Friday, January 18, 2013

more evolution


Before we begin today’s wise ponderings, a tale of mirth and wonderment.  As of late I’ve been a bit more scatterbrained than normal.  I think my brain actually froze ( current update: day 14 at below zero, 10 spent at work ).  So a few nights ago I forget my ski mask at work.  In the mornings I put it out to dry ( from the frost buildup ) and other crap got piled on top of it when the sub-subaltern came in to work on the office computer ( some viruses infected all the computers and mine, a former reject that was years old and on its last legs, had to be replaced.  The day I couldn’t post my office computer was so bad I couldn’t even use the word processor [ it actually froze up between key strokes ] ).  So, I’m peddling home and acutely noticing the cold since it was about 16 and I usually wear the ski mask when it goes below 20.  When I get home, I’m looking through my crap for the mask but can’t find it which is when I realize how it got left at work.  I get into my storage area under the bed and pull out a three pack of ski masks I’d bought years before as a back-up.  Alas, I had never opened the plastic wrap, just threw them into storage.  My bad- the damn things were poorly designed.  The eye holes were tennis ball size but the mouth was the size of a quarter coin.  The mask was thick and warm but the mouth hole so small I had to purse my lips to get air, looking like a guppy fish.  But, I had to wear it the next morning as it was, you guessed it, below friggin zero again.


So, I get all layered up and go to wake up the wife for a good bye kiss.  The wife is usually one with a droll sense of humor but occasionally she can surprise you with a left field out of no where zinger.  She wakes up, kisses me, feels the ski mask on me, quips “you look like a blow up doll with that thing on” ( referring to a blow up sex doll with the small round mouth ) and goes back to sleep.  As I’m now formulating the new mental image of me in this damn ski mask. 


I came up with a new theory the other day, out of the blue.  Well, not out of the blue.  A coworker is as pregnant as can be and liable to pop at any time.  So, I’m talking to her and I’m reassuring you that, yes, she will be having a lot more kids ( she was trying to convince herself she would stop at one ).  So I asked her if she knew about sleep deprivation.  Of course.  Do you know why a kid won’t sleep the night through for months at a time?  My theory is that rather than needing to eat more or whatever, the whole reason an infant won’t let you sleep enough is so that you experience sleep deprivation.  I think it is a design that enabled the species to reproduce much like insects ( always going above replacement numbers to ensure enough breeding pairs survive calamity ).  If a parent is so numb from lack of sleep ( not to mention the mother being drained of fats ) that their mental facilities are compromised, the whole trauma of childbirth is muted in their memory.  It isn’t for the child’s benefit that they only sleep in snatches.  It erases memories that could impede reproduction.


Now, how about that design flaw that are your teeth?  As a child, you are not only better at fighting off tooth and gum disease, even if you weren’t they replace themselves anyway.  So why is it adults teeth easily decay and are not replaced?  If man evolved to eat meat, and the tools to chew that food are easily disabled, how is he supposed to survive?  My answer is that your teeth are that way for a reason.  You aren’t supposed to live that long.  If a female is fertile at around twelve to fourteen and the historic norm is children not too long after that, you are a great grandparent at age 45.  There is no longer a need for your services at this point.  There is already another grandparent available to help raise the next generation.  That is probably the average field use lifespan from a pair of teeth.  You were meant to die and get the hell out of the way, rather than eating into the sparse food stores.  If you died earlier it was most likely you were flawed in your DNA some other way which indirectly affected your teeth.  If you lived longer you had a better set of DNA that strengthened your teeth for a longer period and hence you had more time to pass on your superior genes ( for all you buxomly wenches out there, not only do I have all my teeth other than three I let a cut rate Bombay dentist near, my shoe size is 10.5 ). 


