Friday, January 25, 2013

Carl 2


Don’t worry, I won’t beat the dead horse from yesterday too much.  Basically, today is a bit of this and a bit of that but I’m anchoring it with a few items I didn’t get to cover yesterday.  Like the movie “G.I. Jane”.  I knew there was Demi Moore in it but I couldn’t remember the movies title.  So, what to do other than Google the actress and up pops her movies.  I start reading, always being easily distracted, how she was a champion, having overcome hardship as an abused child in a trailer park.  Now, I’ll agree that Demi is a hot little number and hence one you want to see in a movie.  Acting ability?  Who cares.  As long as they aren’t too God awful bad, you go hoping to see nice cleavage if not actual boob action.  Remember Cindy Crawford?  Do you remember how she acted, or do you remember her for the prolonged frontal nudity scene in that action flick with black SUV’s running around and Russian mob dudes ( there might have been a Baldwin brother in there somewhere )?  Thank you, you’ve made my point.  But anyway, what the heck is that snarky little jab about trailer parks?  Not only do 99% of all seniors live in them in Florida and Arizona ( and don’t get me started on the senile pukes watering lawns in 120 degree heat or washing their Caddies until the water tables drop fifty feet and mile high dust clouds envelope the state ), trailer parks are everywhere there are poor people.  I’m beginning to smell moneyed elitism over at this bio site.


If you are in a trailer park, more than likely you own ( well, you and the bank ) the thing and have enough money left over to pay the lot rent.  Chances are good you have a regular job ( welfare bitches get nice apartments with Section 8, and crack manufacturers are out in the country alone because of the chances of getting caught ).  Trailer park living is one of the only ways for the working poor to survive because all the middle class snob Yuppie Scum Wanna-Be superiors have jacked up property values artificially ( ooooohhhhh! I don’t want a head lice infested POOR PERSON to go to the same school as my Edward Dooflesnork III.  We can’t allow THEM in the neighborhood.  Now, quick, my nails are still wet.  Run down in the SUV and pick up a bucket of chicken prepared by minimum wage workers ).  Fecal stain mother humpers.  What brought up GI Jane the movie with Demi was I believe this simply has to be the new training video all officers must see before they achieve rank.  Look, see, if the bitches just grunt more and really, really, wish upon a falling star they can achieve Herculean feats of strength and change their brain hormonal output to be naturally aggressive.  Then all fems can be super “Terminator” type warriors.


This morning I actually got to work early so I got to thinking, always dangerous, and felt that since “Apocalypse Gun Porn” was selling like hotcakes over at Kindle ( two sales to date ) I should cash in on my good fortune and offer it in a paper version.  It is 39 pages, full size ( 8x11 ), with a hot pink color.  Sorry, but in a fit of whimsy I picked the cover in poor taste to make fun of, I don’t know.  Females and their “bodice ripper” books?  Other fem soft porn like “Fifty Shades Of Grey”?  It just felt like a goof, so I went with it.  It goes for $6 plus shipping, with my cut a corporate greedy $1.15.


My posted ad at the top of web page this morning is of course “Trillion Dollar Conspiracy” by Jim Marrs.  Normally, I don’t like the author.  I could never get into his book on the Kennedy assassination or one other of his I tried.  I guess the premise being one I didn’t agree with ( if I’m thinking of the right one ), the military industrial complex wanting a war ( I think it was 100% bankers ), just made it dull reading.  So, I dithered about for some time before I ordered this book.  And so far, the first thirty pages or whatever, I’m really enjoying it.  He made a mention in the introduction of that missile launch off California in 2009 or thereabouts.  The news guys had video but the official make believe explanation was pure crap ( jet contrail ).  I never paid much attention to it at the time, but Jim says that coincidentally at the same time a cruise ship had total electronic failure ( all engines, all back-ups ) and had to be rescued.  Most likely, a Chinese small scale atmosphere EMP weapon test.  I think I’ll like this book ( keep in mind, all items posted as ads aren’t necessarily tested/used by me.  Most are from my not yet ordered Wish List or items ordered but not received/read ).


Six weeks of pure D holy hell weather.  Two weeks without sun, one week snow never ending, followed by three weeks of below zero temps.  Now, it is staying above freezing and raining and it is all melting.  My power supply is okay now.  I installed all my new panels and have eighty watts ( daily use 40 watts ) capacity.  Even cloudy now I can still get a full charge by the end of the day.  My dirt staircase to the pit is in a slight bit of trouble with all the melting snow.  I’ve added more cat litter and put down plywood to distribute weight but come spring I’ll need to do some serious improvements.  Rebar and wood on the vertical and cement paving stones on the horizontal and shovel away the mounds of dirt to decrease runoff.  It is still a workable design as is, in normal weather.  But spring rains at the end of January?  The wife made a funny yesterday.  She is getting “closet fever”.  Get it?  The pit is too small to be a cabin, as in “cabin fever”.  So, small as a closet.  Heh, happy weekend to you all.


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  1. Da Druid made Zero Hedge!

    My fav comment...
    Ignatius sez:

    "John Michael Greer is an educated, well written, though muddle-headed ass-clown.

    I used to read his Arch Druid blog and he had just enough insights to hold my attention.

    Peak oil is his main theme and on that he is correct. Big deal, join the gathering crowd.

    I made only one comment to his blog where the subject of money came up. I simply and humbly noted that a silver quarter from the early 60s could buy a gallon of gas then and that that same quarter could still buy a gallon of gas+ today. I mentioned gold in the same context.

    His response was a rambling tirade of his personal, ideological ignorance. He immediately inferred in his response that I was some kind of anti-government, gun-toting, raving hillbilly prepper (not true, but it's still early) and that the government confiscated gold before and they'll do it again and they'll send in drones so what good is a gun.... Wha...? I didn't even mention guns. I guess he assumes nobody should save anything, ever, 'cause someone will target it.

    His blog is an intolerant, obedient, well organized girl scout troop.

    I deleted that bookmark and ain't been back since."

    Gotta agree about his "scouts"

  2. Good morning LB. Sounds like you're freezing your butt off. I found this neat little candle heater at Random Good Stuff.

    Stay warm.