Wednesday, April 10, 2013

15 years on


Blah, blah, blah, Federal Reserve Minutes Report pretends they are thinking about not continuing quantitative easing.  Yada, yada, yada, the stock market keeps going up pretending to represent both growth and recovery.  Mumble, mumble, mumble, Europe is in another year of crisis, North Korea rattles its sabers, Japan is in another decade of recession and on and on it goes, the only news that’s fit to print is all lies, damn lies and statistics and right now, special for today, it is all such bullcrap that I’m tired and bored of it.  Perhaps that is why, besides having unnaturally lustful thoughts about the weapons that fire them, the ammunition shortages generated so much discussion for the simple fact that at least it is something different for a change.  So I don’t want to talk about any of the above.  If for nothing else but variety, today we talk about my misspent efforts at a life the last fifteen years ( focusing on preps, of course. No one wants to hear about my sex life, not even my wife ).  I had at first thought to talk about the last year as the anniversary of my freedom from ex-wife payments after two decades of hell is coming up, plus we are already well past the one year anniversary of freedom from the landlord or the bank as my land was paid off then.  But I didn’t think I could get a whole article out of that, so I’m going with my preps for Y2k until today.


I don’t want you to think of this article as an endorsement for taking your sweet ass time getting ready for collapse or even slow descent.   As I’ve always said, get ready yesterday.  Start with Better Than Nothing.  If time allows, then upgrade to all the fancy toys everyone seems to think you need ( especially when those someone’s all have ads on their sites for those toys ).  My preps fifteen years ago were basically the same they are today, at least catastrophic collapse wise.  I’ve expanded and upgraded and improved, but the basic supplies are the same.  The difference is that now I’m much better off for a financial meltdown.  I think the one thing I can teach by example is how NOT to do things.  I took way too long getting here since I had to learn as I went.  You can do it in a lot less time.  Okay, what is different for basics?  I went from a one year supply of food to a five year ( for both of us ).  The difference on the old supply was that it had a heck of a lot more canned meat.  In 1998 food prices were half or less than today ( in the case of produce, one third.  For fresh meat, one quarter ) and although I’ve kept most cans for a decade, a combination of increased prices and a poor storage location with its extreme cold has slowly decreased the supply. 


I started out with more or less the same amount of guns but now the types are altered.  No more semi-auto, more rimfire and more Enfields ( I bought back when $150 was a rip-off, now a screaming bargain as if you could find it ).  A lot more ammunition and more reloading supplies.  Better and more water filters.  Much more clothing ( although, given that it was Florida back then the lack of spare clothes wasn’t life threatening ) and shoes.  Basically just tweaking the supply and including a lot of extras that will make a big difference.  But financially, rather than adding to basics I did a heck of a lot better with improvements.  I went from taxes at 50-75% ( including the ex-wife tax that mandated medical insurance even when the kids couldn’t use it ) to a more sane 20% ( soon to be 30% after that rabid prick First Kenyan gets done shoving his medicinal dildo up my backside ).  Before, rent was taking 75-100% of my take home pay ( I was ineligible for food stamps because, 1) the civil servants processing my application were to an obese gal all Black and they didn’t like to see my White mug in their office so they claimed that 2) my income was too high to qualify ).  Now it takes zero.  While in Florida I paid about $30k in rent and walked away with nothing after five years.  In Carson City I was able to do much better since I went from apartments or mobile homes to travel trailers.  There, I walked away from five years only spending $15k.  In ten years rent was $45,000 and all I got was the privilege of working while the A/C lights stayed on and I could flush the toilet.  In the five years ( come this July ) here in Elko I’ve spent $10k on two lots of land and an underground hovel.  My costs from now on are zero.  For less than one quarter the price of rent I’m free.  This is why I keep yelling at you about junk land. 


And I don’t even live in that great of an area.  Most folks are crackheads or Yuppie Scum and the weather is uniformly suck-ass or worse.  But I’m free.  I can enjoy the economic collapse because I’m largely immune from it ( I’ll get a nasty cold which puts me in bed, but it won’t prove fatal, to use a medical analogy for the process ).  No guarantees about after the collapse, but there none, not even for semi-remote Idaho retreaters ( you can’t be remote enough after the waves of Left Coasters find you and mow you down.  Your talisman semi-autos will be no match for their numbers [ they’ve got the guns but we’ve got the numbers-another brilliant Jim ] ).  Stop talking about the banks screwing you and do something about it.  Afraid of the cold?  I’ll bet you can still buy east Texas land from $500-$3k.  Under the price of an AR, most likely.


