Tuesday, July 9, 2013

1 of 2 today



Quick note- Sam, I got your snail mail donation last week and I thank you profusely.  I’ll be buying dead tree books with it since I went too long with Kindle only and need to catch up.


I’m feeling a bit out of sorts this wonderful Monday, being out of touch with the world.  Not enough to put a bullet into my head, as most Yuppie Scum will come the apocalypse when they don’t have a thousand dollar short wave with all accessories ( most likely due to the unfortunate reality of having to pick and choose amongst their Wish List which includes $20k arsenals, $10k freeze dried food or an armored bug out vehicle ) and feel they are blind without their finger on the pulse of the world as if they are Rothschild able to bet on the outcome of Waterloo before any others can analyze the situation, but enough that I’m a bit glum.  The Internet has been down for days and following the four day holiday five days without real news is disconcerting ( I watched the TV news Sunday night and all I got for my trouble wallowing in a morass of commercials was the San Francisco airport crash then followed by a crapload of worthless InfoTainment ).  I tried the radio this morning and only got Richard Face Rush bloviating more than usual.  The ass actually had the audacity to add the working poor into the “scumbag welfare pukes being a parasite off us miserable working rich” class he sells to his balding fat cancer ridden old as dirt listeners his advertisers pursue.  Because Obammy is now dropping enforcement of the state level insurance agencies verification to take on those that are already insured at work, Rush thinks this means everyone who goes to these cheaper policies is robbing the rich by sucking off the government tit just like ghetto Food stamp/Section 8 bitches. 


In other words, the entry level health insurance I’m forced to buy at $200 a month from my state of residence would be cheaper than someone’s workplace insurance at $250 so those guys would buy the cheaper policy.  Since there now won’t be a way for the state to verify if the applicant already is eligible for another policy, Rush thinks the system now has another welfare recipient because of government subsidies.  Of course what really pisses me off is that while I’m getting humped by a new 20% tax, Rush thinks I’m sucking off welfare ( no, my work does NOT offer health insurance ) either way.  Screw that scum sucking anal whore and the extra wide horse he rode in on.  Anyway, no real news on the radio.  So, since the mainstream media tries extra super hard to deny me personally any actual news I can use to decipher what the hell is going on in the world so that their masters can screw me extra hard, and since locally at least the Internet has been down for days ( prior to this it was on and off )- a more regular occurrence as time goes on- I get my regular eerie feeling like I’m being blinded deliberately.  You know, like every time this happens it is just because the asshat scumsucking douchebags are worthless greedy corporate humps and refuse to pay enough in salaries or equipment to keep the system running properly, yet one day you just know this is going to happen again but this time it will be for real and forever.


Every time the Net is down for long periods I just wonder if that is the last I’ve heard of things.  Will it come back on?  Will an invisible cloud of radioactive dust waft over my head before another WiFi signal does, unbeknownst to me since I have no outside communication?  It isn’t scary or irritating as much as it is puzzling. I miss knowing what is happening ( well, I miss deciphering what I think is happening since it is all just disinformation out there really ).  So, there it is, the thing I think I dislike the most.  Lacking an external stimuli which gets me playing those internal games.  Most outside events don’t really matter to you, they are always late, or skewed or blatantly false reports.  NOT getting outside news really doesn’t matter per se.  But not being able to fool yourself into thinking you are pretty smart because you figured out current events ( despite the best efforts of others ) or even just learning another fun filled fact, that is what is so bothersome.  You aren’t getting your daily cheering squad to lift your spirits.


Remember, none of us is as smart as we think we are.  None of us can run on pure logic.  Rather, the fuel we are pumping is polluted with emotions and chemicals and previous false programming.  The daily news we consume at high volume is just more pollutants.  I’m not denying we might need such distortion.  It might be vital for our peace of mind or for optimizing our performance mentally.  I’m just saying that we shouldn’t delude ourselves into thinking it makes us smarter.  That’s all.


So, obviously, even as I write this at 11am, I have no idea when I’ll be able to post it.  And since that is the case, you can expect all other aspects of my operation to also be behind.  The comments section, my e-mails.  You might even be reading this on Tuesday for all I know.  Please forgive the delays, but know it isn’t the first or last time.  Everyone has an excuse, which is just like everyone’s anal orifice.  They stink.  Peace, loyal minions, and thanks for hanging in there.



  1. Do you have an inexpensive but decent shortwave receiver like the Kaito 1102 for those times when the internet is unavailable? There are several English-language news broadcasts available during evenings when conditions are good for SW listening (http://www.primetimeshortwave.com/). And a simple length of wire clipped to a portable's telescoping antenna does a decent job of pulling in weak signals.

    1. The shortwave in in a Faraday cage in storage. I have to make some concessions to time with the wife. So, it is mindless TV in the evening, not shortwave. Not that I mind, I'm physically and mentally exhausted at the end of the day and the Glass Teet winds me down as I turn off my brain.