Monday, December 17, 2012

here we go again

Well, here we go again after the latest elementary school massacre.  Everyone is getting worked up into a lather when nobody should be except twenty some odd families.  Now, to a degree it is understandable.  99% of all the children out there are going to grow up to be pretty much worthless mouth breathers.  Odds are good most kids are a waste of sperm.  But, be that as it may, and we could get into the whole blame game and talk about failing leadership, rotted culture, whatever, the simple fact is that we are all here for one purpose and that is to reproduce.  You still treat each child, even those not your own ( for this discussion we will suspend belief and just pretend our whole nation is our tribe, to avoid the us/them divide ) as a valuable resource.  In the long run our old tired bodies are irrelevant and we must sacrifice for the kids.  I’m not trying for the whole Hilary “my hair looks like crap and my hollow Skelitor face is much scarier than normal and most likely I have both rectal and brain cancer and it couldn’t have happened to a nicer Gott-Damn Commie Whore” Clinton concept of a village raising other peoples children.  I’m talking about prioritizing once again in a resource scarce environment and if that means old humps sacrifice some of their gruel for the grandchildren that is fine and expected. 
But just because it is a crying shame some piece of worthless crap killed some children, it is still sickening to see the politicians and other haters jump on the bandwagon with worthless platitudes and insincere proclamations.  If there ever was a swollen bloated corpse the gun grabbers didn’t poke with a stick and prop up as a stage piece for their holier than thou crusade, I’m not aware of it.  Of course we don’t know what is going to happen, as Obammy is such a glass smooth piece of political crap that no one, including himself, knows how he will react.  Will he merely mouth off as usual?  Will he do one thing while saying another?  Is he waiting for his handlers to dictate his actions ( being the dutiful and paid for whore, he takes good instructions )?  Is gun control a foregone conclusion?  Will this be an excuse to bloat the FedGov law enforcement community and place a cop on every school yard?  Should you overreact to this or just ignore it?  I have no idea myself to any of the above, but a few things to keep in mind.  First, the younger the kids, the bigger the political fallout.  While most of us can ignore Columbine, or the Virginia Tech shooting ( as the “kids” weren’t really children but rather sad and pathetic pimply goth wearing retarded imitations thereof.  I know the Feds think a 23 year old is a minor, given gang statistics or parent supported health care, but to me adulthood starts with puberty.  Mostly because of Unions restricting workplace admittance has the legal age been so unrealistic ), no one that is well adjusted can feel nothing when small children are killed.
Just as the Stockton school shooting ushered in California’s semi-auto ban, soon imitated by the Clinton twats, so too might ( and I’m saying MIGHT ) this shooting be the final coffin in the gun rights coffin.  Sure, things have been going swimmingly lately, states concealed carry being passed more and more places, etc., but look how little fuss was generated when the “we don’t need no stinking Constitution and if we want to hold you indefinitely and not charge you we will, so go suck it militia bitches” laws went into effect.  So it is hard enough to call which way it will go.  My best guess is that IF harsh gun controls are put into effect, it means the whole ball of wax is really coming undone and the powers that be need the population less of a threat.  But then, I’m a bit paranoid.  I don’t believe we have all that many unscripted, uncontrolled public shootings ( mind control was heavily funded back even in the 50’s by the CIA, becoming infamous by the 60’s ).  If in doubt, just ask yourself who is generating trillions of dollars of free money yearly.  Ask yourself how a third tower that wasn’t hit could implode just like the other two.  Ask yourself how much you believe the elections aren’t rigged.  I’m might be too paranoid, but I still think there is a lot we have no idea about.  Whenever a shooting occurs, I automatically think, “who benefits?”
Now, having talked about gun control, we must also beware that that could be merely a red herring.  What if something few of us expect was the plan all along?  As I said, perhaps a cop-per-playground to swell the FedGovLEO ranks, ready, armed and trained for other suppression events.  But it could be something else.  Lock down all schools, even in small towns?  Barbed wire, enclosed quads?  A great construction boom, and ready made concentration camps come the time?  Yes, that is really getting out there in tin foil hat land.  My point is not to get too crazy but to try to think outside the box.  If we all automatically are fooled into thinking “gun control”, might we be fooled when something else entirely is jammed down our throats?  Just food for thought.  I’m a bit worried, because if gun control does happen, and ALL semi’s are outlawed, my new anti-semi book is going to be largely redundant.  But  I’m not saying you should worry.  Sure, to each his own.  If you feel the need, buy up the store in ammo and mags.  Even if you are wrong, you just beat inflation and made a good investment ( better than cash in the bank or under the mattress ).  I just don’t think, given Obammies history of lying and weaseling, it is a slam dunk worry.  Good luck figuring it out, and if you do share it with the rest of us.
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  1. classic bison. good post. the rat

