Thursday, February 14, 2013

gotta get my bammy bucks


Oh, I gotta get my Bammy Bucks, Bammy bucks!  Quite lyrical.  Bammy Bucks are those never ending Gub-mint bennies that we all know about and want with all our hearts, such as Food Stamps, Section 8, Social Security and Medicare.  Oh, we all play stupid and pretend, along with such intellectual giants as Rush that one more Black crack whore of third generational welfare will bankrupt our country.  Never mind that there are far more White redneck trailer trash bitches on welfare, the fantasy all us crackers trade like Pokemon cards is that Welfare Bad!  Welfare will break us all!  But of course the kind of welfare that Rush won’t talk about, because his beloved bankers and big ag corporations are mainlining like junkies, is corporate welfare.  Just today, and I swear I’m friggin retarded for continual subjection, Rush was making fun of Food Stampers, doing his little boy voice imitating their excuses, WANTING Food Stamps and using any excuse to get them ( the excuse de jur is Obammy claiming corporations are getting tax breaks for sending jobs overseas, so now the worthless and weak can claim there is no work ).  Rush, whose been in an economic fantasyland for thirty years, claims like all good righties that there will always be jobs out there and if you don’t work you are lazy and worthless.  This was especially true back in the Robber Baron Days when there were plenty of good bulked up Irish immigrants ready and able to take the place of the last slaughtered worker, and willing to do it for tators and beer wages. 


Of course there is an element of truth in the lazy label.  That’s what makes an effective propaganda piece.  But one has to be able to see the shades of grey.  It is NEVER simply black and white.  In truth, Rush, dinning amongst your wealthy golf buddies down in Florida, there are indeed great swaths of country where there are pretty much no jobs.  If there are jobs, they don’t come in an area where you can afford to live on their wages.  If you do manage to live on the substandard wages, the cops- doing the obsequies bidding of the wealthy landowning elite- will harass you for it such as if you live in your car or bike to work.  And sometimes Rush, you who never missed a meal and certainly never ate on Top Ramen for awhile ( back when they were a dime a pack.  They ain’t much for Po Boy food anymore ), sometimes you can scrape by but by God after awhile you start asking yourself, Why?  Sometimes it is easier to just say screw it, I’m going to get my Bammy Bucks.  You go get a minimum wage job that won’t give you over 30 hours ( too low of hours to give you insurance, but too many hours to avoid buying it yourself ), so you bring home a whole $180 a week.  You can certainly live on that, and in fact Rush insists on it.  If they paid you any more he’d have to downgrade from a Super Deluxe Size Fry to a Super, and from a gallon to a half gallon chocolate milk shake, the cost of running the business would soar so much.


Now lets say that it is already January 2014.  Time to start buying ObammyCare insurance.  Call it $90 a month.  If you want to use it, another $90 a month ( to pay for the deductible ).  You just took a 25% take home pay cut.  Or, looked at another way, you now have a whopping 25% increase in your incentive to NOT work.  Suddenly, as long as you live in a state that doesn’t opt out of the expanded Medicare program ( to now include no to low income folks aged 18-65 ), you no longer have free food to consider, but also free medical.  Now, I’m not talking about greed or laziness here.  I’m talking about the disincentive to work.  $500 a month take home a month is what you get after taxes, medical and cut hours to save the company money on bennies.  Of that, you get to buy food and pay rent and utilities.  Now, I’d love to “only” work thirty hours a week.  But I sure would not want to add ten hours of commuting to that and have nothing to show for it.  Which is how a lot of folks will see it.  Why bust your hump for zero at the end of the month?


Now that medical is an option welfare wise, you just aren’t eating for free but also keeping your health.  Being on the government roles can have a down side ( I’d worry that a designed virus was lurking in the flu shot they forced me to take if I wanted to keep my coverage ).  It isn’t 100% safe.  But today, we are all dejectedly punch in and out for our $500 a month, just waiting for the company to bankrupt.  There is zero security in the private sector anymore.  And if you think about it, almost every corporation is on some kind of government tit program, and they make more per company than entire states worth of welfare bitches.  I’d feel no guilt whatsoever about retiring to junk land, cashing in my Food Stamps and getting free medical, fishing all day.  The system is going to crash, so why clutch to 70’s era feelings of honor working hard?  The system rewards welfare now, in all its disguised forms.  I’m not saying become totally dependent on it, or relish your good luck sucking off the taxpayer.  Simply look at it as getting on the roles prior to being forced on.  And know that it can always go away- so enjoy it while you can.  Playing by the rules makes us feel good, but everyone else knows we are being played for a sucker.

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  1. Lord Bison of the Great Basin;

    As I exclaimed to a co-worker two days ago when the boss was getting ready to gut, his non-productive self into a termination of employment notice; "Survive at All Costs!" I told him to look at Machiavelli, Tsu, and Von-Clausewitz for advice on how to outsmart the boss at his his own game. My co-worker did just that and now has a little bit of breathing room to come up with a new strategy. On temporary public assistance to cope with the onslaught of tax increases, private sector job cuts and the disincentive to work; like you clearly state, when the corporate paymasters are like a bunch of greedy piggies at the sugga teet of government assistance, then the private person should go and get his, while the getting is good. No doubt when I retire, I'm going full force for my SS Disability Insurance payout for as long as they send me electric checks. Like you've stated again we're on full approach for the world of Soylent Green and $200.00 USD per month in stamps or $137.42 USD in cash per joker per month, who cares when it's all worthless paper currency anyway. If you ain't started your food stockpile yet, chances are you aren't ever going to have a stockpile when it goes down, then it's long pork for sure to the cost of your everloving soul. Keep keeping it Real James!