Thursday, December 27, 2012

choice is nice

Choice sure is nice.  Not that most of us get a real choice about anything.  As an infant, you get a “choice” over carcinogens in your genetically modified Frankenfood soy based formula or you can have them higher in the food chain ( along with mercury and such ) as breast milk.  As a child you get the “choice” over going to a government mandated prison indoctrinating you into being a good little Homelander erroneously called schooling or you can go to a foster home where the larger children molest you because your parents were arrested after not sending you to the camps.  If you escaped that dilemma, you still had to either submit to forced poisoning through vaccination ( not that ALL are bad- smallpox shots being rather welcome- just that one gets the sneaking suspicion that more and more the shots are for non-problems other than the problem of corporations lacking obscene profits ) or you were denied access to the camps which then resulted in the above foster home.  As you became an adult you were then given the “choice” of voting for a scumsucking analwhore Republican or an anal spelunking monkey testicle gurgling Democrat.  Then you got to “choose” whether you should go into a radioactive wasteland in the middle east and get a concussion that the military doctors would refuse to admit to ( or if they did, it came attached with the luggage of mental illness ) or you could stay home and get into college debt for a non-existent job.
Soon thereafter, either physically damaged from combat or mentally damaged from listening to politically correct  asstard professors drone on and on about women’s rights and minorities superiority or white boy inherited evil, you got to “choose” a mate.  You could have a testicle pickling FemiNazi or a really, really fat bitch that you had to roll in flour to get your monthly treat.  And by fat I don’t mean a Muffin Top fat but a Pear Person fat.  BARF!  Then, for inadequate compensation you got the “choice” of getting a divorce and paying her 50% without being able to see your kids or paying her 100% of your paycheck as you lived in the same house as she did but she got to diddle the next door neighbor as she drove your Lexus.  Hey, at least you got to see the kids.  Who turned out to be little bastards as she poisoned their minds toward you and wouldn’t let you discipline the monsters.  Ah, choice!  Well, how about some positive choice for once?  We all now understand that paying a grand for an AR-15 is a suckers game, especially since there are NO supplies of mags or ammo.  How about that advice to only use common military calibers, hmmm? 
How about positive choices, like being able to pick from the ammo you can buy?  I was over at a new blog:
It isn’t perfect, but for a first time writer he is doing darn fine ( my first YEARS of writing were hideous ).  One article was on a “one survival gun pick” which listed a company that sold a 12 gauge insert that allowed you to also fire other gauges.  I believe it was about $50.  Now, I don’t know if it is good or bad, but I liked the idea of the flexibility it gave you.  Not just for post-apocalypse ammo use, but for near apocalypse shopping.  Say you had an AR and wanted to buy 223.  You had the money and the motivation.  Yet, no one was selling.  What to do ( if you say rimfire insert, you fail the test )?  But if you could use either 12 or 20 gauge, you could just buy what was on sale or what was available.  I used to do that with my 357.  I bought what was on sale of either 357 or 38.  Both were fine by me, since a less powerful round after the Apocalypse still gives you enough firepower for most needs.  It sure beats NO rounds because you chose to arm yourself with a round prone to panic buying ( I’m not saying you should go to a really obscure caliber, that is equally vexing supply wise, just that with a war on and an Obammy gun grab, 223 is apt to disappear from shelves with no warning anytime ).  Now, I don’t much care for the shotgun.  I suck at using them ( I’ve yet to try one with rifle sites ).  But the flexibility in getting ammo for them sure is nice ( as is the ease of improvised ammo ).  Nor do I particularly care for lever action carbines ( if you want 357 in a longer barrel ).  But that is a personal choice, not a blanket judgment.   I’m merely pointing out that now, choice is more important than ever.
We live in an age of both On Time Inventory and Perpetual Empire War.  If you try to fight either trend you will lose.  You should always expect instant and widespread supply disruptions due to every swinging dingus up and down the supply chain refusing to pay bankers usury rates on inventory ( not to mention most states taxes on inventory-parasitic humps ).  Look at the Federal rimfire.  Months of no lower cost rimfire bricks ( most likely since the old inventory was sold off as the factory was either bought out or they are switching boxes from 525 rounds to a lower amount which apparently takes forever ).  Not only was there no inventory to cover this disruption, the choices were between that single supplier or one other much higher cost company.  Likely, EVERYTHING you buy is just like that, from wheat kernels to water filters.  And the military consumption of ammunition is obvious.  When the FedGov can pay anything for ammo, the civilian market gets very short shift indeed.  Ammo choice is nice, and might soon be needed.
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  1. Lord Bison of the Great Basin;

