Wednesday, January 23, 2013

lazy buggers and oil surplus


A minion flagged the Hermit’s site as being racist:

( dude, remind me in a week or so if I forget to add you to my links page )

The only thing I could find was a reference to “lazy blacks making millions a year in sports”.  One could, if working in a taxpayer supported commie ivory tower University, cry racist over that.  At most, I would say someone doesn’t like the Black dominance of professional sports.  Does that make them racist?  I don’t think so.  It makes them xenophobic ( you would think a Professor would know the difference if I, a lazy student of thirty years ago and since merely library book educated, could tell the difference.  So, they are either stupid as a fecal stained rock or trying to foster propaganda.  My vote is on the rock ).  But I doubt the Hermit is racist.  If I recall correctly, in an earlier post he claimed he hated everyone and skin color was no barrier.  Look, I was definitely not raised in a racist household.  My father who I have nothing but the utmost respect for, ran a tight ship intellectually.  He had little time for stupid thinking.  I only “learned” to be slightly racist when I got in the Army and it wasn’t long after that when I chastised myself severely for thinking stupid ( it is hard being a true racist when you are a white boy and marry a Mexican gal ).  It wasn’t the skin color that I hated but the foreign culture, that of the ghetto, that I had never encountered before.  It threw me for a time before I understood my reaction.  And I would wager most folks are about the same.


I’m sure there are some truly racist people out there ( be they of whatever color ).  They merely see a foreign color and hate that person for no other reason.  That is just “cracker stupid” racism.  But most of us have more brain power than a trailer park crack smoking butt crack showing tabaccy chewing inbred hillbilly dumbass.  We either are, on that particular subject, lazy in our thinking and so never advance our articulation or never meet a peer that chastises us for that oversight.  That is just a lack of education, not organic idiocy.  Yes, a lot of people have given up in life, so weary of their White People Problems, two hours of commute, nine hours of work, two hours of Idiot Box, an hour of arguing with the spouse and too little sleep, that they just stop thinking too much.  These are the people I make fun of for liking American Idol.  They aren’t necessarily stupid, they just don’t give a crap anymore.  So they think something like “I hate N-Bombs” or “I hate those Wonder Bread Honkey Mo-Fo’s”.  What they really mean is, “I hate all outsiders to my village” but at the time lack the skills or the desire to apply the skills to figure out the difference.  I contend that true racism is extremely rare, and xenophobia is nearly universal.


Our good buddy over at:

ran a link showing the super deluxe spike in fake oil production.  Speaking of intellectual honesty, Greg is brilliant in chronicling our countries energy crisis, but he also isn’t afraid to go where the facts lead.  He might sound doomer sometimes but if the facts say otherwise he’ll tell us.  Me, I like top throw wet blankets on any outbreak of optimism.  First, let’s forget that fracking is a flash in the pan, a “40% decline in one year” type of production, and just take the linked article at face value.  We’ll call it The Bison Best Case Scenario.   Let us say, for the sake of argument ( NOT saying I endorse the view ), that fracking is forever and the US continues this level of production.  Do we see economic recover ( because, after all, our whole economic mess was not a housing bubble or banker greed or liberal politicians but simply A Decline In Oil Supplies )?  Hell To the No!!  Because, as I keep telling you and you keep covering your ears and humming “I’m not listening, I’m not listening!”, the die off is Peak Oil and the economic collapse is Peak Cheap And Abundant Oil ( and these aren’t even my original thought but from those a heck of a lot smarter than me ).  Our economy, for 500 years ( oh, I’m sorry, let me repeat myself.  Five Friggin Centuries!!!! ) has had exactly one mode of economic activity and that is growth and grown with only one kind of energy- free to next to nothing cheap.  It is as butt simple as that.  You can put lipstick on that pig but it still doesn’t dress up. 


When your resource base goes from free to expensive, you have an economic collapse.  We can argue over “collapse or contraction” until the cows come home, but even if collapse never happens, you are still toast economically.  Our energy production has increased ( although not enough to cover falling imports ), yet our DOMESTIC use has fallen.  That is our future in a best case scenario.  Our citizens have no jobs, live in poverty, and we ship our excess food and energy and ores overseas to folks that can afford to pay, because their economy was raised from peon farmer to industrial powerhouse on expensive energy.  It has nothing to do with the nation’s debt to China.  Forget that, it is white noise.  The simple fact is that the powers that be will make money.  Either from us or from foreigners.  If the foreigners have the wealth, they get dibs on resources.  Our domestic use in high end food ( like meat ) will fall, as will all types of energy, and most useful items.  Economic contraction.  Not when it is a great idea to be in debt.  Or 100% dependent on a job.  And that is best case.

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