Monday, November 26, 2012

black month

You would think being on my fifth Christmas season here at the Food Bank I’d have gotten used to the “perfect storm” of well intentioned donation days in which everything all happened at once and the volume was simply impossible to handle.  Alas, even being the cynical paranoid hateful type that I am, I still black out most previous holiday season traumas and each new year still takes me by surprise.  Today, just in the first half I’ve had a surprise two trip grocery donation and a half dozen six foot high stack of bread donated ( two more extra trips ) in addition to the normal Monday chaos, followed up by another stores freezer going down and THAT donation.  I still need to go out of town to pick up an elementary school canned food drive.  As a result I’m damn lucky to get even half my lunch, so today’s article will be short.  This is how I’m “thanking” two super duper generous PayPal donations from last week of $50 and $100 ( the larger one followed by a note “I’ve gotten my monies worth in five years”.  Bless ‘em ). 
I can’t believe the nonsense with the new more generous interpretation of “Black Friday”.  To me, a simple semi-country bumpkin, when one names a single day of the week, it usually means that day and that day only.  Last year the companies started trying to be cute and extend it back into Thursday evening.  The ones who weren’t total asshats started at 1201 AM so at least it was still technically Friday.  I thought enough consumers complained last year about the looser hours but evidently when consumers say “don’t hump us” the companies only hear “I want more stuff from China, I don’t want quality and please abuse both your employees and your consumers”.  Far too many stores started Black Friday on Thursday evening, went through Friday and then into Saturday.  The one that seems to have won the prize for the inability to decipher the meaning of one day was Ford who had a Black Week.   Supposedly their Too Good To Pass Up deals will last a whole week because by knocking off two percent from an overpriced unit they believe all of America will buy a new vehicle from magic money pulled out of ones ass.   Now, I’m not pretending that any corporation has any pride anymore.  Most are blatant prostitutes.   They will hump over their mother for a bigger quarterly bonus.   I expect bad behavior.  What astounds me is how pathetic the advertising has been, as if wishful thinking to restart growth has moved from voters and politicians to companies.  At least with corporations I’d have assumed a bit more realism if because of no other reason they need a more realistic view of coming events to keep the profit sharing coming along.  Cheating, lying, bad behavior of all sorts one expects from them.  But irrational optimism?  Thinking that they can fool folks is one thing ( what Black Friday is all about ), but thinking there is money out there for extra when we’ve been in contraction for years?  That by extending an illusion you can produce solid extra profits?  What a load of idiots.
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  1. Nightshift here....historically black Friday was when retail businesses got out of the red and made the first profits for the year after expenses. I doubt that is the actual case with the current economy and bankruptcies.

    Black Friday is just idiotic advertising. Look at some of the crap that is such good deals. For example, my buddy did the Best Buy midnight insanity sale. His dad wanted some big tv they advertised. Now I am not a fan of obscene consumer electronics but it was an extremely basic tv, 60 hz, but it was low speed in this current tech world. People are killing each other to buy some POS loss leader junk that they have maybe 2 of just to get you in the store. Some of the crap in the sales flyer looked like junk they pulled out of the warehouse.

    Heck I put off the weekly grocery trip to Monday just to avoid the morons.

    On other topics...I tried to activate a pay-pal without success. I will send you an e-mail about a book I want to send you. Want to see if you read it or not first....Next day or two.