    Choice, it sounds like in the above article there isn't a choice at all, but a decision on how a person wants to be destroyed, either painfully through the services of the fedgov or painfully through the services of the corrupt for profit diploma mills. Likewise the lack of coherent choice with mate selection. Ammunition however there's always a choice, please remember the twilight of the G.W.Bush Administration and the beginning of the greater depression; Ammunition was going through the roof when you could get common calibers, nothing's changed at all with the exception of more people are competing for the same sized pie. This being said; people don't need a service lifetime supply of .40 S&W or 5.56X45mm NATO, they just need enough to last them until government stocks become available through attrition (a big reason why the British and French issued Sten guns, due to the fact that the Wehrmacht used the same handgun round as the Stens) this has happened before and will happen soon at a theater or drive-in near you. Keep keeping it real James!

  2. Wow! That first part came from a very dark place. Seriously, who the hell dreams about being molested by other kids in a foster home?

  3. Nightshift here.....Jim, you need to learn to express your feelings about wives and ungrateful kids....let it out. I always get a chuckle out of your about the meat and potatoes..

    I agree on the options of different ammos. Reminded me to lay in some more 38 and 357 for the Dan Wesson 357 I got from my step dad. Its a really fine weapon and not one you want beating around under the seat but beats a sharp stick. I'm hunting for another nice wheel gun or two.

    I think your age old advice of having some bolt actions is a good idea too. The word is that the new Fienstien bill has a mandatory national registration of anything more dangerous than a Red Ryder BB gun (Its for the children, someone could lose an eye). Some gun control pundits are using the Australian Ban of 96 (I think was the year)as a guide for implementing it here. I think if there was a decent judge in the country they would call it unconstitutional but thats a joke.

    Australia left the bolts, revolvers, and I think pumps alone. They too started with the Registration and a couple years later they seized the scary black ones and all semi autos. I wish I had a dollar for every gun that is likely buried in Australia.

    I'm not really feeling the insert thing on the shotguns. Yes the black powder thing is ok but I can't see sending a pistol round down a 12 gauge tube. To qualify though I have no experience with them. Maybe get a Handi rifle with different caliber barrels. I have one with a 20 gauge and 30/30 barrels.

    Now is a really bad time to try to acquire anything gun related but it is easier to get shotgun and bolt action items. If you don't have your firearms squared away already it is going to cost. Like Jim said, forget the AR/AK stuff. Heck, its hard to find an SKS right now. Get you a shotgun and some ammo, a wheel gun preferably in 357 caliber, any 22 rifle and after that maybe a heavier rifle.

    I still like the buying in doubles strategy. Waiting on 2 M44 bolts and have duplicates of most of my go to guns. Most are identical for parts availability but like my Shotguns, a Mossberg, 870, and a double barrel. No part swapping but 2 back ups.

    Remember though, like Jim preaches, don't buy 3 or 4 guns if you don't have food and shelter squared away. The only reason I'm buying any guns is because of the gun ban fiasco. I will not buy another AK or AR although I am working on some more mags. I'm OK on ammo. Working on 12 gauge stuff now since it is not hard to get now.

    Good post Jim, hope folks get something out of this.


    1. As a Aussie I can asure you there are heaps of guns in rural Australia. The big problem is that they are all registed(or at least they are ment to be). Once a gun is registed it can be taken from you on some politions whim, so in efect you no longer own it, you are just kinda renting it from the government.

      Here in Australia we really lost the debate long before registration came in when they decreed self defence was no longer a legitimate reason for owning a firearm. This hardly caused a riple at the time, as practically no one lost a gun except a few that had concealed carry pistol licences. Once your guns are relagated to little more than a peice of sporting equiment the antis can argue that you can do something else for fun.

  4. I'd comment on the Hermit's blog but he's not set up for anonymous posts.

    Hell the 10 YOA can string words together better then me, and I'm old enought to be his grandad!

    An nice rant there Jimmy!

  5. Jim! I expect a lot more out of you.

    re: How about that advice to only use common military calibers, hmmm?

    If after YEARS, you still don't get IT, then you had better give up on trying to write about ANYTHING that is collapse survival orientated.

    you know who