Wednesday, May 1, 2013

sbj-abob concept


Today’s title is “Sweet Baby Jesus-Another Bug Out Book” although I’ve taken a slight literary license here and am merely doing a follow up article from yesterday.  Of course, I will be writing a book of this title soon enough, since the unexpected minion response yesterday got me all hot and bothered.  I of course must finish the three phases of collapse book first.  Not because I think most of you are all that excited about it but because I’ve come this far and might as well finish it.  Another book concept I have is “the beach cruiser diet”, something really different.  Basically, you regulate your metabolism through daily exercise, replacing the motor vehicle ( if you keep it, you will try to cheat.  If you get rid of it you must exercise ) with a bicycle.  Thus, the diet will get you into shape and save you a ton of money.  This one will be strictly tongue in cheek, but still better than the other 101 stupid diet ideas out there.  Hell, who knows, I might make a few bucks on it.  It was just something that tickled my fancy so I’m going to do it.  Anyway, on to today’s continued bug-out discussion.


The standard advice out there is to stay in the city, work an extremely high stress job where you lose hair and get colon cancer, all to buy a thirty thousand dollar four wheel drive vehicle to escape to your concrete fortress housing your fifty-five gallon drums of bulk freeze dried beef tongue and twenty-seven different semi-automatic weapons.  I’d advise simply to buy a hundred dollar single speed bicycle.  Buy two No-Flat squishy tires, probably around $40 ( Wal-Mart carries about one size, I think for kids bikes.  You can order another size online and get them shipped free to your nearby store ).  An extra chain for the bike is nice, because now you only have a single piece of equipment that can break and with a replacement you have a nearly indestructible bike.  Oh, sure, after five hundred to a thousand miles, the interior bearings on the crank and wheels are shot ( they come from the factory under-greased ), but for a single purpose/use bike that really isn’t much of a concern, is it?  I would advise you to buy the chain link tool from a bike shop rather than from Wal-Mart ( the chains themselves seem to be okay ) because that tool is really shoddy.  I’m talking after a link or two, the friggin thing is out of synch.  All told, you might be able to have a bug out vehicle for about $150 ( obviously, cheaper if you garage sale it ).  This ain’t going to get you from New Jersey to Kansas, but if you have a place to go within a reasonable distance it is just fine.  Without trying too hard, you should be getting ten miles an hour on pavement, and that is if you are old or in half-assed shape.  I used to routinely speed to work at fifteen miles an hour but one day a pedal sheared off and I went over the handlebars and left a good bit of skin on the road in front of traffic bearing down.  Since then, I have a mental block where I can’t go over about nine miles an hour.  It isn’t tiring at all.


On your way to your underground retreat, you can cheaply eat on peanut butter, beef jerky and Top Ramen.  Granted, jerky is rather spendy, but it is still damn cheap compared to MRE’s or freeze dried.  Peanut butter is compact calories cheap and Top Ramen can be eaten raw to get a nice full feeling.  You want your calories light and condensed, since with water you are pretty full up weight wise.  You carry much more and you’ll slow down and encourage fatigue.  Obviously you need a few things.  A tarp, a wool blanket if it is that cold and a reflective space blanket to supplement that.  A straw type water filter to supplement what you are carrying, and a good belt knife.  A few changes of socks and underwear ( you don’t want chapped ass or fungus feet ) and an LED flashlight. A lighter and toilet paper.  If your budget can handle it, a basket ( don’t buy the Wal-Mart rack that attaches to the seat post.  The weld will break under little weight ) to carry some gear is much more comfortable than a backpack alone.  Once you add a firearm and some ammo, you are not going to want to carry too much more. 


When you get there, I would stick with your pre-stocked wheat and beans.  I’ve recommended Minute Rice and canned beans before, for earthquake food ( almost no cooking ).  But that is a very boring diet.  With wheat, there is a heck of a lot more variety.  With rice, the only variety is the condiments you add.  If you grind up your dry beans and add the flour to hot water, you have bean paste without hours of soaking and cooking ( hat tip to Emergency Essentials for that gem ).  I’m going to call your bug-out retreat stay an arbitrary six months ( it could be a lot less, or a lot more.  I’m guessing here ) for the purposes of financial calculation.  Your retreat dwelling, call it a hundred bucks ( free national park land, cutting free wood.  Assuming you can get away with it ) for a saw and some plastic, a shovel and pick.  Your vehicle, a hundred fifty.  Your shotgun and birdshot ( assuming you are unarmed, no ammo is for sale- you can still buy plastic cases if not brass ones ) is $200.  Six months of wheat in buckets is $100.  With some beans and a grinder, double that.  All the rest perhaps fifty.  $700 for a buck-out complete kit, from land to shelter to transportation to food.  You just need to work a bit on pre-positioning.  It sure beat thirty grand and rectal cancer.

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  1. Another good article James!

    I would like to add that you can kill two birds with one stone, as far as the tarp and wool blanket go, by getting one of those nifty GI ponchos with the quick drying synthetic liner. These are sometimes advertised as "poncho/sleeping bags".

    Part of the reason that beans are soaked prior to cooking (in addition to speeding up the cooking process) is to clean the dirt from them, as well as wash away remnants of insect life, such as larvae. Something to keep in mind if dry grinding?

  2. Husky offers this airless foam tire.
    It is a tire --- not a foam tube that
    goes inside a bicycle tire.

    I use airless tires since 2001.
    Apply liquid hand soap to tire and rim.
    Secure tire to rim at two places with cable ties.
    With a long flat screwdriver lever the tire
    on to the rim. When the tire is on the rim
    turn the wheel as you bounce the wheel on the
    floor to fully seat the tire.
    Let the soap dry. It does no harm.

  3. Cut shotshells are as effective as slugs.

  4. re airless bicycle tires