Monday, February 11, 2013

obammy understood


I feel I should unburden my tortured soul.  You see, I too made fun of our unfortunate, misunderstood President.  As all bullies and mob participants, I partook in the slander and humor, without pausing to feel the pain it might have caused.  I stand before you chastised, humbled.  I can only confess that it took me this long to reach enlightenment and now I attempt to amend my ways.  When we do not understand a peoples, we tend to mock and fear them.  But with understanding comes peace.  Yes, it is possible to live at peace with our President, if only we understand his pain and try to walk a mile in his shoes.  Uncle Obammy!  Hear me, for I now understand you and I want to stand next to your side in solidarity.  Look, I won’t sugarcoat this thing.  Obammy isn’t a perfect man.  He has his demons.  As they all did.  Does any of us really blame Clinton?  Look at the witch who had latched on to him.  Her making googly-eyes at Janet and all, of course a brother was going to stray to any plump young thing that showed any level of enthusiasm ( and remember class, plump used to be very sexy back when hardly anyone got enough to eat ).  And Bush Elder?  The man had “will kill commies for mommy and CIA” tattooed on his forehead, practically.  We knew who we were voting for ( NOT Ronnie ) and couldn’t be disappointed. 


The sad fact is that the recent trend in Presidents seems to be to show a human side to them ( manufactured or not ) and that disguises whatever greater evil they actually do.  Kind of a “look at the right hand while the left hand performs the trick” sort of thing.  I’d guess that this all started after Reagan.  Perhaps at his second term, or even his predecessors mid-term,   but no matter.  Prior to ‘88/’90 or thereabouts, elections were controlled by the time honored method of selection who got to the parties nomination.  In the end, Republican or Democrat, the Powers That Be had their man in place. Votes could be free and fair, since you were voting the One Party candidate.  Come the break up of the Soviet Union, the world global order, namely the control of oil, was no longer assured.  Suddenly, we needed a President in power that could be micro-managed daily rather than the old ones who merely were Power Approved.  And today you see the sad results.  Totally worthless human beings playing at the throne, who are glaringly unfit to all and sundry as soon as the spotlight is shined on.  You can’t have Great Men In Charge if they aren’t allowed to decide anything themselves, and have such obvious skeletons in their closets ( Clinton with dead bodies, intern affairs, fixed cattle futures.  Bush The Shrub with a laundry list worth of drunken college exploits.  Obammy with citizenship issues ) as a control mechanism. 


But of course we can’t just label these folks puppets and leave it at that.  It helps to understand what makes them tick, other than mere fear or greed.  People like Rush don’t help, actually believing that a political party makes one evil or pure.  Oh, sure, Obammy sure acts the part of a commie bastard, gleefully starting an enemies list for drone elimination or eventual Montana prairie tent city internment ( with elimination assured by Super Bowl levels of electrical supply freezing everyone to death ).  But he is just trying to get a bit of joy out of life by using the small amount of wiggle room allowed him.  If he is going to be the Titanic captain to USS Empire, he might as well kill a few honkey mo-fos before he goes down.  Okay, Obammy wants money and the illusion of power.  Duh.  All politicians do, so no surprise there.  But what made him deal with the devil?  He could have had enough of both at a lower political level.  So, unless his early handlers had big plans for him, always possible, what in the mans character would compel him to act this way?  Why be so ruthless and nasty just to be “in charge” for eight years, followed by a life of boring consultant work?  Why did he need to reach the apex of power?  My theory is in his racial mixture.  No, he wasn’t a persecuted minority.  He wasn’t a poor starving negro.  The problems all began because he was actually half White.


Any Black individual in the US is going to have issues in life.  There is way too much baggage, way too much water under the bridge.  You can “select” twenty Black presidents and that fact doesn’t change.  So, being Black starts you out at a disadvantage ( the cultural and economic and yes even political institutions are not open to you other than Token positions.  I’m not condoning this, merely pointing out the obvious ).  You have enough problems as it is, a few surely black faces surrounded by mobs of frightened white faces.  The one thing you have going for you is the size of your dingus.  White girls ( well, those loose as a goose anyway ) lust after you and white boys are green with envy.  Yes, the one thing they can’t take away from you is Your Tool.  You throw half White DNA into that equation, and suddenly you have all the problems of skin color and no compensation downstairs.  I’ll simply say it.  Obammy is hung like a white boy.  He got NO junk.  This is why he is such a twat.  He hates whitey, he hates other Blacks for their endowment.  He hates everyone because he has a tiny Johnson.  You need proof?  Look at who he married.  A fuglier bitch is hard to imagine ( well, there was Bush’s mom, er, his wife ).  Obammy couldn’t get a good looking black gal to marry him.  Hell, they could all go to a real white guy and get better loving.  He had to glom onto the first bitch that didn’t laugh him out of the bedroom.  Pity the poor bastard, don’t just hate him.


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  1. OMG!
    At first I thought it was the end, that the missles were in the air, the CME was on its way, etc, and you were trying to let us know without posting those words because the men in the darkstuits were standing behind you.
    But no, you led to where you always go. Sympathy for the devil and rationality swimming in a sea of the tough part of tough love...
    Yep you are still you. And the collapse is still stair stepping down the way (like the POPE! did you hear that he is steping down!).
    Today is an OMG sort of day I guess.


  2. so now you can relate to obummer?

    you both have tiny dicks.

    do you still have a fever?

  3. Hey, a fever shrivels you up worse than a cold swim!

  4. Manic Bisonian PreacherFebruary 11, 2013 at 10:30 PM

    I think the first "lady" has a bigger dick than he does.