So, for all you worthless eaters out there, pining to see 103 even if it means you bankrupt the government thinking they should pay for your nursing home, you are bucking the historic norm.  Sorry, but 90 is not normal.  Half that age is.  I don’t make the rules.  Evolution does not give two craps what an individual wants or needs, but the species as a whole.  Yes, yes, the fascists used Darwin theory for evil.  But that doesn’t invalidate the whole rationale behind evolution.  And, by the by, if you are done fondly remembering how good we were and how bad Hitler was, do you not recall this countries little experiment with eugenics?  We involuntarily sterilized all kinds of “undesireables” from retards to prison inmates.  Think for yourself, because if you allow others to do it they will lie to you for their own benefit.

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  1. Your post about Evolution, Darwin, and Eugenics is certain to bring out the trolls, so let me start with a pre-emptive strike.

    Anyone who understands evolution, and studies biology, knows evolution is a *current* _fact_ (origin of the species would be historical/prehistorical and thus not _provable_ either way) Evolution works now on a number of species we can watch over sufficent generations.
    But evolution of a species works best, for a species, when a large diversity of geno and pheno types exist and are allowed to cross- only eliminating the dross that is truely unable to survive, allowing for the maximum adaptabilty of the species (i.e. Sickle cell anemia is a defense against malaria, diabetics survive well on low carb high fat diets like natives of the far north traditionally had, etc.) Who knows what secret blessings various 'human garbage' might hide in their genes? Like Magnificently Coifed Jim here, most of society would consider a paranoid freak- but his preps could save his children in a collapse--- Hmmm.....

    Eugenics is the human ARROGANCE and HUBRIS of thinking we can improve upon natures own natural selection. Evolution is nature (as god intended if their is a god) doing what nature does- a cold bitch, doing what has to be done, there is no reason for humans to intercede.
    But of course our tribal and familial instincts combined mean we intercede in the other direction (preventing evolution) at least a hundred times more often than we intercede by trying to one up nature with eugenics. Thus we have what we got, an f*-ed up gene pool hopefully with enough diversity for some of us to survive the coming population overshoot.

    1. Put on a ski mask.
      Put on over that ski mask, a plastic bag
      with holes to match the ski mask holes.
      Put on another ski mask.

    2. you don't need no holes

      just put the plastic bag over your head

      go for it vladimir

  2. Excellent commentary on the role of the aged past and present. What are your views on the sustainablilty of frugal prepping as one ages. Consider the inablilty to perform physical functions now taken for granted. Is there a prepper plan for the new normal after age 60 and the changes that entails or is this an unexplored area of the SHTF literature?

  3. Better answer: Why won't a kid let you sleep through the night for months at a time? wussy parents. At 3-6 weeks, put the kid down at night, and for night, let the kid cry it out. The next night, the kid will sleep through the night and will continue to do so forever. Of course, that night is painful, and everyone in the house will be cuddled up and desperate to go to the kid, just suck it up and deal. No more sleep deprivation. But, you do have to wait a few weeks .... can't do it with a brand spakin' new born.

  4. Interesting theories to be sure. There is something to be said for the wisdom and experience that older people tend to have accumulated over time (and I emphasize "tend", since many people remain exceedingly ignorant even in old age.

    Between the ages of 45 and 90 there can be a great amount of learning of observation to be sure and perhaps more importantly the digesting of that info into greater insights that are of value to the younger generations.

    Sometimes a few small scraps of information will make the difference between losing valuable members of your "tribe".

    Of course, if great great grandpa knows how to start a model T ford that might not come in handy this day and age - but he may have fought with or against guerrillas in some backwater war and have some insight that could come in handy even now. Old-time skills can certainly come in handy should society break down, and reading about them in a book is probably not as good as getting them for the source itself.

    If you notice, a small percentage of great grandpas are mentally and physically very capable. Perhaps that is all that is needed and nature knows that. You don't want a population composed of 50% non-reproductives but maybe 2-3% is a good thing as they are a great repository of hard won insight and knowledge.

  5. You've probably covered it before but it would be interesting if you would discuss your usual diet again and go over the process of "nuke wheat bread"