on their debts then the system goes down by default.
      They cannot collect from everyone.

    3. Absolutely. CC companies will sue you and garnish any wages you may have, and even try to get liens against property - yes even junk land.
      The only way people like me with tons of debt accrued in my foolish youth can get out is bankruptcy and even then you have to do it at the perfect time- while employed or too early after being laid off means that you will forced into chapter 13 instead of 7, which will end up costing you almost everything.

      I had never thought of the over all structure of the future bad times in phases as The well folicaled one presented here.
      The idea is very usefull.
      Set up your preps for each phase, and leave them undisturbed until you hit a trigger for each of the phases, so that you are ready for each phase as it comes.
      We are in the (begining?)of the economic collapse which can probably also be broken into sub phases- such as debt crises, currency collpases, trade breakdown, fuel/energy crisies etc in which ever order...
      Riding out each phase and subphase calls for certain actions and supplies that can be laid in early, beating the rush when others become aware of the need. For example riding a bike to work "for your health" now during good weather ensures you have the bike and experience riding as the fuel crunch ratchets up to harsher levels, etc.
      Having a trade deal with a local farmer for during the currency collapse.
      Having no need to finance anything new during the credit crunch.
      Etc, etc, etc.
      The police state phase and its eventual break down are something I am going to have a hard time with though, affording an attorneys ongoing retainer fee is expensive but probably the best protection other than hoping to be unnoticed (if you are on this blog you arent unnoticed, only hopefully disregarded for now).
      phew. Now I have to review all my preps...


  4. I could care less about an economic collapse, I've been getting by on little for years and I live in a life giving area.

    But if things don't go to hell soon I'm going to die a natural death before the shit hits the fugging fan and miss all the fun of using all this ammo on others.

  5. Help...
    Was a bit tardy getting the last purchase of wheat berries into buckets. Now I got little brown flying bugs everywhere ! Around the bags there is a floury substance, I assume that this is bug shit...there ain't no saving this grain is there ?
    Guess it goes to the chickens...
    Also have a bag of rolled oats and one of rice and two beans. These don't seem to have been penetrated yet. Freeze the good ones then bucketize em ?
    Throw the buggy ones out ?

    SHit Shit shit

  6. Uh oh? I hope the government goons haven't taken Jimmy out?

  7. It sure does mess with me when I don't have your daily write up to read and ponder on. Get back to work Jim.