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  1. The desert only scares me because of the water issue. Long term - no water means no food.
    And you can be certain that even though the economic collapse will occur, even during the collapse and after the rivers will be dammed up at their source and polluted with sewage not long after. Only rainfall or source water can be relied on (and those two have become less reliable over time).
    If I could get a piece of remote/hidden desert land with a natural spring that never goes dry, that cost what I can afford I might buy it.
    Instead I bought land in the far north great plains at the edge of the oil boom (close enough to be a weekly commuter while the oil holds out, and close enough to walk to after the oil runs out, but hidden enough to avoid the south moving swarms of oilfield workser post-collapse.)
    Water here means wells to the masses, but to me it means recycling and rainfall collection. There is enough water for the cattle wheat and beans that they grow in the area.
    The down side is the cold. -40 degrees for most of a month, and snow over a foot deep in places still today. We probably wont be able to build our super insulated solar powered hovel until june or july...
    But like Jim we own our land (40acres, just enough for a small herd of something or modest subsistance farming of grains and beans) free and clear, property taxes less than $200/yr.
    Unlike jim we have NO building codes outside the city, a tax assesor we can have dinner and share a brew with while kibitzing with the local sheriff.
    If you can find a way to survive the cold (without outside inputs) and put up with the border patrol - who are way less on edge here than in the southern and coastal states- you can make a good go of it.
    If you are just starting and are able to move here is my advice:
    Check out the Wiliston ND newspaper for jobs, then check out ebay ads for Montana, South Dakota, and Wyoming for your retreat location land.
    Trips to Costco etc for a pick up full of supplies barely registers a shrug.
    Feed grain? How many _tons_ do you want?
    Filtering your own water? of course.
    Broke down on the side of the road? Heres a ride or a hand fixing it, no questions asked, no payment accepted.
    Firearms practice on your own land? sure same with carrying in your truck.
    Again 6 months of WINTER followed quickly by HOT summers, tornados,hail storms, mosquitos and other biting insects in swarms so thick your need to use your ice scraper to peel them off, Missle silos and abandonded airbases scattered all about, no ongoing economic resource except farming and ranching all else is seen (correctly) as part of a temporary boom, you wont be accepted until you ride the bust out and are still there, and possibly not even then...
    But worth it- Jims Nomadic survivor tribes could flourish here, and in the valleys so could small yeoman farming villages, Much as things were before the natives were forced into their reservations.


    1. I loved the in depth report and have one comment. Would Alaska be warmer?

    2. Costal Alaska?
      I've been there, and the answer is yes it is warmer during the winter and cooler during the summer

    3. Worried about water you might want to watch "Greening the desert" on U-Tube.

      It can be done.


  2. Hello Doctor James.
    You have mentioned druggie shit heads today and in the past. How about when you get back from your road trip an article about homestead security.
    Not all of us have a Idaho security platoon or a life-partner to man the walls when we are away.
    My angle is that I am Finally moving to my newly purchased retreat, small off grid cabin in a small parceled valley in Far Nor Cal.
    I'm going alone. Problem is in the last 3 years methers have dumped off trailers to cook their wares and "vacation" in the warm months.
    Thoughts on security? I have gun(s) But away time? Doors, windows, fence, dog, lights power, moat, hand grenades, drones, alarms, cops.

    1. Damn, that's a togh one. But I'll let it brew and see what happens.

    2. The lone wolf has barely above no chance ! Might just as well suck that barrel now cuz obviously ya don't have nothing to live for if ya can't get along with at least some few of your own disposition. The hoards will end up snacking on your sweet meat in no time atoll. Gotta have tribe to watch your six. That or ya better live so far off the beaten path that no one will ever come near.
      I'm not a very social person, yet even I have tribe ! Mainly because I'm so got damn valuable in skills, certainly ain't cuz the world likes my ornery ass lol.

      I recommend claymores and booby traps etc. Dogs are great yet also give away position and eat much, including yourself when the puppy chow runs out.

      Get sum partners son....

  3. Jim.
    I been reading your blogs for some time and I see it as a mirror image of my life. the only difference is that I'm a lot younger than you but I know how to take advise. Even if its not given to me especifically I take examples of my co-workers unpleascent experiences and of course TAKE PREVENTIVE MEASURES, to cover my butt.

    Its been sometime now that I OWN my little house, its not pretty or big and modern but its mine FREE AND CLEAR. I dont have good furniture but old and usable handy me downs. (some I paid). Thanks for your advise. I know I'm young and stupid but I'm not going to be like you OLD AND STUPID.

    I guess I got your hints at the right age.