  2. Nightshift here....first off, the shooting of the kids was terrible and non of my comments belittle that fact...

    Gun owners are screwed. Scenario, Obammy signs some Executive order saying no Semis, handguns, centerfire rifles, squirt guns, condoms, ect. We may not get grandfathered folks. He will have alot of backing. Obammy's boy Beynor (sp) told Obammy that if he had gun control ideas he was listening. WTf, Thomas Jefferson is flipping in his grave. This is what he warned us about and he is the only person ever that was smarter than JIM.

    If I understand the process doesn't congress have so long to strike it down or it is law? Or use the UN cause that gives congress only 60 days to kill it. Bill or UN resolution is placed. Reasonable, 2nd amendment congress critter....there has to be one says....."Uh no, this isn't the answer". He is instantly Demonized, his house and family are firebombed and he is a racist, baby killer condoning bastard that should not live. Not that the left would be hateful.


    This shit will be passed. If there is one I will donate $1000 to his reelection campaign or hell, his bar tab,

    Jim has been right. I am selling Glocks and buying revolvers....hopfully they will survive whats coming. Ironically, I ordered 2 Mosin M44 carbines, excellent condition and 1000 rounds of 54R. Got the ammo, guns are in the mail. They are bolts so should survive. Also trying to get my hands on some sks'S. If they are CA legal, maybe they will be over looked.

    I bought 10 heavy duty mylar bags, 12" by 48" and a heat sealer for some reason. I'm taking my scary rifles for a boat ride.....accidents happen.

    Jim your bolts and revolver advice is coming to fruition. Love the hair Jim.

    1. anon 3:23 what are you going to do when (not IF) they outlaw bolt actions and revolvers????? Buy a BB gun?????

    2. The name Is Nightshift....its listed, I just can't get Blogger to cooperate, I really don't see your point. I guess we should just give up all our guns? This is a pro blog, common sense blog, go back over to your hope and change blog.

      If your intent was not smart assed and hateful I apologize but I don't plan to roll over easy. Hows that gay marriage thing workin for ya????????

  3. Well, I personally don't see anything getting sold that easily. I have been trolling the comments sections of all of the articles related to the shooting and surprisingly, a lot of people are calling BS on the slanted views. The drug connection is definitely being questioned as are the parents choices of dealing with an obivious danger child. People are starting to see that laws were already broken, "gun free zones" are really target rich environments, and the holier-than-thou politicians who demand your weapons hide behind armed guards. I think that this may be lifting of the eyelid of the sleeping giant. But none of it will matter come Friday...

  4. They don't care what we think. They have an agenda. The batman shootings backfired because people instead of jumping on the bandwagon started thinking that there should have been concealed carry in the theater instead. Then the recent mall shootings were stopped by an armed citizen. Strike two for the agenda. Now we have a another case where pistols were used and the pukes in charge respond by calling for banning rifles. They will keep throwing these freaks at us until we roll over and let them have what they want. They want us disarmed so they can complete the takeover. -SemperFido

  5. It's For The Children!!
    Put them all in a government controlled boarding school. From Pre-School until they enroll in the military or go to work on government installations. That will end the threat to our kids.
    (you do know that is sarcasm, right?)
    Annie Mouse

  6. Me to my wife a couple of days after the shooting, "The politicians are now talking about preventing school shootings by banning military-looking rifles."

    My wife, "Is that what kind of rifle the Conn. shooter used?"

    Me, "No, he used handguns, I believe."

    My wife, "Oh, well then, that will work."