Friday, April 19, 2013


I'm passing this on, for what its worth.  Regular article will be posted at the regular time:
The Age of Limits, the second annual conference on the limits to growth on a finite planet, will be held Memorial Day weekend, May 23 to 27, at Four Quarters Interfaith in Artemas, PA. Designed as a series of in-depth conversations and workshops, The Age of Limits will feature John Michael Greer, Carolyn Baker, Dmitry Orlov, Gail Tverberg, Guy McPherson, Albert Bates, and others, in an idyllic 180-acre setting about midway between Baltimore and Pittsburgh. For more information and reservations, please visit

Immediately preceding the conference at Four Quarters, from May 17 to 22, will be a five-day intensive on adapting to The Age of Limits. Sustainable Life Skills will be led by long-time teacher and activist Patricia Allison, as an intensive introduction to the principles of sustainable collapse mitigation from a Permaculture point of view, focusing on food production, shelter, livelihood and community. For more information and reservations, please visit


  1. What kind of hippy-dippy, LGBT-EI-EI-O commie public university professor silliness perversion/abomination is *this*, Jim?

  2. Hey, I'm just passing along the message. Not advocating usefulness or not.