Friday, February 15, 2013

trying to hump your mother


A minion mentioned the bad juju involved in cannibalism, so I’d thought we could talk about crossing former forbidden lines culturally ( something we are obviously excelling at here in the old ol USA- proof positive of empire in decline as if you needed any ).  I’d actually prefer to start the “work-never-in-progress” of my wanna-be book Three Stages Of The Collapse but when I give it a thought at all it is to bemoan the fact I STILL haven’t solidified the work in outline form.  I tried winging it before but it was a dismal failure as far as I’m concerned.  Okay, I mentioned before being astounded at The Doors being “background music” at a respectable grocery store.  Back in the day, that bad boy was as socially unacceptable as a wardrobe malfunction at the Superbowl is today.  And you can’t just blame the insidious creeping profit model on the fifty year lag from “mothers cover your kids ears” to “oh, how nostalgic.  Listen to this Little Johnny, the dead hippy wants to kill his father and hump his mother”.  I think we are showing serious lack of judgment in our acceptance of social norms.  Here is another example.  Last night the regular TV programs were over so I started flipping channels.  There was “About Last Night” with Demi Moore and Rob Lowe.  It was nearly thirty years old so one of the local “oldies and moldies” was airing it.


I love 80’s films.  They feed my nostalgia and are one of the few times I can stomach chick flicks.  I can even enjoy slop from Chick Norris and such if there is an 80’s feel to it ( ah, the eighties!  Before burning Waco babies and Ruby Ridge sniper babies ).  And I’m certainly the last one that is going to complain if Demi’s nipples are sticking out of her outfit at full on attention an entire movie.  Yet, I can’t help but complain that this happy event was shared by me and thousands of kids during prime time TV.  I never liked the self-censorship of movies, and I’m not overly fond of too prudish TV censors, but where are the damn limits?  If Demi is going to thrust her nips into the bulging eyeballs of an eight year old two hours prior to bedtime, what is next?  “Reservoir Dogs Children’s Hour”?  I used to hate all the adults surrounding me passing judgment of  our rock and roll music, our sissy boy hair and our bell bottoms, let alone the totally innocent herbal ingestion for recreation, and then I became a parent.  And while things just keep getting worse I question this chicken and egg problem.  Is civilization collapse caused by lack of standards, or do the standards die after?  Well, little matter.  We can just talk about future standards.  Simply, there are just some things you don’t do, period.  Cannibalism is one of course.  Humping your mother is another.  You would think these are obvious, but to generations brought up accepting that standards are meant to fall, and it is a good thing, I wonder how obvious it is.


I can’t imagine growing up, an era of “Kung Fu”, “Emergency” and “Mutual Omaha’s Wild Kingdom”, that I ever would have seen a small busted woman’s engorged nipples.  After a  time I certainly would have been overjoyed at that, but what if mom and sis had been watching the same thing?  Not as exciting then.  Speaking of which, remember Robert Heinlein and his sick fascination with the two characters, siblings, rationally discussing whether to hump or not?  God, thirty years on and I still throw up in my mouth a little every time I recall that crap.  That is indicative of the whole moral downslide.  Okay, yes, if you have 100% certain birth control, than there goes the argument against blood line sexual activity.  If you can’t get retarded babies, why worry, right?  Well, how about you worry about it because it is gross?  No, forget that.  Different cultures, I guess ( or, one guesses Heinlein was getting at that ).  How about family dysfunction?  And how about crossing that line?  Today you lust after your sister, you sick puke, is your mother tomorrow?  Shouldn’t the fact that something has been forbidden fruit FOREVER kind of hint that yesteryears many generations were a lot smarter than you?  Just because you can change something doesn’t make it a good idea. 


There can always be hidden consequences to actions you don’t consider.  I could go off on a tangent about women’s lib and bitches in combat ( comic book fantasies and actual practice are so obvious, as in the once future breeder is now a damp blood spot in the sand, I can’t believe no one talks about it for fear of PC Police action ), but I’ll spare you.  Suffice it to say that once you abandon one taboo, you have less problem violating others.  If you watch near female nudity during prime time with your kids, then let your life partner raise them as you go play GI Jane in Iraq, when you get abandoned over there when the Saudi refinery blows or Iran glasses over the Straights Of Hormuz, I’d wager you will have fewer problems eating long pork after the MRE’s run out.  You might start with little brown people but after a time your squad mates start looking good ( of course, if one of your squad mates is Black, you might start with a dinner sausage ).  And you can imagine, they will all be eyeballing each other as the first to be invited to dinner.  To them, it is just a live version of the Zombie Apocalypse ( one wonders how far zombie entertainment has subconsciously legitimized the coming cannibalism ).  Sometimes, it is okay to justify things without logic or persuasive argument.  Sometimes it is okay just to say “that crap is wrong”.  We should be saying that a lot more to each other.