    Boy!!!! I'm soo good and my hair is not as good and greasy like yours.

    Thanks a lot.

    1. Be careful commenting about my hair! Also, there is a differance between stupid and dumbass. I'm not stupid, but certainly a dumbass. Good on you learning early.

  4. Well there is one nice thing going for North Idaho -- mountains and water.

    There will be so many good ol' boys road blocks that I don't think many West Coasters will make it this far.

    Personally, I'm more worried about the good ol' boys and the religious fundamentalist.

    I'm a Libertarian Mormon. In other words, I enjoy my church but don't feel the need to ram it down your throat. Live and let live.

    But some of the religions around here take them self so seriously. Whoa, we'll be lucky to get away with just the Spanish Inquisition.

    Idaho Homesteader

    1. hmmm. Now I'm thinking on roadblocks and the cost thereof. That might make a good article.

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  6. Lord Bison of the Great Basin;

    Hope you enjoy the visit with your Pops down in Carson City. At least your Pops lives in the same state, so you can see him at leisure.

    On roadblocks/traffic control; in my humble experience on four continents, I've seen very professional traffic control and I've seen amateur night at the Bijou traffic control. If a community has the resources both human and material then constantly manned 24/7 traffic control points (TCP's) on the main avenues of approach in and out of a community is certainly feasible. However when resources aren't as bountiful (and in a collapse it most certainly won't) then the technique of Snap TCP's becomes the methodology by which a community could with minimal resource expense. For example when the community receives word (by HAM Radio, Security Pickets, the first refugees) then the community would organize a squad plus sized element (12 to 15 persons) with the mobility to set up a Snap TCP at the primary avenue of approach into the community where intelligence claims it's coming from. With some improvised barrier materials and a element that is trained in TCP operations then the Snap TCP can be an effective tool, provided that the opposing elements aren't too numerous/heavily armed as the TCP Team. In the event that the TCP could be overrun, then obviously the remainder of the community would have to mobilize and defeat the threat in force. A handy reference to this would be none other than SH 21-76; The Ranger Handbook available at the usual suspects. Hope this helps with the possible discussion. Keep keeping it real James

    1. Damn you! Kind of stole my thunder for the article. I just won't use as many acronyms. Maybie throw in a referance to US Army village massacres.

  7. I can see the lone wolf's problem, I think that 90 per cent of the population on this earth is wasting my oxygen! Jims great blog and insights put him in the other 10 per cent.
    My plan is-was to move to my vacation cabin with my wife but she was never on board all the way with it- couldn't give up malls starbucks etc etc didn't think anything was ever going to shtf.
    she is now an ex and I'm on my own, put out a few feelers to gauge family and friends thoughts on prepping and was blown away by the responses.
    Generally as long a they have the latest electronic gizmo- access to Mcdonalds- alcohol- cigs- they see no reason to prepare. Almost down to a person not 1 family or friend had more than a few days of food or water. LOL
    I see plenty of oxygen wasters(tm) around me in my neighbor hood and my commute to work driving beat to shit cars, functional drugers and alcoholics and such. I live in a upper middle class area of Southern California and since 2009 have seen crime and police ineptness double, I keep an eye on my neighbors homes but they don't return the favor.
    So I know I will not find and cultivate a person or group to "watch my six" like Spud says nor will I be able to live like the rich man preaches in his 2 books- I'm going to go it alone too with my years of supplies on my fully paid for land and home in the almost boonies but know that there will always be oxygen wasters around looking to take what is mine and they will covet it when I head to town so security has been on my mind a lot. The area I'm going to like most in the USofA has druggers and good ole boys who took 4 tries to pass the 7th grade.
    I have noticed that most books and blogs barley touch on keeping what is yours beyond get a gun, your neighbors will be miracles sent by baby Jesus himself that you can leave your 13 yr old
    virgin daughter and your 20 yr old scotch with, and that you should hide all your food and ammo in a hole in the wall or the ground and never leave your cabin ever! while you wear your mirrored sun glasses and type your manifesto is all I seem to be able to find.
    I had hoped that creekmore or tappan would have gone deep on the subject but alas it seems the general attitude is suffer Opsec and suck it up with brain dead oxygen wasters with you or around you and don't complain when they put 1 of your own bullets in the back of your head and steal your food and eat your daughter and dog.

    1. Of course to be fair to Tappan there was less of a crackwhore problem back then. Creekmore did suffer enough on the issue to move his homestead. My short thoughts- bury it all and make the cabin as vandle proof as possible ( with stashed rebuilding material ). I'll still try to feel this out for an article.


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