Monday, December 31, 2012

dear oil

Yeh, yeh, you don’t want to hear another Peak Oil tirade.  Tough crap.  Here it is two PM and I’m just started lunch.  All my wonderfully generous donors were pounding me so hard I felt like a prison bitch crack whore on payday and every con in the joint had a two for one coupon ( two conjugal visits for one menthol cigarette ) and I had to work through my regular lunch hour.  This after pedaling into work at minus seven degrees and starting work at a minus five with clouds.  I think we can all agree that I’m lucky to be writing anything at all, even if it is repetitive crap.  And a good thing I don’t drink to relieve stress since I have to work tomorrow also.  Not that I’ve stayed up all that often to New Years.  Perhaps twenty years ago.  Okay, here goes.  All those bright eyed boys who are positively member engorged  by the latest year or three where the economy didn’t implode, concluding that Peak Oil was wayyyy overrated and needlessly overblown because obviously we have survived with expensive oil so far.  I believe the phrase is “not cheap and abundant oil but expensive and abundant oil”.  In other words, they claim, since liquid petroleum or equivalents are still abundant we will still somehow muddle through and everything will be oh so hunky dory and super peachy keen.
I think this is an obvious grasping at straws.  Understandable, because although we all have deep secret fantasies of wearing cool masks and driving dune buggies and commanding legions of super freaks ( for those of you that refused to spend money on my post-apocalypse movie reviews [ I was soooo disappointed that now its free to download ], as I said if you watch the DVD of Road Warrior and put on the captioning you get to hear Humongus shouting at his boys with tenderness and love in reference to their homosexual status ) we all don’t honest injun really want all the hassle of famine and pestilence and constant warfare and torture.  Oh, they have their bright points but all in all a bit of bother.  The barest perusal of the doom and gloom literature points out how the last few centuries were all about nearly free resources and energy.  There was never an empire growing on a diminishing supply of resources.  Collapsing, plenty of them.  The Europeans got rich off of colonizing the globe ( with genocide all but assured to most  dark skinned folks except Asians and Africans [ probably because they had a lot of practice wiping out their own and were relatively unaffected long term ]) and then home grown energy boosted that start ( with those two trends then allowing them to steal others peoples energy ).  All along the five centuries it was an INCREASE of energy.  First with food surplus to grow a population ( at the expense of the indigs eating and repopulating ), then precious metals then coal and oil.
Our culture and our economy ( northern Europeans and Americans mainly ) is ONLY familiar with energy and resource growth.  It doesn’t know how to do more with less.  It can’t do anything with less.  It can manage to do a few things with more, but that is on a good day since the multiple layers of parasites is so numerous and demanding.  Look at the American economy now.  Forget all the reasons it is set to crash and burn.  Just look at the general trend the last few decades.  It isn’t much more than a police state circulating the same digital cash to buy consumer goods.  Everybody works at emulating a Gestapo Homeland, then on their way home cashes in their civil service paycheck ( or private government contractor check ) or their drug dealer winnings and buys a bunch of plastic food or plastic entertainment devices ( what is left over pays for their plastic dome that traps in their petroleum heat or cool air to keep its occupants alive ).  We almost have to create more domestic enemies ( now that the Cold War is over ) to keep the cycle growing ( you must grow, to pay the bankers interest ).  Population growth and debt growth insure that our inputs in energy and resources MUST increase.
Energy that costs five times more to extract and delivers one tenth the BTU’s is NOT growth ( and we haven’t even grown our total energy supply, just managed to stop the decline.  Plateauing is not growing ).  It sure might seem like an illusion of success if we aren’t freefalling, but we are just kicking the can down the road ( oh pretty please let the end be before the next four years are out and Obammy gets what is coming to him! ).  There is no substitute for an economy powered by gushing Texas wells with an energy return of 100 to 1 ( the energy return on deep water Gulf oil is perhaps 10 to 1.  Ethanol is about 2 to 1 and that is being generous ).  You can have twice the oil substitutes and if they are dear oil, they don’t equate to cheap oil.  Not that we have twice as much ( frac oil will be a flash in the pan.  Welcome, but it is not long term relief ).  We’ve dropped from 20 million barrels a day usage to about 18.  We’ve gone from 5 million domestic production to 6.  That is all.  We are using less and producing slightly more ( at the expense of global food supply ) but per capita energy is in decline.  Obviously, that means the economy stays in decline.  If I can figure this out, it can’t be rocket science.  Sure, sure.  Thanks for the slow down in the collapse.  But that is all it is.  Enjoy.
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  1. Lithium or floride? What are thy putting in the water in Elko? Peak oil is a farce created by YKW. There is no energy crisis. Russia has plenty of oil. America isn't fighting a war for oil it's helping out the money changers.

    Carbon deposits not Barney bones. Oil discovered in Brazil under the salt layer makes abiotic oil a fact. Do your research and stop believing the MSM assclowns.

    The Europeans did get rich from colonization. So what? You're going to be singing another song when the fruits of diversity are ripe in the US of A. The masks will come off and then you will discover that you're a white boy.

    Look at the brown dominated countries. Shitholes every last one of them. Why is america starting to smell like a clogged-up toilet at taco bell?

    America's problem doesn't have anything to do with energy. The american people went to sleep and allowed the crazies in government to take over. Suckers.

    Democrats or Republicans? Good cop, bad cop. Suckers. Libertarians are the worst. They stick up for the rights of the people that destroyed america. Ask yourself,who wants to take my guns away?

    I'll tell you. Women. Gays. Minorities. Libertarians are retarded.

    America land of the carpet lickers, sodomists, pedophiles. The only solution is to turn america into a nuclear wasteland.

    1. I hate it when Zaragoza makes some sense with one of his comments. He has such a hard time not being annoying that you just want to write him off as a fucktard. Then he makes a valid point. Blows the whole curve.
      I have heard that there are some beautiful places in Mexico. Not that I would know, all of the parts I have seen were disgusting. Good tequila and hookers though. -SemperFido

  2. O, if abiotic oil, I'll just quote from a loyal minion. What about the replacement rate? Still Peak when we draw down 1k times quicker than replentishment. Kind of like our farmland aquafers. All your culture bugaboo's are symphoms of collapse, not cause. Cheers.