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Well, once again into the breach.  I’m ignoring my last attempt at  The Three Phases Of Civilization Collapse and starting with version two.  Here is my outline along with the first installment.  If you like it, no need to comment and I’ll continue, eventually making it into a book ( doing as with the last one, publishing chapters two to three times a week ).  If you hate it, please let me know so I won’t annoy everyone by dragging it out.  Some ideas are book worthy, others only article length worthy.  Before I get started, I want to point out a minion book.  The writing style kind of takes you by surprise at first, but once you get past it you really get involved in the story.  Don’t expect a quick post-apocalypse shoot-em-up with all your favorite plastic carbines.  This is more a character development that takes its time.  I’m quite enamored with it and I recommend you check it out:


3PC2 v.2

Chapter Outline

Economic Collapse

Die Off


Economic Collapse

   New And Improved Peak Oil

   Grandpa’s 70’s Preps

   Why This Time Is Different

      500 Year Supercycle

      End Of Free Energy


Die Off

   Malthus Post Petroleum

   Civilized World In Collapse

   How Do You Build After Resources Run Out?

      Depleted Soil

      Protein To China

      Centralized Ore Refining



   Local Dark Ages Can Be Good

   Back To Tribalized Warfare

Prepping For Economic Collapse

   Eliminating Debt

   Eliminating Expenses

      No Rent/Mortgage

      No Car

   Living Near Teeming Masses

   Dependent On Petroleum Economy

Prepping For Die Off

   Junk Land And Bugging Out

   Food Storage

   Hiding From Conflict

Reemerging For PODA

   Weapons Devolution

   Wealth Back To Land

   Metal, Metal, Everywhere ( and can’t refine )

The Conflicting Phases


3PC2 v2 no1



While most people simply shrug off the lies and deceptions of politicians, I tend to take them rather personally. Not that I pine away my days wishing for the good old times of government for the people. That was back when Lincoln imprisoned any reporter who didn’t give a rousing good cheer for any Yankee imperialist atrocity, Teddy Roosevelt was subjugating Little Brown People in the Pacific, FDR was stealing Constitutional money from civilians ( replacing it with instantly depreciated by 40% Greenbacks ) and ad finite ad nausea. No, I merely tend to remember all the lies as I know they are personally directed at fooling me, and I take it personally that I’m made the fool by them. For instance, our current Titanic Captain Obammy The First Kenyan made the same dumbass pledge as did Bush The Elder about “no new taxes”. No sooner did he take office in his first term than he raised the taxes on Roll Your Own tobacco so that a one dollar pack of smokes was now going for the same price as factory brand name packs, from three to four bucks. Yes, its so bad now that the Canadians are smuggling cigarettes down here. Because Obammy has the Politically Correct Skin Tone, no one made a fuss about his deception and falsehood. Nor do they seem to recall that the phase “green shoots” is being used by him and his butt boy gang going on five years now ( the Department Of Transportation TIGER program [ no, I don’t know what it means nor particularly care ] even has part of their logo a green shoot ) which is simply embarrassing. Obviously you lie like a rug. It is second nature to you and I’m sure Michele complains about it being your only position. But once you take the levels of falsehood to this level it starts smelling a bit like Nazi propaganda. Green Shoots can only last so long before the damn thing turns into a friggin tree.


Of course, to be fair, administration lies can be a very good thing. The more that are applied, the more they led credence to the theory that the exact opposite is taking place. And every subtle shift in the phraseology also becomes another dot to connect in this puzzle. When you go from “The Great Recession” to simply “the recession”, and green shoots are perpetual and bailouts turn to Quantitative Easing and The Implosion Of The European Union has been going on as long as green shoots, one starts to pick up a whiff of suppressed disaster. No one wants to be the little boy who cried wolf, yet once again declaring The End Is Nigh and being proven an idiot ( better to keep ones mouth shut and be thought an idiot than open ones mouth and prove it beyond a doubt, as the saying goes ). But never fear, after I get done with you, you shall not only question all you think you know but revel in your rebellious insistence that yes indeed this time is different. We are already in an economic collapse, and not only that but you will indeed look back at the good old days soon and enjoy them. Because this is just the first phase in the collapse of civilization. Hyperbole? You would think so, a tired authors sad attempt at selling more doom and gloom tirades in booklet form. Well, I’ve got news for you, bub. I don’t sell these things for crap. I can write thousand page treatises on Mayan Calendar end times, imminent asteroid collisions, little green men controlling the Vatican or whatever else and few people pay the slightest attention. This is my poorly paid hobby on top of my regular day job. I have no paid dog in this fight, only a desire to share my fear and paranoia. Normally I despise sharing, a communist plot spread by misinformed mothers the world over, but sometimes I relent and try to further the concept. I’m a caring guy, so I’ll share my mental dysfunction with you.


Okay, this is mainly going to be an exercise in faith. If you are a optimistic person, I can’t say anything that will change your mind. Here is my definition of an optimist: “Hi, I think that glass is half full. Let’s go for a hike in the desert.” The pessimist knows that he’ll run out of water too quickly because the friggin glass is half empty. He takes more water and after the optimist dies, he skins his friend for shade and enjoys his extra water. Faith is not a bad thing. I’m not religious, but I also envy those who do have the faith, as it gives guidance and reassurance. Having faith We Are All Going To Die might not seem as healthy, but the viewpoint not only allows you to sacrifice for preparations, it cushions any mental trauma if something bad does happen. When you have naïve faith in the wrong thing, such as you think Blackwater mercs coming to disarm you rather than take you out of a flood or if you continue to believe a pretty face claiming the recovery has already started, you end up butt hurt and betrayed. My job here is not really to persuade the optimistic that we are all going to die. I can’t do that, just as I can’t convince someone on angel dust they can’t fly. I’m here to try to talk the already paranoid into believing that it is actually worse than they think, and why. Paranoia can destroy an otherwise healthy psyche in times of good and plenty. In a collapsing civilization, only the paranoid will survive. I’m only interested in helping to save those folks, by stripping away the last of the lies and deceit that those in power are using to keep the passengers calm and locked away down below the waterline.

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  1. Jim, you are blabbering.

    Do not continue with this manner of presentation. It is not marketable.

    Everyone can be an asshole to others, but can you be an asshole to yourself??? If you can...put the screws to yourself and objectively judge your own articles.

    You used to be good. Go back ten years and re read some of your stuff.

    Now you are all nicey nicey with the rest of the survivalist (PHONY) expert blog WRITERS.

    Take the gloves off. You walk the walk. You got heart.

    You Know Who

  2. I have to agree with the above post.

    You have a talent for keeping it real. Don't loose that.

    If you decide to go back to fiction, I am still waiting for the fellow to walk back to his trailer after he delivered the jerky. That is an excellent story.

    Idaho Homesteader