Tuesday, January 8, 2013

3PC2 defending yourself in phase one

As I’ve always said, at least since the time I first heard it from someone else and shamelessly appropriated it for myself, every problem has a simple solution.  The problem with that solution is that nobody likes the solution any better than the problem.  So they doink around with half assed stupid solutions that inevitably makes things worse.  Sometimes it is just better to suck it up and go directly to the simple painful solution.  Trust me, in the long run it will be a net gain, either in money saved, sanity not lost or less stress.  The simple answer to our modern fast paced debt slave existence is simply walk away from as many entanglements as possible.  The simple solution is to give up as high as a level of luxury as has recently been dubbed the new normal.  You don’t need an SUV for every family member, nor does a McMansion provide a better shelter.  You don’t need a cell phone for each child.  You don’t need a credit card for emergencies, and eating out shouldn’t take half your food budget.  And most importantly to achieve all of the above, you don’t need a trophy wife.  Now, I could listen all day to your whining and screaming about how each and every thing just listed is indeed essential, but I’m not really giving two humps.  Just shut the hell up and stop and think for yourself this one time in your life.  What you NEED are necessities.  What you WANT are luxuries. 
Believe it or not, a car is not a necessity.  Transportation might be necessary, but it doesn’t have to be a car.  You NEED shelter, but it doesn’t have to be a real estate agent sold thirty year mortgage.  And don’t even try to talk me into an argument in favor of cell phones.  If you are a brain surgeon and need to be reached immediately, anywhere, in a life and death situation, you need a cell phone.  If you are a mere mortal, you do not.  If you are a frail 100 pound soaking wet defenseless female, you don’t need a cell phone “for emergencies”.  You need a concealed weapons permit and need to be packing heat at all times.  Anyway, what you really NEED are life’s necessities, a few reasonable low end luxuries to make life rewarding, absolutely ZERO debt long term and a way to soften the blow of the central baker dominated economy collapsing.  The two easiest ways to live within your means are doing away with a car and with a mortgage or rent.  Then, after you get rid of personal debt, you are in a position to live on a casual or low income without much stress.  It might be stressful, for a short time, to achieve this goal.  But the life people live now, HUGE debt for a houseful of superficial luxury, is a lifetime sentence of stress, guaranteed, and guaranteed to increase as old age adds on medical costs and other miseries.
This is the strategy for surviving the first phase of the collapse.  Getting the bankers out of your personal life.  You will still be hurt by the macro-economic drama unfolding, but if you are at the bankers mercy the long term pain will be exponentially so much worse.  All those luxuries, the cell phones and the cable and high speed Internet bills and the morning coffee hut visit and the eating out twice a week and the nice neighborhood home that looks nice and has a nice school but requires both you to work full time and never see your kids or your home, all that is the expected middle class life and is exactly one piece of paper away from wrecking your life.  One pink slip and your family unit is double dogged humped.  Game over, repo the car and live under a bridge in a cardboard box.  Think I’m being dramatic?  As unemployment ( real unemployment, not the “you’re an idiot so I can blatantly lie to your face” numbers the FedGov puts out ) keeps going up and all levels of government get more desperate and more companies fail as their business is surplus wealth luxury based, you can not, simply can not, guarantee your steady employment.  That era is over.  We already shot our load, riding the PetroDollar wave after all the factories closed down.  We have nothing left to base an economy on other than hyperinflation.  Less energy is a contracting economy and a contracting economy means eventually someone in your family is going to be unemployed.
So you can bite the bullet now and make the move to a frugal debt free life now, or you can go about business as usual and remain on the treadmill and one day wake up and discover that the economy is much worse and now you have zero resources to switch over and you do not pass go, nor do you collect $200, but go directly to your cardboard box under the overpass and die of exposure.  But hey, you sure enjoyed that cell phone while you had it, right?  That pretty wife of yours was the envy of all your friends, even if she didn’t put out but twice a month and a blow job required a trip to the jewelry store.  I’m sorry your parents lied to you about life.  Oh, I’m sure they meant well.  After all they had been lied to also ( especially by that flaccid rabid dripping wanker Rooosevelt about Social Security ) so they have an excuse.  But the sad reality is that wealth is from surplus energy.  There are a heck of a lot more of us now and a lot less energy to divide and the Leave It To Beaver era is far long gone and over.  Contraction has already started and if you don’t get off your lazy ass and help yourself alleviating the coming issues from it you only have yourself to blame.  Sorry, time to nut up and be a man and provide for your families future.  Sorry if it is going to be tough and be an issue with your wife.  Crap happens.  Deal with it.  Life is supposed to be easy?  HAH!
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  1. you don't need toilet paper so give it up now.

    after peak oil kicks in there will be no toilet paper.

    get used to it now. toilet paper is a want, not a need.

    think of all the money you will save.

    -dakin the clown

  2. Dakin my man you are right on here. And hey I have to give credit where credit is due...all along you have been right about the ammo issue...you can't find common caliber ammo for crap right now,but you sure can find 303 Brit. Survivalist theory turned on its head! Keep on keepin on!