Wednesday, December 26, 2012

one in a thousand

Well, I can report cheerfully that at least that Gott Damn holiday is over and done with.  Everything else here is pretty crappy.  I had to push the bike into work, it looks like I’m walking home and then back tomorrow, my feet are soaked through from the slush ( luckily it is only in the twenties ) and I’m nearly twenty minutes late starting lunch because since nobody seemed to have any plans on snow plowing ( the normal storm is two inches so everyone figures the cars will mash and scatter the snow themselves )- not even some of the casinos- and I’m dragging multiple carts of donations through unyielding slop as I’m dodging cars and hoping I don’t get stuck for a third time today.  BLECH!!!!  Son of a bitch Mother Nature.  She can kiss my ass, lick my junk and go to hell.  Anyway, that’s my story so you get a piece of crap article today at a reduced length.  Sorry, my brain doesn’t work great when I’m this distracted trying to survive my minimum wage job.
On Monday, Zero Hedge had an article on the derivatives mess.  They of course went on and on about arcane and unrepeatable complex crap ( you know the drill, how much of Nominal is in danger, margin calls or whatever, net and gross, blah, blah )  but what I got out of the article ( I’d have a link but SOMEBODY, I’m not repeating any names of co-workers, deleted the minimized page ) was simply that there is ONE- One Thousandth security on the derivatives.  For every thousand dollars in derivatives there is a single solitary dollar of collateral.  And let us all hope against hope that the single dollar isn’t real estate!  One hundred billion security is it.  For all the derivatives out there.  That isn’t even a rounding error on the FedGov budget.  That isn’t the start of any bail out the banks got.  I don’t know about you, but to me this pretty much screams “WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE IN A HORRIBLE MANNER ALMOST IMMEDIATELY”.  Of course, to be fair, I say that a lot.  So let me put it this way.  If you gave your buddy a loan.  Say for a couple of kegs of beer and some cocaine because if you can only afford crack you simply ain’t going to get and kind of classy gal.  You give him a thousand bucks and he gives you collateral worth a dollar.  Do you really, honest Injun, think that you will ever see your money?  How motivated will your friend be to let you keep his collateral?  Does any of this make sense to you, or are you still convinced Obammy The Magnificent has a proverbial garden of Green Shoots coming out of his ass.  The ass falls out of the banking system, it is Game Over because EVERYTHING energy and food wise is 100% financed.  Stop worrying that you can’t buy a GOTT DAMN SON OF A HUMPING BITCH TWENTY ROUND AR-15 CRAPPEN MAGAZINE and start worrying about economic meltdown.
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  1. Ya , just how many of those fools rushing out to buy Assault crapola, and don't even have a weeks worth of food in the house lol
    Just what are they protecting ? Suppose the meat on their bones eh, from their hungry neighbor.
    Just for shits and grins I went down to the local black rifle dealer today to see the action. My buddy there said it has been madness ! Asked him if they had any hi-cap mags for my 10/22...he laughed and said not even those are left. Two weeks ago they were selling for $30, now he says that they would go for a hundred apiece for christs sake. If and when they ever see any more...
    I'm wondering if this isn't a conspiracy by the manufacturers so that they could make a bazillion overnight from all the paranoid idiots out there.
    might be a good time ta get some deals on another Mosin heh...

    sorry to hear about the Arctic weather you're having, it was 79 here today he he.
    no worries though, tomorrow it's supposed to be only a high of 62. Then we can really appreciate your suffering....LMFAO

  2. Nightshift here....Hey Spud, good luck on the Mosin Deals. They have gone up at least 50% or more. Even the 91/30s are getting up to $300 for the basic ones. I bought 2 M44s for $200 and they are over $300 now.

    About mags, My buddy beat the rush and ordered 30 AR Pmags and a dozen BX-25 ruger the mail. He got them at the regular price. He could make several thousand off of them. I have some mags coming myself, but not what he has.

    I'm buying shotgun/wheel gun stuff now and maybe another bolt 308. Good luck.