Monday, January 28, 2013

debt slaves and evil black guns


Before we start today, a quick aside.  My son, training in California ( 29 Palms? ), reported that last Friday the whole base lost power.  Now, call me paranoid, but isn’t this the sort of thing that shouldn’t happen?  I know that a training base isn’t the same thing as NORAD or coastal defense or what not, but it seems that any military facility that loses power is telling the world a thing or two.  Like, our infrastructure is so crappy that we can’t even provide the military with essential services.  Of course, this was in California, which makes the whole thing rather amusing since that state and steady reliable electricity wasn’t been two things you’ve heard of together for over a decade.  And even more amusing, I was just talking about the four year old EMP Chinese missile test off Los Angeles earlier that day.  Hmmmm.


If there is one thing I’ve pretty much relied on lo these many years it is Rawles site being mellow, unexcitable and even boring.  No doom and gloom over there!  Well, I guess everyone has their line in the sand because this morning was the Rawles equivalent of a gasket being blown.  Check out the call for armed property destruction if the hi-cap ban goes into effect.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  I agree that any law that is unconstitutional has no moral force and should be ignored.  But, having said that, I hasten to add that you ignore it at your own peril.  You see, the schools might mention the Constitution now and again, the media might pull it out of its dusty hidden closet when it suits their needs ( the First Amendment is perfect, means exactly what it says and is not to be trifled with.  One the other hand, the Second clearly means something other than what it says and should be ignored at all times ), and a lot of people get their panties in a bunch over it when they have to obey a law they don’t like ( yet conveniently ignore the lack of any mention of the legality of transfer programs if they are getting it ).  But in practice, where it counts rather than in the empty hollow propaganda, our Constitution is completely 100% ignored by all levels of government.  So if you go around thinking you are the next disguised Red Indian dumping tea over a disputed tax, calling for a Burn Barrel Day to destroy all gun records ( which ignores the whole record of the phone call to the Feds for that gun purchase ), you are just courting a whole lot of trouble.  If people are gunned down by jack booted thugs over their kids being homeschooled, or over having more than an ounce of weed, there will certainly be no compunction on the part of the authorities to massacre anyone caught destroying gun store purchase records.


Talk about dying for a worthless cause.  Like I said, if the Feds want to track your purchases, they already have.  Wasn’t it a law many years ago that the Feds couldn’t database those records?  And then they were found to be doing exactly that?  Okay, 99 out of a hundred groups that heed Rawles call are unopposed.  Some cops might be Oath Keepers, or they don’t respond in time to the call, or whatever.  Those 1% still get shot and killed ( keep in mind Rawles is calling for an armed group raiding and destroying the records- the authorities know ahead of time they will confront dangerous people ).  If the authorities already have some kind of duplicate record keeping, those folks just got killed for no reason.  Look at our long history of martyrs.  How many actually changed things?  I contend very few.  But now we ask the far more key question.  How many of the debt slaves out there are going to actually go through with this?  Most folks are choke chained by corporations and banks.  Step out of line and they lose it all, the nice house and the car and the wife and the giant screen TV for SuperBowl Sunday.  So why would they break the law over a law that was already passed and complied with?


Clinton’s assault weapons ban didn’t see a whole lot of civil disobedience.  Why would this one?  Hey, I’m an anarchist and I believe everyone should own squad automatic weapons, grenade launchers and any other thing the free market might offer.  I’d LOVE to have an M79 ( say hello to my little friend- but not the attachment to the M16, the stand alone single shot ).  But that said, if I can still buy other rifles, do I really think armed defiance over Big Boy Toys is a good idea?  In principle, I advocate no government.  In practice, I cower before ours like the good little serf I am.  If the squeaky wheel gets the grease ( as in the anal lubricant ), I’ll stay pretty quiet ( remember, I have a bit under a thousand readers.  I am not known to exist.  Not like Rawles, under the microscope ).  I’m sorry your expensive plastic Evil Black Guns are in danger of being outlawed, but are they worth dying over?  Of course, massive non-compliance WOULD change things, and perhaps for the better.  But my point is that I don’t see very many people joining this battle.  Hey, the man has balls, I’ll give him that.  As far as brains?  Look, the same body of corrupt politicians he has been advocating to contact to protest the coming ban are the same humps who screwed us over 100 years ago.  That was a complete waste of time.  But this next course of action might very well be just as useless and potentially dangerous.  And, sorry, I’m not impressed over people going to war over a weapon you can’t even buy ammo for.  You want to impress me?  Agitate for the PATRIOT Act and all such to be taken off the books.  You know, the one that makes it legal to “disappear” you when you do something retarded like burn government records.

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  1. Lord Bison of the Great Basin;

    While I agree that the lack of coordination will doom many to die by the hands of those who could care less and I agree that avocation of any sort initiation of violence towards others will eventually lead to self-destruction, however disagree with having to endure the tyranny of the majority just because I won't have the courage to resist said tyranny. As a Libertarian, I advocate a democratic solution to the crisis that currently confronts private citizens and their currently lawful private property. As the Congressional Representatives of my political subdivision have promised me and my fellow constituents, that they will not compromise on any sort of proposed gun control. I recommend that others continue to pressure through phone calls, emails and the post to urge their respective Congressional Representatives to vote against said proposed gun control when it comes to a vote. The Congressional Representatives (Harry Reid, D-Nevada to name an example)who represent districts who have said large pro-civil rights constituency will most certainly think very long and very deep before casting a vote for any additional gun control legislation, hence they will be very likely out of a job come the next election cycle, with a pro-civil rights candidate, who will do their best to effect a repeal of said legislation thus ensuring Liberty remains paramount and secure forever in the law of the land. But remember James, once they clear out the semi-autos, they will be after the bolt-guns next.

    1. I understand the progeression from evil black guns to "sniper" rifles ( bolt s ). What I don't understand is the pussies who did nothing during Clintons ban making so much noise now- essentially the same ban. Being a pussy is ok, it is how to survive being renditioned and disappeared. Just don't be a pussy but act like you are all macho. Those are the folks that irritate me. Probably the same ones who think nothing of women in combat and other brain farts. I'll stop now.