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  1. this post reminds me of an article i read about femi-nazis longing for the good old days when men were gentlemen and treated women like ladies. men used to open doors for ladies and give up their seats and so on. the femi-nazis still wanted to act like whores and abuse men, the men should change their ways and start treating whores like ladies.

    you're doing the same thing LB. you make fun of God, even though you say you don't believe. you can make fun of oral roberts, swaggert and jim baker all day long and i'll agree with you. you make fun of christians and then complain that morals are a thing of the past.

    you can't have a moral society without christians. being moral or a so called good human being just because it makes you feel good to do the right thing is a load of crap. frankly, people that claim to be good just scare the crap out of me. a true christian that admits to being a sinner is being honest. the new age atheists are the worst form of life on this planet, they will turn on you when a crisis arises.

    you want to be the bad boy in society and you don't like it when other people play bad boy. because it opens your eyes to their sin and then you have to confront your own sin.

    i like you james. you can see through most of the deception in our world. too bad you keep fooling yourself.

    you need to read the bible. read it with an open mind and a humble heart. we are running out of time. i'll pray for you.

    God bless you.

    1. Hmmm. I'm kinda picking up only Christians are moral. What about pre-Christian folk? Can we kill all non-Christians like the Spanish used to do? Not trying to open a huge can of worms, I do take some of your point. I try NOT to fool myself, but something can usually fall through the cracks. Peace.

  2. Actually marrying your sister, and maybe your daughter was established practice with the Ptolemy Pharaohs.

    Can't go down this path, Jimmy. You can not legislate morals. Been there, done that. You sound like a socialist with this prattle; which means, I can call you a dumb ass with no moral distress on my part!!!

    Choose your tribe carefully. No government larger then town sized. Etc... isn't that part of Lord Bison's Creed?

    Moral decisions are easy to encounter/recognize. Hardest part is making the right decision, since making the right decision usually involves suckage...

    There are Human Beings and things that appear human. Hope to one day welcome you to the Human Race, Jimbo.

    Dune, baby! The spice will FLOW!!!!!

    1. I would hope culturally we could legislate ourselves but obviously that is a pipe dream. Laws that don't have cultural backing don't get observed anyway.

  3. Nightshift here....Truly a great post. Who else could weave a post including incest and cannibalism and invoke thought? You are truly a master Lord Bison......

    Not a whole lot to say but will comment on Anonymous....You do not have to be Christian to be a moral person. I personally count myself as a Christian but have friends who are not. I do know atheists who are simply rabid about their beliefs and politics and I would not give them a sandwich after armagedon. Also a Sunday morning Christian is not a moral person. Meaning I was a career LEO and some of the worst examples of humanity went to church on sundays after molesting their kids saturday night. Theives, liars and cheats some of them.

    That is why I judge by the actions and not the words.

  4. Really Jim? As one of your more ardent supporters this one caught me off guard. Group morality is a sham as morality is what each person believes it to be. As a Libertarian who will eventually (hopefully) reach the true light (Anarchist)I would think you would realize that this (what a child watches on TV) is up to his parents and no one else.

    1. Yet, I'm an anarchist who doesn't think that form of society is viable unless small and hidden. I WANT to be free and realize human nature probably prohibits it. Unless we have 99% die-off and can go back to hunter-gatherers, government is inevitable.

  5. Religion of any sort always gives some 'written in stone' moral codes, such as the ten commandments.
    Religion isnt necessary for moral codes but a shared religion implies a shared baseline morality.
    Judeao-Christian-muslim religions CAN interface in such a shared way - their codes all recognize the 10 commandments. An atheist code does not have the 10 commandments as a base line- thus will be able to diverge more and more from the judeao-christian-islamic ideals. Same with pagan, wiccan, etc, etc.
    I dont classify myself via religion. But I have made a serious study of religions and moral codes for personal reasons, and I can see how almost all the moral codes share a lot of the same trends and how religions are only played up (paganism, satanism, etc) when they are minor AND a threat in some way to the established moralities. Once there threat is no longer seen as significant they are no longer discussed as much and they tend to fade--- But note how the overall morality gets dilluted.
    And note also that laws that were enforced community and nationwide used to be based on only the fundamental religious morality. Now the laws too have been dilluted, there are 'christian' forums out there where it is actually asked in all serious what law-breaking would engender a call to the police or intervention--- And most people responding said they would ignore any lawbreaking that didnt violate their christian code... Just 60 years ago, a jay walker would have been condemned- now any thing short of rape or other violence usually just gets a shrug...
    When you are filfthy rich what does it mater if someone steals another persons penny candy? 60 years ago it would have, today it doesn't. People no longer see a cost to society only a cost to themselves. A shortsighted point of view that our pop-culture is pushing hard.
    Jim do you have a laptop or dvd player at home? I have a show that I think you should see. It really drives home the point about our societies shared morallity or lack there of.